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  1. Khorns with closed backs...defenately worth it .👍 Tighter low end and more freedom of placement : they sound VERY good, placed against a wall.... but placed in corners they still perform the best!
  2. Oh yeah, one more thing: go active with bi/ tri amping. It will bring out the full potential of your horns. It will take time and efford ( and money...) but you will never look back.
  3. Interesting read.... I owned 4 sets la scalas and 2 sets Khorns over a 30 year life span. Khorns can not be compared to La Scala's, each having their own ( dis) advantages.... But my ecperience is that only Khorns grab you like a life performance can.
  4. Awesome build! You really have thought over the details, I always admire that in DIY projects beeing build. Adding braces during the build is another great advantage I know from experience. Will be a joy to listen to (and to look at.) 👍
  5. Diafragms ordered at" the speaker exchange" , hope those will fit ! Thanks again for the help!👍
  6. Thanks everyone for getting me on the right track here, will contact seller on monday and will work it out. When they play again I will post it!👍
  7. Thanks! Already found more info about the differences between the diafragms there. Still a lot to learn...😉
  8. Over here it is very hard to get the right parts obviously: I contacted the supplier before ordering and they assured me this was 100% the right part. Also, I would buy original ones immediately IF they were still available.
  9. BTW: these are not cheap chinese fakes but cost 49 euro each over here, sold by P audio in England.
  10. Already spend a lot of time reading about the diafragms for different types. Ordered a pair, received wrong ones.... They fit but the inner ring does not align with the pole piece ( it is too high, causing a gap between them). So when I place the center piece the inner ring is pulled down, putting stress on the diafragm... Not much sound coming out of it that way. Original diafragms are not for sale anymore, so any help is appreciated!
  11. Thanks, it does sound awesome! I have been playing with ( Klipsch) horns for a long time already ( 3 sets La Scala, 2 sets Klipschorn over a timespan of more than 30 years. Fell in love with the La Scala, played 10 years with my first pair without changing anything... I wish I could go back in time to experience that feeling again. What I ended up with now, is not a Khorn at all, but defenately the best sounding set so far. It is still is a fully loaded hornsystem though, no compromise there. The bassbin design of PWK remains brilliant and is still build around the world today by professionals such as Johan Witte over here in NL. The mids and highs... well ,there are simply better drivers and horns nowadays and it is a personal choice to go that route.
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