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  1. I know this is an OLD thread, but eBay can and will cancel auctions for even the most innocent "keywordspamming" if they receive a complaint from another eBay member. I know this from experience. I was selling a very early set of Frazier May loudspeakers a few years ago, and mentioned in the description that they were designed in part by Edmond May, one of JBL's most influential and famous employees. This is a matter of fact, but eBay saw it as keyword spamming and cancelled my listing with no warning. I send reams of evidence in the form of citations like this one: http://www.audioheritage.org/html/people/may.htm But it was to no avail. They didn't want to hear a word of it. I was, quite simply, not allowed to print "JBL" in my auction, which I found quite absurd. Not suprisingly, the auction did not fare well at all without mention that one of JBL's most famous engineers had a hand in the speakers' design.
  2. I kinda like a supertweeter with mine. I had a pair of Fostex tweets, and sold them. Also used some Audax tweets to good effect. They're not totally necessary, but I like them. Shameless plug: in order to appease the wife, I am actuallu selling my BK-16 cabinets and FF165 drivers. They're listed on audiogon now, and they'll be sorely missed. I bought my Speakerlab K's, though, and am already testing her patience with speaker variety and size in the house, so the Fostex need to go for now. []
  3. I'm a big fan of the Fostex fullrange speakers. I have a set in the BK-16 cabinets that Madisound sells, and they sing!
  4. I agree entirely, Dave. I made a (crude) CD of them some time ago after I met a black folk singer who expressed an immense interest in them. I need to find a proper 78 EQ to really transfer them (and many of my other 78s) properly and archive them. I am sure they would be of interest to any number of museums, and I suspect they'll end up in one someday... maybe the National Civil Rights Museum? For now, they are safely stored among my collection.
  5. The last really interesting find I came across was at the local Catholic Charities. In the middle of their pile of 78's (which I almost always ignore), I found two KKK (yesm Klan) records. Disclaimer: In NO WAY do I endorse or support the views of the KKK or any other racist organization! That said, I had to buy them (for a buck apiece) to see what exactly the Klan might have been pressing. One track was crooner-ish (with a chorus of "That's why I'm a Klansman, a Klansman through and through") and the others sounded like typical gospel of the period. Crazy, and a bit twisted, but interesting.
  6. I almost bought a pair of Frazier "Dixielanders" a few years ago. I hear the Frazier stuff is nice for LF but the horns and drivers that usually came with them are not so hot... but I can't say that I have ever heard a pair, so I can't confirm or deny this. I would think an Altec horn would mate well with these. If you're remotely interested in fiddling with crossover frequncies and have a spare amp to bi-amp, I have a pair of Yamaha electronic crossovers I am selling. PM me if interested, and enjoy those horns!
  7. http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=101674 Not mine, no affiliation. Just saw it and thought someone might be interested. Cut & paste: " Unit does not work correctly. I suspect that it was either built wrong or monkeyed with. Transformers are perfect however and I was able to get signal through 1 channel OK, the other channel was very low, noisy & hums. It has a non-original but well fitting bottom cover with feet. (3) of the Fisher-marked 7868's test GOOD, & one is borderline and should be replaced. The (2) Sylvania 12AX7's shown are NEW but the other (4) are absent and will need to be procured. The power supply caps may be OK as the hum is only on one channel. Again, the power & output transformers are perfect. I bought it for my own use and found the best example I could. I bought repro knob caps (installed) and the faceplate is near perfect. Chassis has the typical Fisher spots. It presents very nicely however overall. If installed in a Fisher wooden case it would look near MINT. I have priced it well below typical eBay insanity and it is not listed there either. I would like to see an enthusiast or first-timer get it. I am told that the phono section in the Fisher's is quite good as well. I just no longer have the time to troubleshoot this amp. $175.00 + shipping from Boston, MA ($175 is what I have into it.) Use 15 lbs. packed weight for USPS shipping cost estimate. Amp ships via insured parcel post. Payment via USPS MO sent via US Mail in USA."
  8. That seller scares me -- I wouldn't lose sleep over missing out on them. Their feedback is abysmal by most standards, and the "Caveat Emptor"/As-Is disclaimer isn't terribly reassuring. One pic isn't very revealing of condition, either, and can you imagine trying to deal with these guys if you did find they needed to be returned? These sorts of operations are set up to sell mass quantities of display and return items from retailers with minimal staff. Read: ZERO customer service. Not me -- no thanks!
  9. Just saw this ad -- no affiliation with seller, just passing it along: http://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/ele/319006285.html
  10. No kidding. $250 for THAT? I suspect someone is going to be very, very disappointed when they receive that thing after payment.
  11. Michael -- if you have any interest, I will be selling my Velez 300B amp and Bottlehead Foreplay pre in due time. I'm about 2 hours west of Indy, and you're welcome for a listen someday, if you'd like. Hate to sell them, but I need to downsize...
  12. Hi Michael -- they're yours! I'll PM ya back.
  13. Hey folks -- In cleaning out my bookshelf, I found a couple books that might interest someone here. They're yours for the cost of shipping. First is "HiFi Stereo Handbook" by Wm. Boyce, 1972. There's some cool rudimentary info on horns, and a pic of a K-horn, among other things. This is an ex-library copy, thus hardbound. Second is a paperback copy of "The Technique of the Sound Studio" by Alec Nisbett. Probably not super relevant today, as it's a 1974 copy, but hey... it's free. Reply here or shoot me a note if interested! First come, first served (unless you bribe me with, say, a pair of K-horns). I can ship via Media Mail for a few bucks... maybe $5 tops? Chris
  14. Hi Fritz -- sure, I can send pics. One (the '58) was (poorly) veneered with some NASTY Formica, which I promptly removed. Some of the glue remained, so it's pretty nasty looking. The other is painted black (save the top piece, which is natural plywood as I had to fabricate it myself). Chris
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