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  1. Clear here is more on my pre amp input output cnnectors In addition to the inputs for phono/tuner/CD /video/spare I have two tapes in. For outputs I have the two main power outs, two tape outs and a direct out that bypasses phase inverting circuitry and a phase inverting switch for highest quality signal quality output. The is a inverted signal output also.
  2. I don't have any large or small setting on my pre amp so how do I achieve this large setting? Is it in the SMS software somewhere and I just missed it? My pre amp is 22 years young.
  3. Thanks clear.On my preamp, I have a monitor/source toggle and an input selector for phono/tuner/CD/video/spare. The CD is already plugged into that input. I could put the audio cable into tuner/video/ or spare and then select where its plugged in, if I understand you. BTW the sound quality is best if the monitor/source toggle is set to source since a lot of control circuitry is bypassed that way with a bypass/normal toggle set to bypass. Should I still pick the monitor position?
  4. The DD 12 kit has a audio L/R cable and a video cable. I see where to connect these on the sub. I assume the video cable goes to my TV. I have a video L/R input on my pre amp. Does the audio cable connect here?
  5. Thanks Mike. I printed out your article. I bought this Velodyne DD 12 on e-bay ---no dealer. My SP 11 pre amp has two sets of L/R main out. The DD 12 has an RCA LFE input L/R for line-level connection and L/R RCA output connections to incorporate the use of an 80 Hz 6 dB/octave slope high pass crossover. I have a 200watts/channel Rotel power amp and two channel RF 7's for listening to music [jazz/classical] No movies,rock or TV..
  6. A helpful in depth article on Velodyne's SMS [system Management Software]. http://www.audioholics.com/reviews/acoustics/velodyne-sms-1-subwoofer-parametric-eq-system/velodyne-sms-1-parametric-eq-system-overview
  7. Suggestions on which surge protector for this protection ONLY application for a DD 12 subwoofer [investment of $1730], where the surge protector will probably be in plain view [to my wife] near the sub.
  8. Also take a look at my post # 3 on my other thread "Can I properly use a sub with my pre amp".
  9. The way I see it, is to use cabling 2 c AND option 3 on page 9 of the manual. But please understand I'. still VERY much trying to understand the beat way to go given my SP 11 inputs and outputs. Having said that,I don't know what is doing the crossover but it looks like it's crossed at 80Hz for my two RF 7's {in my case these are my satellite speakers, RIGHT?} Clear, take a look at page 9 and tell me what you think.
  10. Thanks. So far I have blue jeans 26' BJC LC ! sub cable. I need to order a second one and a Y cable or just a Y cable. I can send anything back for a full refund. Once I get the sub positioned properly I probably won't need 26' so I'll be exchanging cables anyway. I just have the 26' to put the sub in my listening area and move the mic around.
  11. I don't have a sub out. I have pre amp main l/r out.
  12. In a discussion with Blue Jean cables They said the sub is non directional and a Y cable from the pre amp feeding a single interconnect to the sub is the right way to do it. The interconnect feeds the left in on the sub. Is this correct?
  13. So I ordered a DD 12 and will connect a left and right interconnect cable from my second set of main output outlets to the sub { I'll call this main out TWO}. Thanks EAR. The DD 12 manual also says in addition to this, Establish the line-level connection [optional] Connecting to a pre amps main outputs and returning them to your amplifier inputs {that would be my Rotel}. {This is what I have had all along from main out ONE} The manual further says " When installed in this fashion, your satellite speakers {thats my 2 RF 7's} will be crossed over at 80Hz, which removes the lower bass from your amplifier { Rotel} and speakers, enableing them to do a better job reproducing high freq. By using this method, you will have a bi-amped system, gaining improved power and headroom for your system. DO I HAVE THIS RIGHT?
  14. In addition to surge protection do I need any power filtering?
  15. Well I got The $ 290 right. Thanks for the correction. I was so happy to find out I didn't have to get the speakers to you but only the cross overs I guess I got some of it mixed up.
  16. I live in Butler Pa. I am going to have Dean do the crossovers very soon, right after I set up a Velodyne DD 12 in the system and listen a bit. Too many people have raved about it for me to not do it. It's $290 with free shipping back. Hell the parts cost $200.
  17. Thanks Clear. I'm supposed to be getting the entire Accessory Kit which has the mic, 3 cables, mic adapter, screen, and stand.
  18. I'm looking for a daytime volunteer(s) ie mentor, to talk to in setting up this beauty. [ I have unlimited long distance calling ]. Beware, I'm real stupid about all this!!! I have printed out the on line manual and am trying to get up to speed while awaiting delivery of my USED DD 12. ie no dealer to talk to. I listen only to 2 channel music not a home theater system. RF 7 speakers. Audio Research SP 11 pre amp and Rotel RB 990 BX power amp. Never had a subwoofer before.
  19. Forgot to mention-----today is my birthday!
  20. Thanks for all your incredible help. Paid $1800/ mint condition/ about 2 years old. Being shipped from the west coast to Pa. via UPS. My first subwoofer! Yeahhh!
  21. What is the difference between the RSW 10 D and the RSW 10. Are they the same size? And how about musical quality. Many Many thanks!!!
  22. I have a 2 channel RF 7 system. I listen to jazz and classical CD's only. My positions to place a subwoofer are very limited. Is the DD 12 versatile enough that you can place it just about anywhere and be able to STILL dial it in [set it up] for maximum musical sound. What is a good price to get a DD 12 used in mint condition?
  23. Thanks EAR. I have Jl Audio and DD 12 dealers within 28 miles. Can one deal in price as a rule with these dealers? What is the price? Are they comparable in music quality? I I'm concerned I don't have the room wattage power in my current electrical wiring in my listening room. See my other posts on this. All my outlets are on the same 15 amp fuse.
  24. Thanks Bob. What about wattage? If I have a 550 watt pwr amp and a 1250 watt RMS subwoofer won't that exceed the 1600 watts criteria.
  25. My main electrical panel says living room 15 amperes. Does this mean I can only plug a total of things into all the wall sockets in the living room that in sum do not exceed 15 amps? This means a total of 1600 watts also doesn't it.?
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