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  1. No I am just now beginning to put the crossover together to listen to it. I don’t have testing equipment available right now. Will let you know how it sounds. Based bench or at a friends house so I’ll have to get over there to piece it together
  2. Okay guys giving the 2" mid horn a shot in the tophat build for match my clone Belle bass bin. Using the larger horn with a Klipsch 7" tractrix horn tweeter on the side using EV 2005 driver. Got one tophat built with 6 coats of poly on. I made the motorboards removable to allow use of different size/layout of horns. Will post more as I proceed
  3. I'm in Little Rock and a fellow member is in Cincinnati. Anyone headed through LR going to Cincy or Nashville anytime soon? Trying to get a pair of Heresys to Mighty Favog. Thanks Longdrive03
  4. Nashville is a six hour one way trip so I can't do that. Maybe Pony Express might have someone that could move them to Nashville. I'll post there and see.
  5. Bump, still available. Original interested party decided didn't match home decor.
  6. Mighty Favog. Thanks for the post. Right now I have them sold subject to receipt of payment. Also, another member is in line behind the buyer. I'll keep you in third position in case something happens. Thanks for the inquiry
  7. No shipping isn't included. I have a buyer for these and we are in the payment process and shipping arrangements to be made by the buyer. Should that not work out I will relist these. Thanks.
  8. TWK that grill looks great! How in the world did you make one with a router???😳. Great job! TD your going to have to train the greyhounds:)! Assume you will put them on the floor?
  9. Schu, First I just realized I erred when I said these are 1982 Hereseys. They are 1977 based on the “R” in the serial numbers. So they would be Heresy 1 per the info I’ve seen. I bought these from Rockhound and did the refurb. Sorry for confusion on year.
  10. Thanks TWK123! Appreciate the kind words. Man we were just at CS in May. Incredible weather. Loved the scenery. Loved the Broadmoor!!! My wife and kids (and me) didn't want to leave!!! Drove up Pike's Peak and next day it snowed!! Sometimes I can't leave well enough alone! I've got a friend that always hassles me why I put grill frames on. Hint: he is single with no kids, cats or dogs. I know some people like to leave the grill off and listen so thought I would make them pretty. Correction on the woofer!!! It they are K-22-EF woofers
  11. Thanks Weziewoo! Appreciate it. Won't find many like these. More pics
  12. Thanks WCD! I have photos now. See below. More pics in next post due to size
  13. Update. Just list days and garage sale form for sale. Couldn’t attach final photos from my iPhone but will post tomorrow.
  14. So sorry to hear about DJK passing! He was one smart cookie and I will miss him. I’m going to use the 7 inch tall horn to build a belle size top cabinet with removable front board and use this horn and a k77 Tweeter on the side mounted horizontally. If I ever run into some actual belle mid range horns I can remove the front panel and cut a standard size Belle horn and K77 cut out and install. I’ve got some bell bass cabinets that I’ve built and will stack the new cabinet on top
  15. NOTE: ON JULY 10, 2018 I EDITED THE POST TO SHOW THESE ARE 1977 HERESYS AND NOT 1982 HERESYS. I posted about the refurbishing of these Heresies in technical modifications. I’ll put a link in tomorrow when I have my laptop. I stripped off the Duratex paint, cut the front trim edge flush with the motor board, veneered the motor board, sides and top as well as the newly installed front trim on the inside and outside with rosewood veneer. I installed a front to back brace to deaden the back panel resonance with two screws going into the brace through the back panel. Installed new sonicap capacitors and also a new electrolytic cap on the woofer circuit on the E crossovers. Also installed new 12 gauge wire to the input and speakers. Installed foam self adhesive sealant tape on the back. Built a new slanted riser for both cabinets veneered with Rosewood. The cabinets are very solid now. I also shot new finish nails into the motor board through the sides top and bottom before veneering. I built new grill frames using the old frame as a template out of 3/16” inch hardboard and covered with new brown cane grill material. I also installed seven neo magnets under the veneer on the front of the speaker to match the seven magnets on the grill frame so there is no ugly Velcro attachments on the motor board. I purchased a better set of woofers to replace the woofers in the cabinets. One of the woofers had large spot on woofer cone. I installed new diaphragms in both of the K77 square magnet tweeters. Mid range is the K 52H and woofers are the K 22 – E. All are in good working condition and sound great. I wrapped the veneer so it would be consecutive from one side tothe top and then the other side. I wiped down the rosewood with lacquer thinner to reduce the oil content in the veneer then applies two coats as a stain/sanding sealer and then applied six coats of wipe on poly then did final rubdown with 0000 steel wool and Minwax finishing wax. The finish is very smooth. I Ialso installed new banana plug terminals on the back. These are consecutive numbered speakers as shown in the photographs. I installed plastic sliders on the bottom of the slanted risers for ease of movement. I covered the woofer frames with mortite string caulk to reduce vibration. These sound great and need a good home. Price is $725. I’m located in Little Rock. If you’re close by or passing through I’ll be glad to let you look and listen. I cant post pics from my phone but will post tomorrow from work laptop. Ken
  16. Karlson, the ebay horn at the link in your post above has these specs Horn Dimension Front: 17.75"(450.84mm) x 9.93"(506.22mm) Front to Rear : 7.75"(196.85mm) Dispersion : 90° Horizontal X 40° Vertical Mounting Size Hole: 8" x 14.75" Material: Hard Durable ABS Plastic These are pretty close to the PE 299-2305 buyout horn dimensions (9.75" x 17.75" x 7") on the 2" throat horn. Same 90 x 40 dispersion. Don't know about the flare. Someone smarter than me needs to chime in. Maybe DJK or others????
  17. Okay, I'm officially stupid now. Have been unofficially stupid up to this point. This is a double post so disregard and see other post. Been travelling too much!!!
  18. I bought the PRV 1" to 2" adapter part number 294-2941 $5.99 each. Haven't had time to hook anything up to these but they pass the eye test.
  19. PE did a buyout of several mid and tweeter horn drivers from B-52. 299-2305 is a 2" opening horn 9.75" x 17.75" useable to 400HZ per PE"s listing. 299-2304 is a 1" opening 7" x 17.75" useable to 400HZ." I ordered four of each to inspect. They are very sturdy thick plastic and are well made. Prices are $15.88 per horn with quantity discounts. Anyone use or test these yet? I ordered some of the 1" to 2" opening adapters from PE and they fit the 2" horn opening, Here are some pics. Any thoughts/comments on these?
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