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  1. I agree with rplace.......the AW650’s are fantastic! I love to lounge in my hammock and listen to music in my backyard and I am constantly amazed at the sound from those speakers.
  2. Hi all, I am willing to ship at buyers expense. Please understand that I don’t check this site every day and may not respond rapidly. It looks like carltheSS40 has dibs then NiceSystem. I’ll check my PM’s and see how things progress.
  3. Located in Berkley, Michigan. I’ll try to get some pictures posted ASAP. Shoot me a number.......not looking to get rich off of these.
  4. I have two (2) RSW-15’s that both suffered water damage and have blown amplifiers and damaged cabinets. All of the drivers are fine with zero damage either cosmetically or mechanically. I also have one of the grills. Not sure of pricing on any of this stuff so make offers if interested, it’s time for me to get rid of these things and clear some space in my basement. Thank you!
  5. It could be an upright organ.
  6. Hey Neil! Commerce is where Commerce and Commerce intersect (yes, that’s true) out by Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital, Walled Lake area. Hows the new crib?
  7. Subject line has been edited. I’m slightly biased but I think the black looks awesome, but I have always wanted a pair of 60th Anniversary Klipschorns. Maybe next time.
  8. Thanks, Neil! And yes, the 60th Anniversary models are sold so I will be keeping these.
  9. One pair in fantastic condition (non-matching serial numbers) for sale. $3500.00 OBO. Located in Berkley, Michigan outside Detroit. I’d like to sell these ONLY to buy the 60th Anniversary models also for sale on this site, otherwise I would keep them. Call with questions and/or pictures.
  10. What color are the cabinets and what condition are they in?
  11. The recipient usually pays for shipping. I’m glad he got it and I hope he’s happy with it. Thanks for getting it to him!
  12. Hey calhockey, I trust that the grill arrived safe and sound?
  13. I just replied to calhockey. I’m only interested in giving one up right now since I do still have an RSW-15 that I use in my living room. The other two were damaged in a flood, but the grills are fine. And no broken pegs!
  14. Thanks! Unfortunately, they are beyond repair but I appreciate the info.
  15. Hey calhockey, I have a spare one of these. Contact me to set something up. I have two non-functioning RSW-15’s that I’m trying to figure out what to do with. Thinking about using the drivers for an IB sub in the future.
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