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  1. an ugly...shaky Carolina start...but there coming on. Carolina has always been a second half team anyway. Phil, Buckster, where are you guys. Looks like fiance got her way with Phil.

    Yeah...I may sign off early and catch up with you guys Sunday. We can settle up then.

  2. Arky...Cheers back at you....I've got to pace myself...happy hour started early and the Heels don't play till 10:00 pm. Anyway..talk to you about 11:15 if I am still up.

    Klipsched....doing the yard work thing tomorrow myself....but someone has to. Helping Bluesboy move an entertainment center from his shop sometime saturday. He made it all from scrap wood. Oh to have some useful skills...

    Vand 18 Gtown 8


  3. Klipsched...watching the game at work or will you be home to pop the cap on one of those bad boys. Where to on vacation? Anything special or just time away from work?

    We go to a family cottage at Kill Devil Hills on the Outer Banks several times each year...its on the ocean and its free. Once I get there I don't leave the cottage except to go to the ABC store, the seafood market or out to dinner. Funny thing is KDHs is 250 miles from home and I am less than 3 miles to Wrightsville Beach and never go there.

    Anyway thanks for pulling for the Heels in this round and good luck to you as well.

    Hey Buckster.....starting to get excited?


  4. I'll have a drink with you, Buckster, and Arky...maybe even Klipsched with Yamahas...but no Coca Cola....adult beverages only. It is the weekend ....EHHH.

    Phil I take it the wife is not a BB fan? Glad you were able to compromise[;)]

    Buckster....3 in a row on "right this minute"....for real?

    Go Heels !!!!!


  5. Sorry you missed the memo Phil....the Salukis gave Kansas a run for it...the house scotch is Dalmore....I've tried many but for taste and price Dalmore is it. Still at $38 with tax it is still pricey...guess I need to learn that trick....what do they call it....sipping?

    With a full weekend of BB and spring weather....74 here today...it should be a good break from work. 10:00pm for the Carolina game is a bummer though. I will try to stay awake long enough to post after the game....you know...to gloat.

    Good luck to all...except of course anyone playing the heels[:D]


  6. Whether we be Hoya, Terp, Tarhell [:D], Gator, Trojan, Duck, or Jayhawk fans, it's all about the journey.

    Just wish we could all be winners, but it just doesn't work that way. Best wishes to everyone as we enter the elite 8/final 4 weekend.

    Back at you Klipsched with Yamahas.....enjoy!

  7. Built the music room with double wall thickness and insulated interior walls as well to give the rest of the family some quiet. Have found that I like to get the volume right the first time because it never sounds as good when I have to turn it down.


  8. Not a bad night indeed & your beloved 'heels are still alive.

    JT....I actually inherited the Tarheels when I got married some twenty years ago. Julia is a big fan and not a good loser...she gets really mad when they play bad. She wonders about Billy Packer's change in attitude....he actually has said some good things about Carolina.

    Hey Buckster...yes this weekend should be fun[:D] Glad you have found R&R nirvana with the Scott and sub. What do you think of Bluesboy's proclamation on "Right This Minute" thread that "Exile On Main Street" is the best R&R album ever? Lets get some opinons going here.

    Now its off to work.


  9. The wife retires to the bedroom with her laptop. Quitely I close the pocket doors to the music room. I push the power switch to warm up the tubes and take Art Blakey's " A Night In Tunisia" from the sleeve. A few turns on the Nitty Gritty and a pause to pour another two fingers of Dalmore. Earlier I fine tuned the tonearm with my Shure tracking force gauge to the recommended 2.2 grams for the Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood cartridge. I still marvel at the magic from my new toy....an HK receiver from 1962. I know I still have to reconnect the Quicksilver gear this weekend but for now...just a little music. Both sides have played now. Next is "Another Side of Bob Dylan" and a fresh up on the Dalmore. Played selection 4 "Ballad in Plain D" twice...its such a nice piece of writing. Thinking I should retube the preamp as I put on Neil Young's "Prairie Wind". Wondering about Spongeworthy's 3 channel system and Oldbucksters new Scott as I pause to answer the phone....Bluesboy with ticket information about a jazz concert at UNCW..."we can smuggle airline bottle in our socks" and news that he bought another vintage amp...A Sherwood 500. Plans are made as I clean the final lp for the night Miles Davis "Friday Night at The Blackhawk". My mind wanders thinking about the least amount of money I could spend and put together a killer system based on 60s tube gear and Bluesboy's hybrids. Turning the lp I make a note to call Mike Sanders and order tubes. The glass is dry and the record is halfway done so maybe just 1 finger this time. A fleeting thought about forum members I haven't chatted with in awhile....The Dukester and WPM. Hope all is well. The rain has stoped and its time for me to stop....all in all..not a bad day.

  10. Okay Phil...send me a note later and let me know if you can set aside a couple of hours for drinks and music while you are at Southport. We can celebrate the Heels victory then.

    Predictions are slowing down...maybe everyone on the forums team but ours have been eliminated[:)]


  11. Danville isn't that far away and I could visit my friends the Slacks who live there[:)]

    What are you saying? Danville has even MORE slackers than Phil??


    You won't catch me saying anything bad about Phil after what he said about me and OB....as Buckster said...Phils got good taste. So Coytee...its a plan...we all meet at Phil's house for the games, music and 29 selections of scotch? You're not that far away.


  12. What can I say? HK made some really good stuff. They still do. Check out their new receivers...

    edwinr....based on my assessment of this receiver you must be right....no complaints here.

    Arfandbark....it is a tubed receiver.....am and fm work fine as well...my first HK component.

    If anyone has any info on this receiver let me know....haven't found much in my search....Audioclassics has a manual in the kit box but don't want to break the seal...can't blame them.


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