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  1. Do you have tubes for the MC240? - Sorry.  Two pictures were slow loading.  I see them now.  What tubes are included with the MC240?



  2. On 7/28/2019 at 1:40 AM, Pats3of4 said:

    I have the tools and the ability- but the plans I found were not easy to see all the detail.  When I googled all the k-horn plans I couldnt decipher all the pieces and cut sizes- the plans from klipsch were...  I never found a cut sheet.


    I found a couple for lascalas which arent bad.  

    Keep looking.  You can find cabinets.  May take a while.  

  3. Same dude reached out to me on a L-12 McIntosh slant leg cabinet.  His English was excellent and he addressed some technical questions very fast.  The bitcoin thing was the red flag.

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