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  1. Canadian Gordon Lightfoot dead at 84.  Some of you youngsters may not remember his music but might have heard his name.  Songs such as "If You Could Read My Mind" and the tribute to the Edmond Fitzgerald.


    Bob Dylan called him a "rare talent".  

    A great singer/songwriter.




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  2. A little rain this morning.....much needed.  Checking out other audio sites to see what's kickin and to peruse gear for sale....like I need anything more.  Fun to look though.  Truth known I haven't played the first bit of music since last Sunday.


    Two cups down...still grinding Mayorga beans.....still satisfying. 

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  3. 31 minutes ago, JohnJ said:


    Had to bail quickly a few minutes ago.


    That made me chuckle because without Coaches Smith, Valvano, Krzyzewski... plus the others Coaches Brown, Knight, Tarkanian etc.

    It lost it's luster with me after all those coaches & characters :cool: 

    Yep....may pop in for a minute but rather see Arnie's tourney.

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  4. 12 hours ago, Full Range said:

    First time using the gum glue method on a record that is new and although an ultrasonic clean made it sound better I feel that has manufacturing grime deep down 


    Will report back with results 



    Think member DizRotus had a formula similar that he raved about.

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  5. Oh that yellow pollen!  Went to a huge car gathering "Cars & Coffee" this morning early.  Even the Lamborghini was coated with a fine layer.  My favorite was a older Corvette....maybe a 58-60 with a very neat LS3 engine swap.


    Then while on that side of town I surprised LF with an impromptu visit to the tennis court and met the other three ladies.


    Came home and turned on the system.  Pulled out an old CD haven't heard in years J.J. Cale and Eric Clapton "Road to Escondido".  Man it sounded great...........

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  6. 80 here....did a little sunning.  Got to keep looking good even at 74 y/o.  Just googled fatigue in seniors as lady friend runs circle around me.  Too long in the recliner avoiding Covid I guess with little exercise.  On the positive side I have tried the Carnivore Diet and have lost 8 pounds in 9 days.  6"2....189 pounds.

    Having chuck roast tonight with sweet onions.....

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  7. Just finished prep on the roast.  Poked holes and inserted garlic, covered all sides in Kerrygold Irish butter, Susie Q spice blend, garlic and Rosemary blend.  Cut off the bone and tied at the butcher's shop.  

    I do the 500 degree method for 30 minutes, turn off oven and do not open the door till 120 internal temp, rest for 30 min.

    Seems to work well.......

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  8. Merry Christmas to all the CCC&C gang.  Have a great holiday!


    The LF and I exchange one present each.  She gets a 5 pound box of See's candy from California and I got a half gallon of Elijah Craig bourbon.  Old CCC&C member minermark got us hooked on the See's when he gifted us a box. 


    All the fixings have been purchased for both big meals so little left to do.  Swanky the Norwich Terrier will get prime rib left overs.


    Winter is here and will be 19 by morning Christmas eve. 


    Landscaping crew worked half a day landscaping by the hot tub deck.  Looks good.



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  9. Hey Dave....I have the PrimaLuna integrated too.  Mine is the HP version with 8 power tubes (currently KT-120s).  Also have the original octet of EL-34s.


    No colds or flu here yet.  Don't know which of my supplements to credit but I take a ton of them.  Maybe it's the vitamin C or Elderberry?  Anyway you ailing folks get better soon.


    LF and I used the new hot tub last night at 38 degrees temp outside.  Getting down to 22 degrees Saturday.


    So what feast are you guys planning?  Christmas Eve we are going to copy a recipe I saw on the food channel.....a whole side of Salmon on a bed of Shallots and citrus slices.  Picked up a standing rib roast for Christmas day.  On sale at Publix for $5.79/lb.


    Enjoy your coffee.........




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