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  1. Hello all. Wondering if someone has an opinion what a pair of KG-3.2's are worth. They go for about $100 to $190 on eBay, which is a pretty big range. I'm currently asking $140 on Craig's List. Want to sell them high enough so they go to someone who will cherish them. If I dump them for $80, seems some fraternity will buy them, blow them and throw away a piece of audio history. Any opinions. Also, if anyone is interested in them in the Los Angeles area (they're too big to ship), let me know. Thanks!
  2. Thanks again for the update. Regarding distortion on the subwoofer -- would this be present, too, when there's no audio playing and the subwoofer volume is turned up? Even when there's is no audio, when I turn the sub woofer volume up, there's a whooshing noise that sounds a little like busy freeway traffic. Is this normal? Thanks all!
  3. Thanks to all the Klipsch experts here for great advice. Went to the store and picked up the SB-1 (after asking them to hook them up). You guys are right -- the sub makes all the difference. It's really amazing! Very pleased. Just had a couple of questions: 1. The sub makes a subtle "roar" noise when it's turned up all the way. It's mostly noticeable when the volume is turned down. Is this normal or is there a defect with this unit. 2. When you move the soundbar from left-to-right and back again, it makes a rattling noise. Sounds like it has a "screw loose." Do you think this is enough to warrant a return/replacement, or is it minor and livable? Thanks all!
  4. How's the bass response on the SB120? The speakers will be used more on music than TV/movies - so was thinking the separate sub might add more depth for music? What do you think?
  5. Thank you akdave: Your insights are extremely valuable - especially since you've heard the SB3 in action. The SB3 sounds great -- and you make an excellent point about the lower lows. Curious if anyone had heard the SB1s? Walked to the local Best Buy - but the SB1 wasn't plugged in. (Only Bose got the privilege of being connected) Thanks Klipsch Community! You're making the pain of having to give up my KG series much less painful.
  6. Dear Klipsch community: Due to a variety of reasons, finding myself selling my KG 2.2/KG1.2/KV2 setup. Primarily to save space and moving to a soundbar situation. Want to keep with Klipsch, of course, so looking at the SB1 and SB3. The primary use is music at relatively low volumes -- plus an occasional movie and TV show. Will be plugged into the TV set directly -- and used with an Xbox. Questions: 1. Is the SB3 really $150 better than the SB1? 2. Anyone notice the issue with the SB1 regarding the large jumps between volume? Is this solved with the SB3? 3. How do these Klipsch soundbars handle music. Decent range? Curious on any impressions on these speakers. I've been a standard black-cabinet, Klipsch guy for a long time so advice from the community is much needed! Thanks!
  7. I might be able to mail the KV2 (which is in mint condition), but that will be tricky. The other speakers are much too large to mail. Seems like KV2s go for about $50 or so, right? I can post photos if you're interested.
  8. Have the full set (in black) of the KG-2.2, KG-1.2 and KV2. Would like to keep set together and sell to a Klipsch fan. Let me know if you're interested. In Southern California.
  9. Hoping could explain the sonic differences between the KG-3 and KG-3.5? For use primarily for 2-channel music, how do they compare? Is one more heavy on bass? Would either one be more appropriate as front for the occasional Dolby Digital experience? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Anyone know how KG-3.2 speakers differ from the KG-3, other than the tiny differences in physical size. The "discontinued" section at klipsch.com doesn't contain photos of KG-3.2. Wondering if the KG-3.2 is a minor upgrade from the KG-3 (due to the later production date) or if it's something different entirely. Thanks!
  11. Should the speaker cables to the left, right and center speakers be the same length, or does it not matter? Thanks!
  12. Have a pair of KG 1.5s and really like them. Does anyone know what model in the current Klipsch lineup would be most comparable to the KG 1.5s? Are current Klipsch speakers considered to be on par, better than or not quite as good as the "vintage" speakers? Thanks!
  13. Are there tell tale visual signs that the key working parts (not the cabinet) of a Klipsch speaker has been damaged? Is it possible for a speak to look OK -- but actually be damaged from being played too loud, etc. Also, are there ways to test a speaker by plugging it in and listening to it to detect signs of damage (other than it not working)?
  14. Are the KV3s considerable better than the KV2? It would be used with KG 1.5 fronts .
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