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  1. William....good to hear from you and no apology needed. The advice we give and recieve here is most often free and at the same time invaluable regardless of the wait. I have learned so much in the last two years from forum members.

    I see no urgent need to change anything in my system though I have a feeling that I may be becoming an equipment junkie....I can peruse the classifieds on Audiogon for hours on end. Right now I am considering a tubed Harmon Kardon reciever from the early 60s that is in mint condition. Why? Other than the fact that I like vintage tube gear and that it may actually be in mint condition no other explanation is forthcoming.

    Anyway...good to chat with you and thanks for the advice


  2. Zuzu..I have read some of the comments from the contributors to Sterephile magazine say that if you are listening to music directly from the receptacle you don't know what you are missing. They actually referred to us as "poor souls". I have never listened to conditioned power..I get it right from Progress Energy through my standard receptacles so I can't say. I would have to agree with the earlier post that power conditioning is low on my priority list. There are those with deep pockets and the never ending quest to tweak who will try anything and everything and they certainly are free to do that. It gets back to diminishing returns. Once you get to a certain level of satisfaction each increment of improvement beyond that is not cost effective. Just today I was reading a review of a $90,000 turntable and thought to myself....a good TT needs to be free of vibrations and spin the LP at the right speed...what does the other $88,000 get you?

    Anyone listening with conditioned power please feel free to comment...I would like to know what improvements you heard.


  3. Stringmun 1.....thanks for your reply. I asked this same question about a year ago and someone else suggested I might get bigger bang for the buck by replacing the 12DW7s. It was suggested I look for some nos from the 50s or 60s but I was only able to find some Phillips tubes from the 80s. I didn't notice a big difference though I may not have the right tubes yet. I replaced the stock EL-34s with some KT-77s after talking with Doug at Doug's tubes and noticed a slight improvement in the bass while keeping the same sweet midrange. Since then I have a new pair of hybrid La Scalas with some ALK Engineering xovers that he designed for the 511/902 combination. I now have incredible bass in a speaker that many think is bass shy. Some of the bass improvement can be attributed to the 1" mdf I used for the bass bins.

    I think WPM uses 6550s after trying several different tubes and he was sold on those but I haven't been able to talk with him lately to see what he is running.

    Anyway...let me know if you find anything really magical for the Quicksilvers.


  4. Post number 1...Welcome to the forum Undergroundskate....Don't know about RF-7s but I hear they are great speakers. I have hybrid La Scalas built by forum member Bluesboy and they are very efficient. The 7s should need a bit more power I would think. With all the experience on the forum someone is sure to give you some good info shortly.


  5. Thanks JBRYAN.... that was a real deal...I would go for the 2 everytime[;)] My question was a bit tongue in cheek but thanks for your reply. Are those your speakers in your avatar?

    BTW....I use a air cleaner with hepa filter in my music room and a Nitty Gritty record cleaner and the debris on the stylus has dropped to almost nothing. I also put foam filters over the floor registers. Maybe a bit anal on the cleanliness but it seems to be working.


  6. I use Zerodust by Onzow and have been happy. Its a quarter size gel like substance that you lower your stylus onto. The stylus comes out clean with no residue. The top of the container has a built in maagnifying glass for checking out your stylus. At $69 its not cheap but it last indefinitely and you can wash it if necessary. I have a Clearaudio Virtuso Wood catridge and have used this product for over two years with great results.


  7. Russ69, Smilin, and Spongeworthy......thanks for the suggestions...just as I thought...the 88s are not the tube. What a deal on the 5 tube sleeve...how could I go wrong with that. Keith....we have got to get together again soon..there is another Carolina boy building 7 La Scalas and doing a bang up job and Bluesboy is still at it. There is someone else on the forum at Wrightsville Beach about 3 miles from me and who knows how many more. How does the new Peach sound?

    Got to get back to the Carolina, Boston College game. Thanks guys for the reply.


  8. get one on Audiogon for $600-700 from time to time or Underwood HIFi or Hotrod audio.com. I got a mini-mod at Hot rod Audio which includes different tubes, sound deadning and isopads for the feet for $900. A warm sounding cd at an affordable price.


  9. WPM....asking for your always excellent advice....what tubes did you settle on for your Quicksilver Audio Horn Monos....I am still doing the KT-77s I got from Doug's Tubes with no complaints but willing to learn from someone who has been there. Should I try KT-88s or would I be giving away that midrange sweetness for a little extra bass? Bluesboy came over this afternoon and we listened to Mark Knopfller's Ragpickers Dream and everything sounded just fine.

    How is the novel going? Have you started your second system yet? Getting ready to watch Carolina play Boston College tonight. Go Heels!


  10. must say that my Jolida 100 SR from Hot Rod Audio sounds mighty good....Bluesboy just left my house after listening to Mark Knopflers "Ragpickers Dream" and we were mighty impressed with the sound. My previous cd was a Denon from 1984 and it was good for it's time but then again cds recorded with 20 or 24 bit technology makes me want to throw away the earlier recordings. Bluesboy is getting a Sony universal and I look forward to hearing that and watching the dvds as well.


  11. Thanks for the info OB....I guess I am just a warm weather person and thats probably because I have always lived in the south. I remember the big blizzard[:)] of 1989 when we got 18" and the whole city was paralyzed for days. Four wheel drive folks were asked to volunteer to get nurses to the hospital for their shifts. It was wild. I don't think New Hanover County got a road grader till 1972!

    I guess with the cabin fever at least you have time to listen to a lot of r&r....EH!!!

    Offer stands....


  12. OB....I know you are sleeping by now after surfing the forum til 3:15 am. You folks have been on the news quite a lot with your weather conditions and having little experience with such conditions a few questions come to mind. I assume you don't have heat pumps lke a lot of do down this way so that means gas or oil. Can the delivery trucks get out for refills? How much fuel do you go through in a month? What about snow loads on roofs and danger of cave ins? Can you get your kids to school? Do you get extreme cabin fever? I am being serious...I am curious about these questions. I know I have filled the lp gas tank twice in the last eight weeks to the tune of $643 first time and $550 the second and thats a lot of money to me....your heating bills must be though the roof.

    Hope the weather improves for you guys soon. If it gets to be too much....come on down for a visit....I promise I won't try to get you to eat grits though I did cook up a big pot of shrimp and grits for dinner last night. It may get to 55 degrees here today and the sun is out....I may brave the elements and go over to watch Bluesboy build Spongeworthys center channel.

    Stay warm.


  13. I am not familiar with Quintets but I would not think the power match between your amp and speakers should be an issue. I use to have a Pioneer SX-1280 with 185 wpc and powered some McIntosh ML-1Cs that as I recall were only rated for 100wpc...with no problems. I think if you were to listen at anything over a couple of watts it would not be comfortable for long anyway. Congrats on your speaker purchase. Enjoy.


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