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  1. "wishing there was shipping. " --- Well, there could be..... But do you have an idea of what it would cost Mail Boxes to pack and ship these?
  2. This is a pair of Oak Klipschorn 'Top Hats' in Excellent Condition with all Working Parts. Including a Pair of K-55-M Midrange Drivers and K-77-M Tweeters and AK-3 Crossovers. These are in excellent condition. Will NOT SHIP. Pickup only in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. $1200
  3. It's so obvious, all you have to do is listen.
  4. Sure there is a Big Benefit to Bi-amping. I use a 45 SET tube Amplifier on the Mid Range and Tweeters and have 500 watt per channel amp on my Khorn Bass BIn. Without Bi-amping I would not have enough Oomph for my Bass and my Amplifier would clip... Choosing a less pleasing amplifier for my Oris Horns is not an option I would like to take, So, the Bi-amping has a HUGE Benefit for me.
  5. Too many Variables to compare. ..... The difference between 3.5 watts and 35 watts is not as much as you would think... Then there is room size, Pre-amp, and listener preferences and on and on....
  6. Just to be Clear .... the Tube Amp that you bought is NOT a SET amp..... A SET amp stands for Single Ended Triode .... Which is usually a 45, 2a3 or a 300b Tube.... Yours is powered by an EL84 Tube, which is a Pentode.... It is for sure a Step up from the NAD Receiver...... With that said a True SET amp would be even more of an improvement. I own all Configurations and the SET amp remains King. From your initial post I had thought you were purchasing a 2a3 SET amp (since it was 3.5 watts per channel)..... Which would have made the Fortes really sing.
  7. I briefly looked at the Forte's Specs and it appears that they are 98db..... I think the 3.5 watt SET amp would work quite well actually. It would be probably be a large step up from the NAD receiver as well.
  8. Yes, I have bought some Khorn Woofers from him. He always answers my e-mails with great advice, even if I am not purchasing something from him!
  9. With Khorns the Shipping is the Main Problem.... I looked for a pair of Khorns for about 8 months - 13 years ago and none were available in my 7 state area. I'm from Minneapolis.... After 8 months a pair came along in Milwaukee about 6 hours each way. They were Oak and in Super Excellent Condition (Not a mar on them). I drove 12 hours round trip and paid $2500 for them.... If I wanted a pair today, and they were in Excellent Condition and Local, I would have no trouble paying $5 Grand for them... Maybe more.
  10. Understand that I am not using a Klipschorn.... I am just using the Bass Bin of a Klipschorn. From another thread on this forum, the Khorn Bass bin can handle peaks of 600 watts... I rarely approach 95db in my listening room, but that alone does not necessarily eliminate the need for Power. I have had the 500 watt per channel Bass Amps on the Khorn Bass Bins for over 4 years, and that alone did not provide satisfactory Bass. And I never had a Problem with Bass 'Volume'... It was quality of Bass that my original post was about. I now have that Bass Quality that I was seeking, but it has been due to the removing of 'tweaks' that I had applied to the Bass Bins and nothing to do with the Electronics Involved.
  11. Yes, and its not like I didn't have enough power.... 500 Watts per channel on the Khorn Bass Bins!
  12. I found a picture on the Klipsch site of what my TOP Hats basically look like. I just modeled a similar Plate to mount my Horns on.... You can see how the Top Hat extends further than the Vertical Back Plate... Mine is similar to the bottom Plate of the Top Hat.
  13. Except that the sides of the Khorn Bass Bin hit the Walls first and prevent the Bass Bin from going any further into the corner, long before the pointed back. Even in your picture, you see that you have room for the pointed surface. And remember that my Khorn Bass Bins sound fine currently with the back piece. So, I'm not changing it now for sure!
  14. Yes, I had to make the top of the Bass Bin, because remember, I do not have the TOP hat on which has the back piece to fit in the corner... But you may be on to something. The back piece of the TOP Hat also fits directly in the corner, and I modeled my 'Top Hat' exactly after that.
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