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  1. here is a pic of the back of the grills. Metal is approximately 3/32" thick. Must be aluminum because magnets dont stick.
  2. Diz Here is a pic of the grills. Should know soon if I'm parting them out
  3. DizRotus, I am still deciding what to do with the pair of HIP's. If I don't keep them intact I'll be glad to sell these to you. They are metal grills with wood frames. So far I've removed all components and sanded the black paint off cabinets and filled in the handle hole on top. I'm thinking about filing in the front vent and make them super Heresys ala Claude with vent on back and new veneer. Also thinking about parting out the components and using empty cabinets with other Heresy parts I have.
  4. 3 OR 4!!! LOL!! Strategically placed in my messy shop!
  5. Decided to sand one cabinet down to the birch ply which took about an hour using 60 grit sandpaper. Still considering options.
  6. Wenge and other veneers. Not drinking I promise.
  7. Thanks for info Claude. MechEngVic thanks for the subtle suggestion. I will do that if I keep them. Trouble is a lot of people want to buy but shipping is crazy high. I’ve got a friend that travels to St. Louis and Kansas City in Tulsa and he would be willing to deliver to those areas if someone was interested which would make it made it easier. I’ve Got some figured eucalyptus, windy, and other than New Year’s that would be interesting
  8. Thanks MechEngVic for the compliment. Claude as always you are a wealth of info. What changes would I need in the network - different size caps - different autotransformer tap connection?
  9. Guys, thanks for all the posts - heck now my head is swirling. I got the components out of one of the cabs last night (the one with the most trim. It has the two 2uf and one 8uf black caps on the xover and I have a bunch of those (at least the 8uf so I could get the xovers to match. One has the 1/4" jack on the metal input. Anyone have a clue as to going rate for the components alone - K42E woofer and EV woofer, mid horns /K-33M drivers, K-77 with square mag and one with round mag, HIE crossovers?. If I sell the components I could redo the cabs to regular Heresys since I have the extra components and probably would go the nice veneer route and fill in the port and handle hole to make close to air tight. Still thinking and ciphering. Some buddies are coming by tonight to hear the one that still has the components installed. Thanks for all the ideas. May take a while to make this decision. Here is the input cup, front and back of K42E woofer which is in great shape (probably because the screen was inplace).
  10. Hi all, need some advise. Traded with another forum member and got a paid of HIPs. All speakers work and sound great. Speakers are in black with some pieces of metal corner trim. I haven't removed components yet. One has K-42 woofer with steel basket, K-55M mid, and square magnet K-77 with HIE network with black caps. Other one has K-42 with Klipsch round emblem with cast frame with what appears be sourced from Electrovoice, K-55M mid, round magnet K-77 and HIE network with metal old caps. I'm going to get better photos and serials numbers tonight. Possible options: 1. Sell them as is. 2. Clean up a little and sell. 3. Part out (!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? - WOULD THAT BE HERESY ON HERESYS?) - If i part out I will use the cabinets for regular heresy components on hand with new veneered cabinets. 4. Remove metal sand down to birch ply and A. Fill in handle hole, reveneer, finish and maybe grill frames with hidden magnets and sell or B. Refinish birch and maybe do grills and sell Okay I know someone will say "just give them to me as is" which is nearly number 1 but ain't gonna happen Let me know your thoughts. Does it make any difference as to the woofers being steel v cast frame and one from EV ( i assume per Klipsch specs) and the other from Eminence. I know you need pics, serial numbers etc which I'll try to get tonight. Here is what I have on camera now. Man they sound good!! Probably more possibilities. As Sundance said "well they could surrender"!
  11. I've got four of these puppies which are in great (I"d say new old stock) condition. Used in EV's TX1152 AND 2152 speakers. Huge magnets. New they are $295 each.. The front foam surround was put on wrong so that the gap in the gasket didn't align with the holes drilled in the speaker frame. No big deal. I will drill the mounting holes to match the foam holes. Already did this on two of them. 400 WPC power handling. See the EV info I've attached. Can get shipping costs upon requests. Thanks Longdrive
  12. Thanks for the comments Guys. I don’t have the Speakers yet. I’ve got some ribbon mahogany and walnut veneer that I might use on the sides tops and fronts. I’ll post pics as I proceed.
  13. Have a project coming up redoing a set of HIP's. I plan on filling in the handle hole on the tops and removing all metal, sanding down and then veneering and probably removing the metal screen covering the woofer from inside and changing out the caps. Anyone ever done that? Any helpful tricks appreciate
  14. Driving from Little Rock to New Orleans on Wednesday Nov 27. Anyone along the route interested in buying these let me know thanks
  15. BamaMike . Understand no worries on the grills I used the original Klipsch Masonite grill
  16. Update. Traveling from Little Rock to New Orleans for Thanksgiving. If anyone on that route is interested in buying these puppies speak now or forever hold you peace.
  17. Thanks. My material is the small weave. Yours look great. Good luck with project.
  18. Yes fabric is from mojotone. I sprayed 3M 77 adhesive on frame back and edges and edges of cane and stretched by hand and then used 1/4” staples ad nauseum. Hot glue doesn’t work well on the cane.
  19. Here are pics of back of grill frame showing magnets without and with thin black felt applied to protect finish on front board.
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