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  1. My dear forum friends;

    It has just come to my attention that the two most intellegent people on all these forums are Tarheel, & OldBuckster (In no particular order, even if one does seem to use the blessed name).

    Please join me in paying our respects to two very worthy people for Who's Who, or some Nobel prize, or something...

    After that salute....you and OB come on over to my house and watch the games....we can even drink my scotch...not 29 selections but plenty of Dalmore Cigar Malt[:D]


  2. Max...the HK is a tubed receiver but keep in mind it is 45 years old. This is a tube vs tube comparison...old vs new...seperates vs all in 1 box. That said...the Quicksilver Horn Monos are 2-3 years old and the Full Fuction Preamp is about 5 years old. Though the HK has survived 45 years...can it survive day to day usage...time will tell. I could probably sell the Quicksilver on Audiogon for $1700 and if the HK crashes I would have to buy something else to replace it...so I think I will just keep everything. I may have been a little generous using the term "smokes it" but the HK is certainly warmer with more personality than the more neutral Horn Monos. Is this a good thing? To my ears....yes. Others may say the sound is too warm. There is one thing the Horn Monos do as well as any amps that I have heard...they are dead quite with horn speakers...possibly due to the design/gain issue. Mike Sander built them for himself originally to use with his horn speakers.

    I am not very computer savvy or I would bring up the link to the Sterophile review on the monos and you could probably make more sense out of it than I can. It makes for a very interesting read. I will give you a way to get there in case you are interested. Go to Quicksilveraudio.com... under products select Horn Monos...then click on the Stereophile review.

    I know you are good at finding links and I have not been able to find out anything on the HK except the add for the kit version...with no specs. Help me if you have the time.


  3. Niles makes all sorts of switches...are you looking for line-level or speaker level? or both?

    Mike....I am looking for a box that would allow you to plug in 2 or 3 amps and then switch between amps maintaining the same volume using 1 pair of speakers. Bluesboy and I thought of having a vintage amp shootout since he has a Fisher and is buying a Sherwood, and I have the new HK Award Series FA 30XK receiver. We were inspired to try this by the recent thread on the best vintage tube amps where eveyone had favorites. Thanks for the tip about Niles switches. BTW....this receiver is being sold in kit form by Audioclassics for $1499. I talked with Frank Gow who works there and they have 1 in stock ready to go. Frank is the son of the founder ? of McIntosh.

    Buckster.....I got the HK and plugged it in immediately. I actually listened 2 or 3 hours a night for 3 nights in a row. This tiny little receiver had me pulling out cds and lps left and right. I couldn't believe my ears...so I listened for several more days alternating between watching basketball and listening to music. I know what you are saying and I am giving the Quicksilver equipment another chance this weekend. Whichever components win they are all staying with me. Part of the intrigue with the HK is that it survived 45 years with nary a scratch and everything works as it should. The phono section is the equal to my preamp and is switchable lo to high.

    Phil...we have got to do something about that scotch collection....did I mention I drink scotch too? Danville isn't that far away and I could visit my friends the Slacks who live there[:)]


  4. I purchased a Harman Kardon Award Series receiver from an Audiogon seller about two weeks ago. The HK was advertised as "mint...Collectable" and sure enough it is. I unplugged my tubed mono amps and tubed preamp and plugged in my new (45 year old receiver). The seperates cost roughly ten times as much as the HK. I have been listening to the HK extensively over the last twelve days....through my hybrid LS. You can guess where this is going. The HK smokes the competition! I really lke everything about my seperates but the HK sound is incredible. Just so happens an order of LPs came about the same time...some Roosevelt "Baby Face" Willette and Cannonball Adderly with Miles Davis and Art Blakey....all good recordings.

    I can't part with either so now I am in the market for a switch that I can go back and forth without unplugging everything. Got any recommendations about switches?

    Wish I had bought the HK first....could have saved a lot of $.


  5. Nice weather here.....70 and sunny. Watching the ACC tournament. Got out the 40' ladder and leaf blower at half time of the Carolina game and blew the leaves and pine straw off the roof...that ladder is way to heavy for a guy my age. No tunes yet but happy hour is right around the corner.

  6. Thanks for the kind words Oldenough....Travis is an asset. I found his post on care and maintenace of reel to reels to be especially helpful. He and Luther(Wardsweb) also started a reel tape exchange that is still going. I wish Luther would post more but I think he is busy over at Audiokarma as a moderator. If I have helped you in any way...and just now I can't recall...thank you for remembering. Sometimes we do or say things that mean more to folks than we know or intended. Just a year ago I ran into an old friend who is now a superior court judge and he thanked me for teaching him about baseball some 45 years ago...it seems I played ball with him in his backyard several times though he was several years younger and I gave him my little league all star cap. I had forgotten...but he had not .

