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  1. I may be interested in the next set you are working on. I'm in Shreveport. I have a set of white birch that I was going to order wood for, but these may just hit the spot and save me the touble. Let me know. Thanks
  2. Looking for a Heresy II or III to buy. Have a Heresy project going on now and need something to listen to while working on the project. PM me if you know of a pair. Thanks
  3. Forte Too

    MC 240

    Do you have tubes for the MC240? - Sorry. Two pictures were slow loading. I see them now. What tubes are included with the MC240?
  4. Forte Too


    Keep looking. You can find cabinets. May take a while.
  5. Same dude reached out to me on a L-12 McIntosh slant leg cabinet. His English was excellent and he addressed some technical questions very fast. The bitcoin thing was the red flag.
  6. Shop here used to have a directional FM antenna. He would pick up stations 200 miles away, CRISP. I really miss that shop.....
  7. I've never noticed the "k" until after I read your thread. lol Great read. Thanks
  8. Looking for a Mcintosh L12 cabinet. Any one have one they want to part with for a decent price?
  9. Purchased two boxes from AudioClassics today. Shipping them North next week.
  10. So you still have the L12 for sale?
  11. I'd like to see them after you finished. Post a pic please.
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