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  1. Thanks Maron but I am afraid you would be dissapointed. I like Bobby and Neil for their music but have never believed they have good voices. If we can talk about the deceased I always thought Johnny Cash had a terrible voice but who else could sing the songs like these three artist do. I probably own most of everything Bob and Neil have done but they can be very range bound and off key sometimes. I bet they would not be impressed with my voice either.

  2. That is quite a system Luther. Looking forward to hearing your tape. Please let us know what all your components are at some point. I hope to post a picture of my system this afternoon since I am going to try to sell the LaScala clones (never thought I would consider selling them). Bluesboy, a master carpenter, is going to build some Super LaScalas for me. We are looking at veneers today. Thinking about rosewood....any suggestions?


  3. Travis,

    Iam back on line after being out of town for 2 days. No pc at home but hopefully that will change shortly. Bluesboy told me about your idea and we are ready to go. We can make a tape this weekend. I just got a batch of CDs from Amazon most have been remastered and some have bonus tracks. They will sound even better on tape! Also just got some 180gram Miles Davis and Art Blakey LPs.

    Do we need to know what kind of music everyone likes or are we just going to send whatever we have? I imagine musical taste of contributors will be varied.

    I would like to hear from any other forum members in my neighborhood (Wilmington, NC) who wants to contribute to this tape. 910 200-1225 or 910 395-0825

    Tarheel (Chuck)

  4. Brothers In Arms.....Good selection Paul. What digital player are you using?

    I have heard some say that two many tube components in a system is overkill but I use a tube preamp, tube horn mono amps, and a tube output Jolida CD player. Sounds mighty sweet to me! The CD player made the biggest impact though the Denon it replaced was 20 years old. Old CDs before 24 bit processing still sound pretty lifeless even on a good player. I like to buy the digitally remastered CDs such as Brothers In Arms.

    Enjoy the Dynacos!


  5. Thanks for the welcome Parrot. Sorry for the delay but I was not at the pc over the weekend.

    Talking about timing....Saturday Bluesboy brought over a new Ampex 456 to do some recording from my Jolida tubed output CD player. During editing on playback there was no sound on the right channel. I tried the other Teac and everything was fine. I then tried one of my Maxell tapes on the Teac #2 and it played fine. Then we remembered the thread on Scotch and Ampex tapes. I cleaned the heads and guides, removed the pinch rollers and roughed them up with some 220 grit paper, and put the tape back on. The high pitched squeal was still there. Repeated the cleaning routine with head cleaner and Q-tips and the q-tips came back dirty.

    I think Bluesboy was bummed because he had bought several of the nos Ampex tapes at a good price. Apparently these tapes were stock from the 2 year period when the binder was prone to coming loose.

    BTW ....nice Revox.


  6. New to the forum! Really enjoying some of the subjects and threads. I got back into 2 channel a couple of years ago and one of my first purchases was to buy back my Teac 3300S I had given to a friend ( I gave him 3 classical CDs). I sent the Teac to a former Dokorder troubleshooter in Florida who got it back in shape for me. Later I bought a Teac X-10 off ebay so that I could record back and forth. The pinch roller was frozen in place because the grease hardend from lack of use. Another deck to Kevin to do all the repairs and maintenance. Cosmetics are great even on the 3300S which is 1972 vintage and the sound channeled through tube preamp and power amps and LaScala clones built by forum member Bluesboy is wonderful. Though my ears have some age on them the Maxell tapes and the Teacs sound as good as vinyl.

    Glad to know there are others who enjoy watching those big reels turn. I guess those who enjoy a more active role in music and equipment don't mind cleaning and demagnatizing heads and vacuuming LPs. I also like to use the Zerodust stylus cleaner. And you thought your life is exciting!

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