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  1. I plan on upgrading to something bigger (still wall mountable) within a year or so. If I would of been able to get the RB41s they had in the garage sale, I would of got them for the fronts.
  2. a room that is less than 12x12, I thought it should be fine.
  3. I am building a new home and I have been a dedicated room for a HT. It’s roughly 12x11 and I’m going to be going with a 100” screen and a PJ that is yet to be determined.... A back story might be helpful....We we’re going to build with a basement mainly for me to have a HT that I lost in my divorce, along with my speakers and pj. I had a Benq pj and the Quintet SL and a ksw-12 that the ex ended up keeping in the divorce. We ended up picking up some Energy Take Classics a couple years ago and wasn’t a big fan of them...This week I picked up the Quintet III set. I’m happy to have Klipsch again!! I am now looking at getting a 10” sub, maybe the SYNERGY BLACK LABEL SUB-100. We didn’t end up getting the basement because I couldn’t really justify 50k for me to just have my theater and a man cave....so with me willing to give up the basement, my wife gave me one of the rooms to turn into my theater. my superintendent is letting me run my speaker wires in the next week or so and I am not sure where I should have the placement for the FR and FL in relation to the screen. My old set up, I had the mini towers kind of in the middle of the screen. Should I do the same this time? I wasn’t sure if that was the best option or not. I’m trying to decide where to put the box for mounting purposes. Any and all feedback would be appreciated.
  4. I am in the early stages of planning my home theater room. I am going to have a room that is 16 x 14. I am wanting to have a projection screen as large as I can to give this a movie theater feel to the room. I am wanting to put in some movie theater seats, probably 6 to 8 chairs… This is primarily going to be used for movies and maybe some PS3 playing… What I need help with is this….I am trying to keep this moderately priced… I am going to need a 5.1 or 7.1 system down here…I am planning on building my screen unless I can find a 120” screen for a decent price…I am more than likely going to stick with a 720p projector for now. Any help, tips, or whatever would be much appreciated.
  5. I am not sure what we're going to do yet. We're supposed to go over the blue prints sometime next week so I can see what the room layout will be. He said that it will have cathedral ceilings. I am thinking right now that I would want to have 2 in walls for the fronts and some kind of center under the tv. Then have 2 in ceilings for the rears. I am not sure how this could work out with the cathedral ceilings though. I saw the thread about professor thump's set up, I am not too crazy about the placement but I am sure its because of his walls. I sketched up something as a first idea, let me know where you think I could improve. I was thinking of having a "cubby" area in the wall for all of his electronics
  6. I am going to to helping my brother design his home theater sound system. He is building a house and wants to get it pre-wired for this. My question, does anyone have 5.1 type system in ceiling? I am thinking about the in wall, but I wanted to give him options before I tell him how much its going to cost. He really knows nothing about audio and is letting me take it over. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. I will try to find out the size of the room if that would help with the ideas
  7. I am just a "nerd" like that. Its sort of a hobby to just collect as many movies as I can have. I have about two thousand movies or so, a small percentage is what is displayed on my dvd rack though. People come over to my house instead of going to blockbuster lol.
  8. I am thinking that Klipsch Tech Support has a diagram for this.
  9. I remember hearing that when the IPHONES first came out and they were used on the IGROOVE, it fried the IPHONE. Does anyone know what the cause of this was? Has this been an issue since? My wife has a new ITOUCH but we're affraid to put it on the IGROOVE because we are affraid that it could fry.
  10. Another good game is Game Party. It has a lot of games that aren't your normal games that you see on a video game. They have shuffel board, darts, ski ball, ping cup (beer pong), hoop shoot, air hockey, and trivia.
  11. I have to say I totally disagree with everyone who said this movie was great. This was one of those movies that I would not of stayed up till 230 am watching. I thought it was way too long, felt that it could of been made into two movies instead of trying to cram everything into one movie. It will look good on my DVD rac, but I will probably never watch again. This is what I get for buying movies instead of just renting them. As far as visual and sound quality, it was great........just the story was blah to me. I didn't know anything about the Watchmen so maybe that is why I was dissapointed. I love comic book movies, this just didn't do it for me.
  12. I just got a new TV, Samsung Plasma 50". I have 3 HDMI connections and I was wanting to hook one of them up through my Yamaha receiver. When I do that though, it does not recognize it. I have it set up the old fashioned way lol and it sounds great, but I was wanting to try to do the HDMI just to see if there was anymore clarity. If someone can throw me a bone here and tell me what I am doing wrong, I'd appreciate it.
  13. I did the same thing a couple years ago. I was in a crunch for money and I lived in a apartment and ended up down sizing to the Quintett SL's. I miss my RF 62's all the time. I mean my Quintetts do a great job for my size now, but I miss my speakers I feel your pain, all though I was able to get like 600 for mine.
  14. I thought I'd see what everyone thought was the best movie for your system. DVD and Blue Ray. Blue Ray, I have to say I love The Dark Knight and DVD probably Pearl Harbor or Saving Private Ryan. I have a ton of honerable mentions though.......
  15. I got a PS3 for valentines day and the games I got are: Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Need for Speed: Carbon So far Uncharted is my favorite. Untold Legends is pretty cool but playing 2 players kind of sucks because of the view. Need for Speed, this is kind of for my girlfriend and son.......but the graphics on this from the short time I've played it are amazing...... I do have a question for anyone that plays this on a Plasma tv, I took this to my brothers house to play and when I was playing Uncharted, the dark scenes were almost too dark. Is this common for Plasma tvs? Or is this a setting that can be changed? I am asking because I have a 52" projection TV and I want to step up to the flat screen world.
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