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  1. vondy

    Forte II For Sale DFW

    PM sent
  2. vondy

    Forte II For Sale DFW

    Friday bump. Price adjusted for Forum members. Anyone is welcome to come look at them in person and take a listen. I also have some homemade stands for these if the buyer wants them. They are filled with sand and probably weigh about 100lbs each.
  3. vondy

    Forte II For Sale DFW

    Up for sale are my Forte IIs. Giving the forum folks a chance at them before listing on Craigslist. No plans to ship them at this point. DFW area. I bought these from another forum member several years ago. I'd say they are in about a 9 out of 10 in shape. There are a few nicks that I have shown in the pics, mostly on the risers. Couple spots on the back that could use some touchup paint. One of the passive's dust cap is pushed in some, I'm sure it can be sucked out with a vacuum just never bothered with it. I did put grill covers on the passives when our girls started walking years ago. They can of course be removed if you want. These have been upgraded to Crites titanium tweeters and Crites new crossovers. Let me know if you have any questions or want to take a look. SN 145391976 145391977 $800
  4. vondy

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I concur with everything Tarheel says here. Acquired mine Saturday from a local Craigslist sale. Super happy with them! One of my main goals was to eliminate the "harshness" the Forte IIs produced in our living area. It wasn't bad if you were sitting right in the sweet spot but any location outside of that was just unpleasant. For example... our living room has a large French door style opening into the kitchen/dining area, minus doors. Whenever I had the music going while cooking or eating dinner, the sound from the Fortes was always unpleasant even at low volume levels. With the Spatials, this off axis sound is fantastic. The sweet spot is fantastic as well. There is zero "boominess" in the room, or adjacent. With the Fortes I would get a bass drone in certain spots of the kitchen and some of the corners of the living. Imaging is large, vocals and instruments are accurate. I really can't say a bad thing about them. They are somewhat similar to a horn speaker in that the compression driver uses the mid cone like a horn. Not to knock on the Forte IIs, with a treated room they are great speakers especially for the used price. I just could never get them sounding right in our living area. They will be up for sale here as soon as I get some good pics. Thanks to Tarhell for his advice on the M3s!
  5. vondy

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    Same here! I’m curious how they compare to Forte IIs. I’d like to find a speaker that plays better with my room, which I can’t really treat due to it being our living room. Every review on the M3s seems very positive. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  6. vondy

    Help with Integrated Amp under $1,000

    I've been enjoying this one. Yamaha 801
  7. The Honda Ridgeline "pickup truck" uses exciter speakers in the truck's bed panels so the entire bed is made into a tailgate speaker.
  8. vondy

    Emotiva Stealth DC-1 DAC for Sale (SOLD)

    Bump. Hoping to sell to one of my Klipsch fans before the guys on Emotiva. Will cover shipping if it's reasonable.
  9. Selling my DC-1. It's just over 2 years old so should have 3 more years on the transferable warranty (purchased 12/10/2015). Like new condition, used maybe on average twice a month for the last two years. $300 + shipping on PayPal. I can give you a UPS estimate pretty quickly. It's boxed in the original double box and ready to ship.
  10. Have a pair of Forte II crossovers for sale that have been sitting around for a few years after I swapped them out with new ones from Crites. If anyone is interested I was thinking $50. Thanks!
  11. vondy

    WTB Yamaha A-S501

    Wow, they must have posted that right after I checked a couple days ago. I'll keep an eye on it. For that price I'd rather buy certified with a warranty.
  12. vondy

    WTB Yamaha A-S501

    Yeah I saw that. About $40 more than accessories4Less. A4L doesn't seem to have any at the moment. Thought I would post on here in the meantime to see what might come up. Thanks!
  13. vondy

    WTB Yamaha A-S501

    Preferably in silver and DFW area. Thanks!
  14. vondy

    Horns In Room Corners

    I believe this is it. It talks about toeing in at 45 which depending on the room may or may not be in front of you. I seem to remember seeing something more about toeing in front of you. Basic idea is "Fig. 3".