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  1. Beeing a basshead i'm sure i would have enjoyed to hear that combo!😎 Flevoman: i think one of those would also take care of your needs nicely but the LS are dwarfed by them.πŸ˜„
  2. Yep..... And after that, the set you heard last sunday (which is even bigger). Like I told you during your visit, my wife only said ONE WORD when i showed her a picture of the MCM1900 system which was up for sale nearby: NO!
  3. Before I married my wife and moved into her house that time, i said i would bring a set of speakers with me. She did not mind.... but when one of my friends and i brought the La Scala's into the house she just looked at me with " that look". If you have a wife or girlfriend then you know exactly what i mean... I had to promise her that whatever i would do with my hobby, these would be the biggest speakers that i would bring into the house. I did NOT keep my word obviously. My mother-in-law helped me out saying she liked the new furniture " for storing your husband's records, right?". And THAT is why you don't see many women on audio shows.🀭
  4. In my opinion (and experience) it will be a outstanding subwoofer for what you are after. Even when not placed in a corner, it will still benefit from the acoustic coupling to the wall and floor. One will be enough, having a dedicated amp + dsp : it will add to the "live feeling " that the LS's are already known for. But first let's see if that cab can be made for a reasonable price.... should hear it at the end of the week.
  5. Thanks, and he mentioned your name already as the person he likes to PM with. I loved every set of La Scala's that have been in our home. Completely modified one set purely out of curiosity. Now hope to be able to help Flevoman with some usefull tips for enjoying his La Scala's the most ( a lot of tips i learned here !). Still enjoying the work of Mr. W.P Klipsch regarding the cornerhorn.
  6. Btw: having no usable corners for a Khorn, i suggested to place it horizontally using both the wall and floor to complete the last fold of the horn while keeping a low profile in the room and not disturbing the looks of the LS's.
  7. Thanks to Marvel ()! , Flevoman found me over here in Holland: we are only about 3/4 of a hour apart! We had a nice get together and a listen. He now has a first impression about what closed cornerhorns can do regarding bass extension and scale amplified with only a few Watts. I saved my favorite bass tracks and the attack of the Japanese group " Ondekoza" for another time.... my system already was a bit "too rich for his taste" in the bass department, which i fully understand. I am a bass addict, i admit. I suggested him to think about the idea of one Khorn basscabinet with a active mono amp plus dsp. That way he could experience the low frequencies he is missing now. La Scala's just can't reach there because of the shorter basshorn. With one Khorn as sub coupled to a monoblock amp+ dsp, he would be able to control the cut-off, boost, volume and time delay which will make it complement the La Scala's perfectly. I have a friend who owns a local furniture shop Γ nd La Scala's ( my doing, he uses them in his huge workshop!)) and who can make the Khorn basscab for him. We are waiting for a price.... In terms of mids: I abandoned the K400 and K401 a long time ago and never went back. Using a 2 inch Fostex driver starting at 300 Hz, coupled to a 80cm wide 200Hz cutoff wooden tractrix midhorn makes listening to music at live- volumes a experience without the strain and ear- fatique that i always had with both LS's and the Khorns. But as usual: it's only my preference and i can fully understand why lots of people like the sound of the stock LS and Khorns, since these designs still amaze people today! Another day in paradise.... Nico
  8. Khorns with closed backs...defenately worth it .πŸ‘ Tighter low end and more freedom of placement : they sound VERY good, placed against a wall.... but placed in corners they still perform the best!
  9. Oh yeah, one more thing: go active with bi/ tri amping. It will bring out the full potential of your horns. It will take time and efford ( and money...) but you will never look back.
  10. Interesting read.... I owned 4 sets la scalas and 2 sets Khorns over a 30 year life span. Khorns can not be compared to La Scala's, each having their own ( dis) advantages.... But my ecperience is that only Khorns grab you like a life performance can.
  11. Awesome build! You really have thought over the details, I always admire that in DIY projects beeing build. Adding braces during the build is another great advantage I know from experience. Will be a joy to listen to (and to look at.) πŸ‘
  12. Diafragms ordered at" the speaker exchange" , hope those will fit ! Thanks again for the help!πŸ‘
  13. Thanks everyone for getting me on the right track here, will contact seller on monday and will work it out. When they play again I will post it!πŸ‘
  14. Thanks! Already found more info about the differences between the diafragms there. Still a lot to learn...πŸ˜‰
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