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  1. The reason I was asking this was Dale [the audio specialist] at www.vacuumtubes.net said he would not mix manufacturers. I have no idea at present what tubes are in the SP 11 now. I guess you both do not think manufacturer mixing matters,
  2. I'm surprised to see the older 990's selling for around $450 and the 1080's which replaced them at only $625. Even a new 1080 sold around $750 a few weeks back. Any ideas on this?
  3. My Sp 11 has six 6dj8 tubes that do 'NOT', need to be matched or low noise. They have been in for about 15 years. I would guess they have about 4000 to 6000 hours on them. The manual says they should last 5000 to 10,000 hours, They still sound great but I'm ordering new ones anyway. The new ones will be all the same manufacturer [sylvania] and be $20 or less. I discovered it's a bit difficult finding 6 of the same tube. Should I buy more than 6, if I can, in case one or two of the new tubes go bad before the others so I can replace them rather than need all 6 again? Thanks.
  4. Does anyone know the current market price for a working Mod Squad 650 CD player?
  5. Dave , at vac tubes.net suggested Sylvania's @ $20 each. That's what I ordered. Thanks fritz. Dave said if I don't like them to send them back.
  6. Does anyone Know the fair market value of this CD IF it is working?
  7. Thanks fritz. I can find 5 of same kind. Would it be unwise to add the 6th of a different manufacturer?
  8. The manual says 6DJ8 high conductance. Matched and low noise not necessary. Where do you suggest I buy these. Six are needed.
  9. My normal CD player is in for cleaning and alignment. I tried to use my 1987 Mod Squad in the interim but it will not power up. If I have a manual I don't know where it is. There is a power supply that connects in the back with a very positive plug and screw on piece. It just will not light up. What am I missing. PS the unit has been stored in a cool dry place for 18 years. Is this Why? Made by Consumer Electronics Corporation of Knoxville Tn. Are they still in business?
  10. Thanks to all. I'm leaving the Belkin power on, The SS amp on standby, my audio research CD and Pre amp [tubes] off unless in use.
  11. Anti-cable web site http://www.anticables.com/home.html The speaker cables are really stiff.
  12. I know very little about currently available cables. I have anti- cable speaker and interconnects and am VERY happy with them. They too are enamel coated. If there ever was a cable that looks like it won't work, these are them. Color red. They are not expensive. I would like comparison comments from those who have listened to them and other cables.
  13. I noticed that if I cup both hands and place them behind my ears so as to move the ear lobes forward, the sound and clarity increase DRAMATICALLY. I have 74 year old ears that still work pretty good! Can a few with younger ears try this and let us know what you experience?
  14. I got rid of the hiss/noise. I have an audio research SP-11. It has a gain knob and a level knob. I cut back on the gain 15% [which was at max] and zeroed out the hiss/noise and then turned up the level a click or 2. The level knob increases the volume and adds no noise. It helps to read the manual. I paid $62 for the Belkin used [new is $199] and it says it has phase 3 filtering which I understand to be 3 filters in series... My amp is NAD C 272 and the speakers are RF 7. I"M HAPPPYYY. Thanks.
  15. I have all my components plugged into a Belkin power console as a power filter/surge suppressor including the 150 watt/channel power amp. All the plugs are switched so when I put the Belkin on stand by there is no power to any of my plugged in units. If I leave the Belkin powered up then my power amp can be set to stand by and stay slightly warmed up. Which is better for wear on the power amp [NAD C 272] ?
  16. I just installed this power filter/surge suppressor. When I opened the box on this "USED", unit the prongs on the power plug were BADLY bent. I was able to bend them back enough to plug it into a wall socket.All the lights light up and all my equipment operates when plugged into it including my power amp. Does this sound like the unit is ok? The low volume hiss I had before installing the PF 30 is still there the same as before. The sound quality is the same before and after.
  17. I just bought a NAD C 272 on ebay new in a factory sealed box. BUT from a non NAD dealer.. Afterwards, I learned that it's NAD's policy to not warranty a non dealer purchase. The amp, box, and manual look brand new [made in China to NAD's specs on the factory sealed box] and it works great with my RF-7's. Anyone know how to get around this problem? The warranty, if I get one, is 2 years parts and labor. Thanks for all the helpful assistance these past few days. You are a great bunch of knowledgeable guys.
  18. I'm replying to this since it never posted!!!!!
  19. I have no power problems, noise, hum ect.that I can hear. I am plugged into a standard home AC outlet with my Nad C 272 power amp. My CD, tape and SP 11 pre amp are plugged into the SP 11 power recepticals on the back of the SP 11 power supply. The power supply is plugged into a modest power strip. Any suggestions? I don't want to spend a lot of money on power stuff.
  20. Nad suggests that this 150w/channel amp, NOT be placed on a shelf. A very few in the past have had a melt down so to speak. I only have a shelf to put it on, but it is open on all sides with about 6 inches clearance above it. I am thinking of placing it on isolators which raise the bottom an additioal inch and one half off the shelf. I have 1 or 2 small external fans I could also run but this may be overkill. Comments are most welcome.
  21. Should I expect a burn in period and if so for how long. The Nad will be driving RF 7's.
  22. Just north of Pittsburgh Pa. in Butler Pa.
  23. I have a Rotel 990 that is dead in the water. The transformer is shorted. Rotel made the transformer and has none in stock, nor do they make it anymore. Is this a dead end? Does anyone want to buy a 990 for parts, or sell one for parts?
  24. Did I make a mistake? Would the Rotel RB 1080 [200w/channel] have been a much better choice. The NAD [150w/channel] is new and has not arrived yet!
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