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  1. Hmm only get sound out of one.. just got the puter, has black/green connection on back and we all know the purple/green on speaker wires.. I'm guessing purple/black, green/green?
  2. Wow.. I see I've missed a bunch just curious are the 5.1's gonna stomp the 4.1's? if so I'll sell mine any buyers out there ~ only had'em since November, but I doubt I'll update to the 5.1's not unless they got enough power move me and my computer chair across the floor. KC
  3. Ok I'm just curious whats the difference in these two? could someone explain? and whats a good reciever to get I was looking at this pioneer and that was $800-1000 if anyone could suggest a reciever I'd be pleased, feel free to email me.. I can't really check the boards that often anymore. thanks, KC
  4. Well I just need some help I thought about buying a 15 inch sub off from ebay could get one for roughly 500 and the synergy speakers I'm guessing another 200-300? anyone know of a site that I could buy this like I want I don't really care for a 10 inch sub This message has been edited by LoW_KeY on 05-31-2001 at 08:37 AM
  5. Ok thanks for the advice I did what you said and I was going for home theater and music one of the previous posts said to go with the synergy system 6 then hopefully when I get these I'll be amazed. I mean I have the computer speakers and I was quite frankly shocked when I got those. What do you guys use for a reciever? have to shovel out more money.. but oh well
  6. Hello everyone.. Well I'm just going to ask this is the quintet a nice system? I was thinking of maybe buying the speakers then going with their 15 inch sub. but I'd live to hear some feedback thanks
  7. Ouch WinDac is great but I'm getting files 33 mb in size and I don't know if they are MP3's hehe
  8. Also play with the balance.. I had cracks and stuff coming out from the right of my speakers and no sound.. then I put the blance all the way to the left and it balanced out right? weird huh? oh well but I'm liking win2000
  9. Just curious if there is anything that works with windows? AudioCatalyst doesn't agree to much with it.. whoa, it's been awhile since I've posted
  10. Ok well I took the balance all the way to the left? and they both work? that's weird but hey they work
  11. I installed win2k now.. well I'm in tears! left side works and right side notta HELP ME! I had to install this though Win98 went to complete crap last week for some reason, I want to hear my music!! *faints*
  12. Might want some cushions.. so when your head takes a sudden jolt back you don't get a concussion
  13. I was thinking it was the battery.. omg I almost lost it last night I called at midnight and I heard that music for 20-25 min. well it felt darn close to that, I was tired and hung up, but I'll give it another shot. I'll try disabling the virus scan and see what I come up with too, thanks for the help everyone
  14. Ahh yes, ok I just dread calling them and listening to the elevator music while you wait oh well here it goes, thanks!
  15. Well I'd post on general questions but no one goes there I leave my computer on for a few hours and the clock and every thing will be behind I just noticed it but my computer was reading the 28th? I do leave it on over night and all.. even when I restart I'll notice that it starts doing this shortly after, I'm beginning to think Dells are evil. Could it be Windows98? I'll be glad to build my new system soon
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