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  1. Bump, hoping to keep in it in the community.
  2. SOLD Reluctantly selling my A-S801 Integrated. It's been sitting for a couple years now not being used so might as well find a better home for it. Like new condition. I only get listening time on the weekends and used it for a few years before switching it out. Great lively amp with plenty of power and built in DAC. Prefer local but will ship UPS. $600 https://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio_visual/hifi_components/a-s801/index.html
  3. I'm willing to work on price some for forum members. Soon I will be listing on Craigslist. PM if you are interested. Thanks!
  4. Time to give my beloved HK 430 a new home. She's been sitting around doing nothing so I'd rather pass her along. A few years ago I had another forum member refresh her. I can't say for sure what all he did but it was something along the lines of the three power supplies and main amp along with a lamp or two. The unit sounds great. There is a slight hum with the volume turned all the way down and it has a tendency to crackle and pop when turned on. I always turn on with the volume all the way down and let her warm up a bit. I believe the only lamp that is out is the tuner needle. Asking $250 for local pickup in the Dallas area. I can ship but sure it will be something along the lines of $50.
  5. We have the eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S bought from Amazon, think it was on sale at the time. Heard from a friend how much he liked his so tried it out. Great vacuum for a great price. They are made by Anker who makes a lot of phone accessories and battery banks. They are a good brand so I was happy to try out the vac. Everyday I come home to a dustpan full. Our home is about 1,700 SF and it seems to get most of it each day. We have hardwoods with some rugs so I can't say how it would preform on carpets. Soooo much cheaper than Roomba and from my understanding better although I have never owned a Roomba.
  6. Recently my wife and I have been hanging out with her good friend and husband. He is quite the audiophile so it's been fun getting to know him better. He is very much in the "cable camp" unlike most of the members here. He's also an electrical engineer so makes sense his interest are high in that area. One day he shows up with some cables he found used. Audioquest Rocket 44, something like $700 new I believe. We plug them in and listen a bit. No doubt they sounded different. A few days later when I had the house to myself I decided to plug my "regular" high quality $40 cables in and listen for a while. Didn't take long for the Audioquest cables to get plugged back in. They just had more of a relaxed, live sound with better separation and bass. I don't really consider myself to be an audiophile so I don't have the vocabulary to really describe it but when I plugged my regular cables in it made the system sound more like I was listening to a stereo and with the Audioquest it sounded more like a performance. He has also brought over a couple of power cables for my amp and there is a difference there as well. Nothing as perceivable as the speaker cables but even my wife could hear the difference and she doesn't know, or care, about any of this. Now there are plenty of things he talks about that I think are snake oil or they are soooooo expensive that it's just not worth it. In his defense he always buys used because he even admits the prices are inflated to what the market will bare. We went to a high end audio shop to listen to some Wilson Audio speakers, he is a Wilson fan. The entire system playing was $80,000. I was expected to be blown away, I was not, I actually prefer my $4,000 system. Which is funny because the cheapest piece of equipment in that room was $5,000 and it was a phono preamp! So what I am getting at is it's good to be open minded with some doubt thrown in. Being on this forum for so long I was expecting to hear nothing positively different from the expensive cables he plugged into my system. Now that I have actually heard them, I admit cables really can make a positive difference. Since I have purchased nothing I have nothing to lose if I didn't like them. Would I spend $700 full price on a pair? No. But I would buy used or experiment with a cheaper brand now that I know they can benefit a system more than I previously thought. Yep. Pretty sure Roy said they used Audioquest wire in the AK6 Klipschorn video didn't he? Full disclosure these are connected to my Spatial M3 Turbos not Klipsch. I doubt I would have noticed much on my Forte IIs because they just hurt my ears so much in my room anyway. So definitely speakers/room, amp and source before cables.
  7. Made these a few years ago. They are poplar and MDF filled with playground sand. Probably weigh 100 lbs each. They have a matte black paint that could use some touching up or another coat. Several scrapes on the top from the speakers are hidden when they are on. Measure 13" tall Local pickup DFW. $30
  8. Have a couple of bass traps I made out of OC 703. Covered in muslin fabric and stapled to a plywood frame. Nothing fancy, you could always take apart and build your own with the 703. Four sheets of 2" thick 703. 24" wide 48" tall 4" thick $25 local pickup Dallas, TX
  9. I have a very slightly used Emotiva XPS-1 Phono Pre-amp for sale. Used it for a brief time while I didn't have a phono input on an amp I was trying out. $100 shipped, if reasonable shipping that is. Or local pickup DFW area. Should still have a year or so on the transferable warranty.
  10. Sold! Thanks Mila1924. Still have the custom stands if anyone local wants them for like $30.
  11. Friday bump. Price adjusted for Forum members. Anyone is welcome to come look at them in person and take a listen. I also have some homemade stands for these if the buyer wants them. They are filled with sand and probably weigh about 100lbs each.
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