    Anyway....early on in my experience here I decided that the higher ground was the route I wanted to take in chatting with folks. Now I tend to look for the threads of folks I know who are positive and helpful and there are plenty of those around. Friendly give and take is okay and stirs the creative juices but grudges, bickering, and name calling is of no value to me.

    The comments made in the above thread about post count rings true to me as well...I treat everyone equally......honestly I don't know what the hoopla about numbers is either. I will close now or OB will say Iam preaching to the choir.

    Have a great weekend.


  7. Well said Travis....It takes a bit of courage to jump into the fray.....and a kind word doesn't cost a thing. I know I have read post from newbies who had questions that went unanswered for several hours and I felt the need to post and say "welcome to the forum sorry I can't answer your question but be patient and it will get answered".

    Made a cartridge selection?


  8. Mr.X....good rib...after 275 post haven't got around to posting an avatar! You made my point....intimidated by digital but please..Tarheel or Chuck will do.

    No offese intended in my response to your original post....I read it and was impressed with your creativity and was thinking...that would be cool to feel that comfortable with digital technology. I guess I was thinking about all the young folks who know music through ipods and mp3s only who have never heard good equipment and analog sources. You may have read more into my post than was there. I thought the winking smiley might have given it away that my comments were tongue in cheek. Again....I did not intend to rain on your parade...sorry if it seemed that way.

    That said....I don't see the future of analog being quite as dire as you do perhaps but certainly it needs to be preserved as faithfully as possible. I think there may be more turntables and cartridges being manufactured now than was the case when digital was not an option and the selection of new vinyl has increased dramatically over the last twenty years. There is room for all music (well..maybe not rap) and musical formats and I don't ignore the potential of any of these.

    Anyway.....good post.


  9. Dave...I am sure you are right....I need to try something new. I guess I am a digitalphobic...even my cdp has tubes.

    There is something inherently unromantic about getting music through samples of 0s and 1s. Music should come from the interaction of a stylus and vinyl or a tape and tape head[;)]

    My purchase of a cdp keeps me just one step from being an analog dinosaur. Seriously.....I wish I was more comfortable in the digital arena....and you did promise not to tell if I stray from my analog roots...right?


  10. I asked the same thing yesterday and Amy replied that Duke posted about two days ago. I missed his post. Always enjoyed his avatar and his economy of words....plus we have some equipment in common. He sure was right when he told me I had the wrong woofer in my LS clones.

    Any news to report on your end Buckster?

  11. There is another solution that I first saw at a friends house during the 70s. He suspended his tt from the ceiling using 4 lengths of chain attached to a wood platter that the tt sat on. This corrected the skipping problem completely. Looks a bit strange but it worked. About a year ago I mentioned this to Bluesboy who was also having skipping problems. We spent about an hour duplicating the same set up and the outcome was more than satisfactory. Brainstorming other ideas we came up with using threaded rod that would go through the wood base with nuts that you could use for leveling the tt. The rod would then go through the ceiling joist with a lock washer and nut to secure everything.

    Won't fit into everyones decor....just and idea that worked for us.

    If you have the luxury of building your own music room as I did you can do things that will help reduce vibrations. Bluesboy built my addition and we used 2x12 floor joist on one foot centers. We also used cross bracing and ran a 2x8 across the bottom of all the floor joist and built a pier under that. Doing it again....I might double up on the joist in the area under the tt. Shorter spans are desireable and drop girders after the fact can accomplish that goal.


  12. Roger....welcome to the forum. I just run 2 channel but if you want to hear some hybrid LS through tubes send me a pm and I will give you my location here in Wilmington. Bluesboy is also here and Spongeworthy is coming down from Raleigh next Sunday to pick up his center channel LS that Bluesboy is building. We will probably meet at the shop and come back by my place if you want to join us.

    Glad to know there are other forum members here.


  13. OB.....I might have to make that trip one day....but I am pretty much of a home body. I travel during the week....just day trips but I still do 40,000 miles per year. When I am home I just like to be here. Thanks for the offer of help with my equipment addiction....sometimes I have to remind myself.....its the music not the equipment.

    Hopefully Craig will get your Scott off Monday so we can here about it next weekend.

    Watching Carolina/Duke with one eye as we chat. 23-14 Heels.


  14. Oldenough.....are you saying you will be my 12 step sponsor and I can call you when I am tempted to buy. I guess I will have to say something like "my name is Chuck and I am an electronaholic" when I call[;)]

    Thanks for the sponsorship....I should mention I have my eye on a Roksan 5 tt on Audiogon.


  15. Can anyone give me any information on the above mentioned receiver? I didn't need it but my alter ego took control and bought it. You can see it on Audiogon under Integrated tubes. I don't know what I will do with it as I already have horn monos and preamp. But it is so pretty I couldn't help myself. The owner uses it in his office and states that the condition is mint.

    Secondly....is there a 12 step program for compulsive buyers?


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