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  1. Donot waste your money renting U-571. This DVD is a MUST BUY for any HT lover. My daughter thinks It's a Bug Life is worthy of honorable mention.
  2. Why not introduce the neighbors to great sound. PUMP IT UP! and you will be the toast of the town. ------------------
  3. Neo, Do you mean Robb, as in Robb Report? KSP-400 C-7 Forte II KSW 15 Pioneer SD-P5564 Adcom GTP 600 Pre Amp Tuner Adcom GDD-1 Digiital Processor 2 NAD 2400 Amps Sony DVP-S3300 DVD Sony VHS Tributaries SP3F ------------------
  4. Then call me silly. I second what Blklab said about placing sub in your primary listening position. But if you donot yet have a sound meter walk the room and you should notice a hot spot in sound. Thats where your sub should be placed.Sample Text ------------------
  5. Say it ain't so. Whatever happen to family values.
  6. Keith, Your deal is better than a $1.99 country breakfast. Congrats and Enjoy!
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