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  1. IN MY OPINION, you cannot buy a better amplifier than Sunfire for the money. This will probably cause a lot of consternation amongst the McIntosh crowd, but they are dead silent, accurate, have unbelievable amounts of power in reserve (check my review on Carveraudio.com of the Sunfire 400x7 Cinema Seven Signature model: http://www.carveraudio.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3520 ), and are damned bulletproof. I shipped one to a buyer and UPS put a forklift tine thru the side of the amp and it STILL WORKED FLAWLESSLY. I guess you could say I'm sold on Sunfire...

    And yes, the current source produces a VERY close sound to tubes....so much so it has fooled many audiophiles....

    OK, I'm ready for the flaming!! :-)

  2. If you can drop the height of the surrounds to hearing level (4 ft?) you will be happier.

    The sub should be fine there.

    The center is shielded so there SHOULD be no concerns with TV interference.

    You'll get better response/imaging if you move the main speakers in off the outer walls about 2-3 feet & tilt toward listening position about 10-15 degrees.

  3. OK, your receiver should have sufficient adjustments in the Home Theater setup to avoid any one speaker overpowering another. I've never heard of any grouping of Klipsch speakers overpowering another. That is ALL adjustable in your setup menu.

    I'd go with the best you can afford, as the speakers are the absolute weakest link in any system.

  4. The reason they are 8 ohm speakers is because if you put an ohmmeter on them, it gives an overall average of 8 ohms average across the audio spectrum (as almost all speakers do). ALL speakers have dips & rises in their impedance/resistance at varying frequency levels. Generally, the LOWER the frequency the dip occurs (where the main power requirements are), the more it can affect your amplifier. It's not uncommon at all for an "8 ohm" speaker to dip to 2.* ohms at a given frequency.

  5. I found my RF-83s to be shrill as well when I first installed them; I recommend a nice, long low power break-in for several hours, followed by a multi-hour bump up to moderate levels, then a final blowout at the loudest CLEAR volume you can muster (this depends LARGELY on your amp) for an hour or so. My initial impression was they sound "metallic" which only makes sense as they have aluminum drivers. They DO get better with time....I suspect much of the alleged shrillness has to do with compression of the audio signal thru a less than capable amp (& i'm running sunfire 200 watts into these babies!).

  6. Well, all the brand-bashing & thread fights aside, I can unreservedly recommend a good used Sunfire Ultimate Receiver (1st or 2nd gen) which can sometimes be found for @ $1000. Bulletproof & sound FANTASTIC. Power beyond belief...

  7. ... However, I just added a 200wpc x5 amp a week ago and the improvement in fidelity and overall sound especially the mids and bass control is staggering.....

    Was that a Sunfire amp?

    TNR, hi there. I got the Emotiva MPS1 amp.

    I didn't realized anyone else made a 200x5 amp. I just got a 400x7 Sunfire Signature amp; it KICKS @$$!

    Can you say THREAD HIJACK?!?

  8. Huh? I've never heard of a "6 0hm" receiver...

    Most receivers are designed for operation with 8 ohm speakers, but will drive loads in MOST cases as low as 4 ohms. Very few ($$$) will drive loads under 4 ohms safely. The ohm rating of the speaker is it's impedance/resistance.

    Does that answer your question?

  9. Thanks for all the help.

    I have decided that I am going to upgrade piece by piece as funds become available to RF-82's, RS-52's, and a RC-62 during the year. With that in mind I might as well start with the receiver as I need to get one anyways, though now my budget is no longer limited to $500ish or to Circuit City. I am not sure how much I should put towards a receiver, I was looking at a Denon AVR-2807 which is around $1,200 but do I really need to spend that much? Will this make a difference or would spending $800-1000 yield me similar results?

    For what you're looking to spend, you can get a GREAT Sunfire Ultimate Receiver used. Beats the hound out of all the others that have been discussed here. 200 wpc into seven channels, Dolby Digital, DTS, awesome.

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