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  1. Yes the volume has also always been a little off, sometimes one side seems louder than the other, or the back speakers were being way overpowered by the front. Rotating the plug used to help but now it either makes them crackle some more or just doesnt do anything, so you can see why I am getting very frustrated hehe. Anyone know whats at fault here? Would replacing the current wire with some higher gauge and replacing the plugs with some better quality gold (or maybe platinum? worth it?) ones do anything? FlatLine
  2. I bought my promedias a few months back, and never really had problems with them except that occasionally one of them one would mute out and I would have to go in the back and adjust its 1/8 phone plug until it worked. Well recently this problem has gotten a lot worse, its a lot more frequent and sometimes I even have multiple speakers doing this at the same time. what happens is that randomly when I am playing music the sound either starts to crackle very badly from that particular satellite (note: im not adjusting volume here, not that crackling) or just mutes out completely (sometimes it crackles then goes on to muting completely). It is very frustrating trying to get it to play fine again, it usually works fine again after a period of time or after I take the plug out for a little while and put it back in. Now Is this the contacts that are bad or the speaker wire or what? I'm planning on replacing my speaker wire (new 18 gauge) and plugs soon but will that fix it? Is anyone else having this problem or did I get some faulty parts? Please help, sound messing up like that is incredibly frustrating while trying to listen to something. FlatLine
  3. This is in reply to an email someone sent me in reply to this post but I can't seem to reply without getting errors. "There will be a set of RCA type outputs on the back of this DVD player, one red and one white, being right and left audio. You need a "y" adaptor; (2 male rca's to one female 1/8" phono jack) plug the ends of the rca's to the dvd and the female 1/8 goes to one end of the signal cable for the pro medias and the other to the pro medias themselves, plug in pro medias to wall and volia." Wow if this works you're my new hero hehe. Have you tried this? I'm wondering because i wasn't sure if the promedias would be kosher with the data from the DVD player. Also can you clear up exactly which jacks etc. I need to buy? The way it is worded is a little confusing. Thanks again.
  4. Hey all. I have a set of 4.1 promedias and a soundblaster live sound card. I am getting a DVD player for my television soon but I realized that the television speakers are pretty bad, and that I wouldn't be getting the most from the DVD player with them. I'd really like to connect my promedias to the system but I have no clue how. If the data is different and I can't just plug them in directly, is there a way to pipe the sound from the telvision (or the DVD player?) through the computer which can interperet it, and send it back through the sound card through the promedias? Or is this hopeless and I can't do this with the equipment that I have? Thanks in advance. FlatLine
  5. Go for the X-gamer. The platinum SBLive is nice, however if you're planning on using it mostly on gaming and some music, most of the features of the platinum would be wasted -- as would be your money. The platinum is aimed more at people who would like to produce music on their home computers, and people with complicated sound systems, so most of the features would be pretty useless to you anyway.
  6. Hmm this gives me an idea, low frequency sound bounces off of mirrors, right? =P
  7. Check out dmusic.com, they had a feature on shopping for nice quality headphones a while ago. Considered headphones within many price ranges, and have been pretty accurate in many of their other reviews. Your opinion may vary however =) Still it's a good place to start, so give it a look, and see if you can listen to a set of headphones before whipping out your credit card and ordering them online -- everyone's ears are pretty unique. FlatLine
  8. Yeah apparently the 1/8 in. stereo plugs aren't of the highest quality. If it bothers you a lot and you find yourself needing to adjust the plug a lot, you can replace them with a little bit of work, and while you're at it replace the speaker wire with some nice 16 gauge (or better, if you can make the thicker wire work with your stands or mounting brackets or whatever you have your sats mounted on) speaker wire which is a nice upgrade in itself. All of the components are available at radioshack among other places. The process is outlined pretty well in another post to this board at: http://www.klipsch.com/ubb/Forum13/HTML/000656.html and if you still have questions search the forum, there have been numerous posts about this. Good luck. FlatLine
  9. First, have you tried to position the sub so that the port hole is facing a corner? Place it just a few inches away. That way the drivers will have two walls to project bass onto. In many situations, this is one of the strongest positions. To really test the bass, get a song with incredibly strong bass (Rap works well for this, off the top of my head Wu Tang - CREAM has one of the strongest bass lines I've heard. If rap is not your cup of tea then get on napster and download THX - I love big speakers or THX bass test or something similar, it has been renamed a bunch of times.), play it and in your EQ settings in winamp turn the first two bars all the way up and take all of the other ones down as low as they go. Turn your subwoofer knob up and bring the Main volume up as well. If you can't feel it at all then, experiment some more and if you truly think your sub is at fault then give customer support a call. Then again you may be just raising your expectations too high, but not feeling any bass at all is a bit odd. As for the distortion on the sats, at the highest volume settings this can happen, however most people never need to take it that high unless they like losing their sense of hearing Good luck FlatLine
  10. Thanks for the great info =) However, I'm wondering, if I choose to go with wall mounting the speakers, how do I go about pointing them down since they will be above them? I remember some people talking about using washers to push it down or something similar, but don't remember the details. Sounds a bit crude though. Other than that, what other methods are there? Once again thanks in advance. Mike
  11. Hello fellow Klipsch owners, I bought my pro-medias and two pairs of wall mounting brackets however, in the few months that I've had these babies, I haven't brought myself to mounting them. So, I've had the rear speakers sitting on a bookshelf to my right and on a little stand I have on my left. Unfortunately, the wires on the floor and bad placement makes them frequent targets of my family. As a result these two speakers have been knocked over a few times. Thankfully, the worst that has happened to them was one little knob (can't think of a better word, hey its 2 in the morning in the four corners of the faceplate has broken on each of the rear speakers. While this isn't really a problem, I don't feel right having such a perfect set of speakers with this cosmetic damage on them. Where can I get myself new faceplates? Now, here is the reason that I haven't mounted these things. Due to the way that my room is set up, I can only mount the satellites in the four upper corners of the room. I have an average sized room, and the ceiling is about 9-10 feet high. If I mount each satellite so far away, will I have to crank the sound up a whole lot to get the same listening experience or not? I am concerned that they will be entierly too loud for everyone outside of my room. I am asking this here because a lot of you know how well the sound carries better than I do. The second issue is with the mounting brackets themselves, there doesn't appear to be a way to adjust them on the Y-Axis, so how can I point them down? Lastly, (I just thought of this actually), should I wall mount the front two speakers too to get equal distance from all four speakers? Or did I just waste 20 dollars in getting a second pair of brackets. Anyway I hope atleast someone has read through all of that, I don't realize how much I say when I type quickly... Thanks in advance for any help. Mike
  12. Thank you so much! I was really upset when I discovered earlier today that my rear left speaker had SERIOUS crackling issues, I never noticed this before today so I started playing with the wiring to no avail. Didn't realize to play with the outputs in the sound card though =) Just tried the purple and green cable switching thing and it worked. I guess this makes sense, I probably screwed it up when disconnecting the computer for a new hard drive install. This has totally made my day.
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