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  1. You can download the owners and service manuals at Berners site for your C-11. http://www.berners.ch/McIntosh/en/McHome.htm
  2. Maron, It soundsvery full and nice. I don't have any experience listening to mono, so this is new ground for me. But I will say that I was very pleasantly surprised and listened to it well into the night. I did notice Brad had some amazing grill work when he came out of the bathroom. That old muskrat got me didn't he?
  3. Maron, you probably know Brad as Moldy Oldie.
  4. Ok, here is a pic. I finally figured out how to post one. Sorry it took so long. Maron, Brad (bfish)in Arkansas told me to tell you hi. He came up today to help me check this out. It really sounds good using one of my MC40s.
  5. Here is a pic of my new Georgian. Anyway, that is the plan as I have never messed with photos before. Lets see if I did it right.
  6. The cab on mine looks like the 3rd pic on the top row of pics on this site. http://homepage.mac.com/ikecarumba/PhotoAlbum13.html
  7. Roger, I currently don't have a digital camera, will talk to my daughter about useing hers in a day or so. Plus, right now the Georgian is still in the back of my Jeep. Pics wouldn't show much at this point. As far as price, lets just say I think I got a good deal. Are you familiar with the Georgian? Comments or info?
  8. I know this is the Klipsch forum, but I bought a cousin last night. It is still sitting in the back of my Grand Cherokee, awaiting some additional help in getting it into the house. This thing is large and heavy. Is anyone here familiar with EV that can tell me about what I bought? I haven't opened it up yet to see exactly what drivers and tweeter are in it, nor have I been able to hook it up for a listen. On the back of the cab it is stencil painted Georgian Serial No. 321. I take it this is an early version of the Georgian? I have been googling and can't come up with a whole lot of info. Is there an EV forum? Any info and feedback appreciated. I thought my Altec 620 cabs were big, but this EV makes them seem small.
  9. Noah, I sent you a PM and an email. Please let me know if you received them. Thanks.
  10. Michael, glad to hear you got your Thorens singing properly. Those old tables are certainly not plug and play and take time to get them cleaned up and adjusted properly. But once they are gone thru and everything dialed in, it should be a keeper for a very long time. Congrats!! I have never owned a 124, but hope to some day. Steve
  11. Mark, I enjoy reading this forum and rarely comment, since I don't own Klipsch. I own Altec Model 17's and have always felt that myself and those here on the Klipsch forum have very similar tastes in audio. I hope you will enjoy your Altecs as much as I love mine. They are pretty damn good speakers. I know you won't have a hard time selling your Corns. Steve
  12. Saw these listed on Tulsa Craiglist and had never heard of them, but they looked interesting. If someone in the Tulsa is interested in these, go for it. I just saw them listed and was curious. http://tulsa.craigslist.org/ele/208397053.html
  13. Clarence, try this product. Make sure you get the one that is "ALL WHITE". They make one that has a blue side and you don't want that one. Cut off a small peice (3/4"x 1"x 1/2") W x W X H, and stick a toothpick or small drink sword into it. Let your stylus lower into it and then lift it back up. Don't try to move the MCME at all or you might damage your stylus. Just up and down. It works great. If you need this verified as safe and useful, do a search on the Vinyl Asylum and on the Analog Agon pages. I have been using it for over a year and am very happy with the results. A $2 supply will last you a lifetime. http://www.homemadesimple.com/sites/en_US/mrclean/products/eraser.shtml
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