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  1. I emailed him about all the auctions; he said he had four pair all NIB (two black, two wood grain). I'm picking them up in person, otherwise I wouldn't have bid on them. I agree it looked fishy. If anything is amiss when I get there, then no harm done (except for gas and the @$$whipping he's gonna get!)...

    If it's all on the up & up, I got a helluva deal.

  2. 14 gauge or 12 gauge will likely sound better than 16 gauge, especially on transients like handclaps and drumbeats. Maybe not as crucial with Klipsch speakers, due to their high sensitivity, but it was very obvious with my previous speakers.

    You can get 250 feet of 12 gauge stranded copper outdoor lighting wire at home Depot for $48. Works like a charm!

  3. I bought an RT-12d in Dec 06 as part of a complete RF-83 surround system. It is a pretty awesome sub. I've been very happy with mine.

    However, I was a little disappointed when I recently heard the JL Audio F113 & G113. OMG! I've NEVER IN MY LIFE been so impressed by a sub. The prices are astronomical, but nobody comes close to their capabilities. They also sell a F112 which is a little cheaper, but still way outside the deep discounts you can get an an RT-12d from the dealer.

  4. Do yourself a favor and hook a Carver or Sunfire amp up to those puppies; WOW! My KLF-10s & RF-83s get with the program from either my Sunfire Ultimate Receiver or Carver M1.5/C-2 combo! I used to run Sony & Pioneer systems, but will NEVER go back to them now.

  5. I auditioned the JL Audio F113 & G113. OMG! They redefine subwoofers.

    Phenomenal, incredible, soul-rattling impact in low frequencies! You probably won't find them discounted anywhere like you can the RT-12D. The price is STEEP, but they can afford to charge it because they are THE BEST.

    The Gotham will make your grandchildren sterile, spoil the milk you plan to buy next week, and back all the nails out of the subfloor in your home!

  6. Get as much high-quality amp as you can afford. I recently bought a Sunfire Ultimate Receiver (200 watts/channel into 7 channels) and I was ABSOLUTELY ASTOUNDED how much better my KLF-10s sounded than with my old Sony surround amp! I upgraded to an RF-83 HT system and it is awesome, although I'd say the KLF-10s were MORE efficient than the RF-83s (but more harsh). Sunfire has some awesome (and dang pricey) equipment.

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