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  1. I bought these from a longtime forum member who copied the ALK design. Price is $250 plus shipping. I went back and found the PM from JHoak from when I bought these. They are ALK Jr replicas ! Report reply jhoak 15 Replied: June 1, 2011 Yes they will work well in KHorns. Do a search here on "ALKJr" or "ALK-Jr" and you'll find a number of people using them in KHorns. I used "upgraded" parts from the original plans. I've got a bit under $350 in them and was going to ask $275.00 shipped. I do have one other person who has expressed interest in them but I have not heard back from him since I gave him the asking price. THANX! Jeff Hoak
  2. Its not cat stain the previous owner told me he had them bagged up in plastic in his garage and somehow moisture built up inside and stained the grill cloth. He was a longtime forum member so I had no reason not to believe him.
  3. Dallas, TX. and I am waiting for the sun to come out tomorrow so I can get some good pics. Not sure about the price yet but when I post pics tomorrow I will post a price.
  4. These are 1965 Klipschorns in Walnut Raw. When I tried to look them up on the finish codes it was not there so I am going to say they were special order and rare. The grill cloth would be amazing if it were in as nice of shape as the cabinets but they are not. I purchased Durocrest # 17 black cloth to redo them with but decided not to use it hoping to get something that looked closer to the 60's it will be included. Some of the new Forte III grill cloth looks really nice to resemble that period. Serial numbers are 2C050 & 2C051. They have the K-33-J woofers, K-55-v mid range, K-77 tweeters and 1R crossovers. The previous owner had the crossovers rebuilt with the original style oil capacitors and I rarely listened to them as they were in my bedroom so they are like new. I waited until today hoping for some sunshine but did not get it so my pics are terrible with my cell phone. If this hurts the sell I will wait for sunshine and hopefully get better pics.
  5. I have 2 sets of the Dodds one is 120wpc and the other is 150wpc. Gary Dodd was a personal friend of mine so that is the main reason for keeping them. In my opinion they are all excellent amps.
  6. I agree when I bought these if you didn't jump immediately you lost out. I think maybe some of the newer members are just not aware of how good they are . If I didn't have 3 nice sets of monoblock tube amps and only 2 nice systems I wouldn't sell them . Maybe I should just sell 1 set of my Dodd Audio amps and keep these.
  7. I don't see why not but I cannot say 100% yes.
  8. I bought these a few years back from a forum member to try on my K-402 horns. I never took the time to try them. They have been in the original shipping box in my stash room the whole time. They are in excellent condition. Price is $200 plus shipping with paypal sent by way of friends.
  9. Just looking to see if there might be new interest on these outstanding amps !
  10. I have 4 brand new Bob Crites AA/A crossovers never installed. They are all consecutive serial numbers. They are all sold !
  11. I have had my 904/402 combination for 7 years. Twice I have purchased Jubilee's and put them in the place of the 904's and both times took the Jubilee's out and sold them. I have not found anything that sounds better in my room than the 904/402.
  12. Yes they will just remove the 510 horns and put them in the truck.
  13. As much as they weigh I would have known the difference !
  14. Make sure you listen to it before you put the new diaphragm in it !
  15. Thank You Bruce they are fantastic amps !
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