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  1. On the neo magnets I recessed and epoxied (is that a word?) 7 3/8” diameter neo magnets from Madisound in the front baffle which is covered by veneer. I epoxied 7 to the back of original Klipsch grill frame and then recovered grill with tan cane material. When you insert the grill in the front recess the magnets grab the frame and hold tight. I applied very thin self adhesive felt on the grill magnets so they don’t scratch front. 


    Im out of town now and don’t have pics of the back of grill frames to show magnets. I’ll post next week. No ugly Velcro showing when you remove grills to see the veneered baffles. 


    Rockhound finally convinced me to redo his industrial Heresys. 

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  2. DUH!!  Forgot to mention I reinstalled trim lip around the front with veneer on the inside of the trim for those who want to leave the grill frame off.


    BTW the black mark on the back left speaker is not on the speaker but on the speaker by mistake using Paint.  Don't know how to remove it!


    Also forgot I shot more nails in the joints before veneering so cabinet is stout.  My motto "If in doubt, build it stout"!

  3. Finally finished this project. I've posted on this in Tech Mod section on the build.  I totally removed all finish on these, cut off the front 1/2" edge that surrounds the grill frame, installed neo magnet on the front to mate with the magnets I installed on the original grill frame (with new cane grill cloth), veneered the fronts, sides, and tops with aircraft grade quartered figured etimoe veneer.  I applied 6 coats of wipe on poly satin then wet sanded and applied wax with 0000 steel wool for a very smooth finish.  I installed a front to back brace with 3 screws on the back panel, installed new Bob Crites 1228 woofers, new Sonicap caps on the mids and tweets, new electrolytic parallel cap on the woofers, installed foam sealant tape on the back screw strips.  I have two emblems that come with these which I haven't attached yet so the new owner can do so with his/her choice of glue/tape.


    Consecutive serial numbers 139X001 and 139X002


    The grill frames automatically attach when you put them on the fronts. Components are Crites 1228 woofers, K52H mid drivers  and square maGNET  K-77 tweets.


    Someone needs to give these a new home!!!   Perfect Christmas gift!    


    Will post more photos after I resize them.


    $750.00.   I'm located in Little Rock.  Thanks.  Longdrive03



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  4. Endo. Pardon my failure to post clearly. Duh!!


    these have all components and grills


    These have Klipsch Type E crossovers and I am Recapping with  Sonicap caps. The grills are included which have neo magnets. I plan to replace the cane grill material which has one spot on each grill Unless someone wants them as they are.  Here is a pic of one crossover with new caps to be installed. I’ll post pics tomorrow or pm me and can email. I can’t resize photos on my iPhone. Thanks


  5. I posted about these in the Tech Mod section.  Here's the link detailingT he redo.


    I may not attend the reunion this year (I live in Little Rock) but may send these with a friend for anyone to see/hear/buy.  Just bought and installed brand new Crites 1228 woofers with new Sonicap caps.  Grill frame is magnetic.  Veneer on the front board as well with bracing inside.


    Price is $775.00 






  6. Rockhound,


    Kinda hit a slow spell due to cold wet weather and burnout.  I got these final sanded and waxed with steel wool and they're slicker than a boil onion.  Just need to get the new Crites woofers and install components.  A local friend might want to trade for two pair of beat up Heresys.  


    Need to clean up the shop ( I think I have a tablesaw in there somewhere) and get crackin.  A friend wants me to build some small towers for him so that might be my motivation


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  7. Than for the compliments Shakeydeal.  


    Oldtimer i use Heatlock iron on veneer glue from joewoodworker.com    Works great.  I  buy it by the gallon.  If you buy in the winter be sure to add the  extra charge to prevent freezing of the glue during shipping.  Joe  is a great guy.  If you don't have a glue roller Joe sells a good one cheap and you can buy extra foam rollers (not the cheapy kind).







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  8. Got another set of Hs in the oven.  These are a set of 1982 consecutive serial number birch ply H models.  K-22-E woofers, (which I'm replacing) K-52H mid drivers and square magnet K77 tweeters with Type E crossover which will be recapped with Sonicaps.


    I cut off the front trim flush with motorboard to veneer the motorboard after inserting neo magnets to hold the original grills.  Installed new front edge trim with veneer on the inside of the trim, then veneered the sides and top then veneered the front trim on the front.  I installed front to back brace to reduce resonance which is screwed and glued to the motorboard and one the sides with 2 screws through the back into the edge of the brace.  Six coats of poly and about to final sand/wax.  Grills have neo magnets attached.  Will have these for sale upon completion over in garage sale section.


    This veneer is really beautiful.  Lots of figure.


    Will probably use Crites 1228 woofers.  I dropped my blower and it  bounced against one woofer cone and tore it.  😩  YIKES!! I will repair but will go with two new woofers on these puppies. 



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  9. Built the separate bass bin and tophat for a friend using Crites 15" cast frame woofers, K500 horns and xovers purchased from a forum member (Thanks Al) wit K77 tweeters.  The tophat is movable and the risers are covered with felt on the bottom to prevent scratching the cabinets.   Cherry veneer with poly finish and rubbed down with 0000 steel wool and finishing wax.  Custom made new 1/2" ply grills with hidden neo magnets.



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