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    WTB: RC-64

    Looking to purchase an RC64. Prefer it to be semi local but I know that's a long shot. I'm not all that picky about condition or color. Please let me know what you may have available. Thanks! -R
  2. I couldn't have said it better myself. The UMC-1 is now listed on Craigslist.
  3. I just put in a cd. What a muddled pile of garbage it sounds like. The Emotiva is a huge disappointment.
  4. The 63's were thunderous with 50wpc. They sounded great in two channel and HT. Now it's just flat and lifeless. I set the Emotiva back to the factory settings and played with the EQ. Still no luck.
  5. Hi Bryant, I totally welcome your opinion. That's what I'm here for. I plan on adding a center and a sub. In the meantime I came across the Emotiva and borrowed the Proton. I was/am very happy with the Marantz. All I was looking for was the Emotiva to be equil to the sound of the Marantz. At this point I'm very surprised at how lame sounding the Emo is. Maybe I'm missing something on the Emotiva? Thanks, Rick
  6. Go into the eq and eq the bass up. The emo has a few places you can turn up the bass. But the eq would be the best. I run a umc1 on a pair of cornwalls and they pound the bass like crazy. I looked around but didn't see too much in the way of correcting the bass. I have the manual as well but that didn't say too much either. There's a HUGE difference between the two. The crappy low and marantz would make the furniture shake. The Emo/proton combo is extremely disappointing.
  7. The proton is 60 Wpc the Marantz is 50wpc.
  8. So I picked up an Emotiva UMC-1 and borrowed a friends Proton amp. I'm totally underwhelmed. The Marantz NR1401 has way more balls with a hell of a lot more bass coming from my 63's. Not sure if it's the amp or the Emotiva. Maybe the Marantz is just that good?
  9. Don't know your budget or if this is a good price, but I know this SVS will destabilize your foundation. http://boston.craigslist.org/nos/ele/4801300934.html Bill Whoa! Talking about spilling the popcorn everywhere.
  10. Whew glad I asked. Any sub recommendations? I think the RT-10d is recommended but not sure A) I can find one I could afford one if I did. I have a big empty spot just waiting for a nice RC-64 when it pops up.
  11. I know it's not an exact match but would a Klipsch RW-10d work well with my RF-63 and my future RC-64?
  12. Hmm I might need this to be the next addition to my RF-63's
  13. Scrappy, thanks for the advice. I never thought about the LFE. Hmmm
  14. Ohhh I'm with you now. As you can tell I'm used to two channel amping. Never even thought about it till now but I see what you're saying about the preamp. Center and sub it is!
  15. If I remember right, the 1402 does not have pre-outs for 5 channels. I was kind of confused about that. It says there's a preouts would it not work for a five channel amp?
  16. The Marantz is listed at 50wpc. I was looking at the Emotiva UPA-500 or UPA-700 which IIRC are 80wpc. Should I look elsewhere?
  17. I think the quest for the RC64 is on! Might as well do it right.
  18. After a long hiatus from HT I've finally started getting back into recently. I picked up some RF-63's off my local CL for a great deal, so I figured it was time to reconfigure my man cave and get the HT kicking. Up front I have the RF-63's Rear surrounds are now my RB-35's Both powered by a Marantz NR1402 receiver. No center or sub yet. All I can say is wow! I used the set up mic on the Marantz and it did wonders. The bass shakes the couch. I'll probably end up grabbing a 5ch amp and using the Marantz as a pre for now. Eventually I'd like to add an RC-64 and a sub although I don't really feel it's needed, but hell is any of this really "needed'? I had forgot how impressive the RF-63's are. I know I'll take some heat but dare I say I like them better then my Cornwall III's??? -R
  19. I don't mind driving a little ways BUT that may be a bit far.
  20. Pretty much right on with my thoughts of the Quartets. I certainly didn't find them lacking for bass in any way, but compared to the Forte and Chorus there was a slight difference. But it comes in a more Wife friendly package and certainly not as "intrusive" as some may think.
  21. Thank you and thank you! At this point I need the space so time to say goodbye to some old friends. Hoping someone else will get some enjoyment out of them.
  22. Sorry about the sideways pics. No clue how that happened or how to fix it. Hmmm... -R
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