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  1. Muel, here is pic of back of frame. Not very pretty but it works.
  2. AVGUYTX, Glad to see you knocking these out!! Work looks great - clean and accurate - much better than mine. Heavy lifting is over, for a minute, until you start putting them together!!! I built a rolling stand to assemble on so I could spin it around and move it out of the way. You've got it down. If you need my Craftsmen jig to cut the ramps let me know. Keep posting the pics
  3. Muel, yep 1" BB ply. Heavy as crud. My friend wanted it that way. Very heavy and solid. Need a sharp blade on tablesaw because multiple layers of glue between plies slows down blade. HDRbuilder recommends only using 1" on the sides and says its not necessary on the doghouse since it doesn't have open unbraced area like the sides.
  4. Muel, sorry don't have pics of the back but I can call my friend and ask him to send. Schu, I'm no acoustic engineer but the fabric does need to be transparent to some degree. This stuff has a lot of smaller holes and doesn't muffle the sound at all. You don't wanna use my grandmother's quilt I still have (and use). I used 1/4" baltic birch ply with neo magnets to hold in place. This cane material is ticker than the black fabric material and won't bend as smoothly around the edges as the black fabric.
  5. It is cane so doesn’t fold over as easy on corners as fabric but is easier to align than fabric. Staples well. on website go to cabinets then to grillcloth and you’ll see it. $26 a yard
  6. Built these LS in 2016 for a friend and just now applied frames with brown "cane" type material which blends well with the cherry veneer. Material is not fabric but more like several woven strands/strings. My friend and his wife likes the color.
  7. Since your building Belles you'll have more elbow room to tighten the bolts than you have on a Lascala. Might get all 8 bolts in. Good luck
  8. I got it from a local guy that used to work for EV. It appears void free on the edges. Both sides are mdf with the three wood ply interior plies. 5 plies in all
  9. I bought some 3/4" 4 x 8' sheets that have three layers of what appears to be pine and some other wood sandwiched in between two outer plies of mdf. See pic. Anyone ever use this? Ideas about damping characteristics compared to 3/4" baltic birch or 3/4" mdf??
  10. I bought some 3/4" 4 x 8' sheets that have three layers of what appears to be pine and some other wood sandwiched in between two outer plies of mdf. See pic. Anyone ever use this? Ideas about damping characteristics compared to 3/4" baltic birch or 3/4" mdf??
  11. Thanks Schu. Nope just the speakers. I really like his setup. He was having some humming issues with the EV DX38??) electronic crossover when I delivered the speakers so we couldn't listen to them.
  12. Purdue welcome to the forum. You'll find lots of info on building LS here. I recently built a set from scratch using 1" baltic birch 17 ply plywood and it was a journey! I'm about to build a set using 3/4" BB for another friend. The hardest part is cutting and aligning the "top/point" of the doghouse. Gotta cut it at correct angle and square. I suggest building/buying a good 90 degree vertical jig that you can clamp top pieces to so you can cut the 29-30 degree point angles. Then you have to clamp/glue the point together. HDBRbuilder was a great help to me. He is ex Klipsch employee who build a lot of LS's in his day. Knows all the details and shortcuts. Ar you going to veneer these? I used lots of screw, glue and clamps to built mine then veneered over the plywood. Took longer. This next set I might use finish nails since they will be in my friend's 70 x 140' metal building. Good luck on your build. Make sure that if you use Bob Crites 15" cast frame woofer that you widen the 15.25" distance between the two sides of the doghouse to 15.5" unless you want to grind the aluminum frame to allow it to fit.
  13. Both are finished and in my friend's house. He really likes them. Fits well in his setup.
  14. i've got the LS piece dimension sheet but wonder if anyone has a cut sheet layout showing the best positioning of the pieces on the plywood sheets? There is probably a better name for this but it escapes me now. Thanks.
  15. Actually categories then grill cloth. 32" wide sold by linear yard at $26LY
  16. mojotone.com. British style small weave type look under categories then cabinets then grill cloth my friend ordered it and shipped yo me. Don't know cost
  17. I changed the photos sizes and I now have 276kb left. I'll try again to make it really small.
  18. Tk49, I love the project with my favorite combo of curly walnut and curly maple. Great contrast and excellent work!! Ceptorman, thanks for the compliment! Got the grill materials stretched over the motoroboard last night. Love the material and the contrast with walnut. Can't post more pics because of size limitations?? Don't know how to fix that?
  19. I haven't used shellac that much but I might have to try it. Post some pics of your shellac projects!
  20. Thanks for the compliment tk49. I use the lazy man's finish - Minwax wipe on poly - satin finish. Apply it with the famous Harbor Freight stain pads (no 48166). I've got 4 coats on now and probably do 2-3 more then will wet sand with 500 grit then apply Minwax finishing wax with 0000 grit steel wool then buff with clean cotton cloth. Turns out slicker than snot on a doorknob!
  21. No. 4, yes building one at a time. Second one should go faster since I know how it all fits together and what to avoid on the second build. Seti, my friend using a reconed Altec 601C duplex speaker without the tweeter for the woofer and a GPA driver. He has the bent horns to use as well. He is going to biamp it with a 25watt amp for the woofer and 2 watts for the tweeter.
  22. Schu, yes solid walnut on the front grill and on the edges of the top and bottom and curly walnut aircraft grade veneer on the top and sides. baltic birch ply everywhere else. I've posted on the forum the LaScala I built using 1" baltic birch ply with cherry veneer, Belle bass bins from scratch using 1.25" ply on the sides and cherry veneer and several Heresy redos. I've attached a three way non Klipsch build with curved sides and solid bubinga top and trip with 12" woofer, 8 x 12 inch mid with Selenium D250 mid and 1" titanium dome tweeter. I'll post some pics .
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