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  1. quote: Originally posted by GTaudiophile: Haha...you all are just now realizing that, eh? The cheaper BA4800s still blow the Pros out of the water! Klipsch had to create a "new" V.2-400 system to compete! Yeah right, and the MIT cables make your Radio Shack reciever sound like a Cary Audio 1610-SE too...
  2. I do not know where he get's this from. I went from Boston Accoustics to the Pro Media and the PM kills the BA in all comparisons. In my tests that also included Billie Holliday. Also Nancy Wilson and Diana Krall. I think the Pro Media has an excellent midrange reproduction even after I listen to my Mirage M1's. If they ever make a 5.1 set up I may upgrade, but until then I will stay with the 400.
  3. Anything by Nancy Wilson or Diana Krall
  4. What wood material were the original Klpsch horns made from? I did not think playwood was "invented" until the 50's
  5. Been there, done that. I sold my BA system after I got the Pro Media. It's no contest.
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