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  1. Sale pending; drivers reserved for Chris.
  2. Up for sale; one pair of Community M200 drivers, 2 inch throat. Frequency range 400- 4.000Hz [ go up to 8.000Hz acc. to specs]. Very smooth and natural sounding drivers; low compression rate. Shipping is $60 [NL] to the U.S. Price; $275 --shipping included-- for the pair.
  3. O.K, too bad since I sold mine a couple of years ago and still regret.....
  4. I'm interested and living close by ; The Netherlands. If they're still up for sale PM me so we can work out a deal, thanks. Nico
  5. Ahhh.. THANKS to all of you, and especially you GPbusa! Yes, I did ask the customer service at Klipsch for information but they did not reply [yet]. As I was familiar with the older codes, owning several pairs of La Scala's before I was suprised to find I could not "read" these ones. A big "thumbs up" for all of you who responded, it's what makes this forum a special place for all Klipsch fans.
  6. Have done a search on the forum but could only find the older serial codes. Found the document that explains the digits but it doesn't seem to explain the digits on mine. [or I am too dumb to understand]. Can you help me out ? Thanks, Nico
  7. THANK YOU all for responding; I should have mentioned that they were removed, but given to me along with the original caps after buying the Khorns. MACH-1 ; that's exactly what I was looking for! THANKS for providing both picture and schematic, now I can see where the can-type caps were positioned as well as the diodes. Nico
  8. Who can post a picture [or knows where I can find one] of the zener diode protection in the early AA filters of my 1997 Khorns? The previous owner had removed them while changing the caps; I guess it's better to re-install them to protect the [round magnet] tweeters when playing loud. Thanks, Nico
  9. Wish I was not so far away from you guys [ other side of the pond] ... would love to buy them ! GLWS Nico
  10. Well... I have to admit that I do have a Umike from miniDSP and REW 5.0 installed on my laptop.... but stopped using it after some unsuccesfull attempts to understand it all. The shop at which I bought the mike has planned a instuction-evening for people like me; I am waiting for that to happen. At the moment we are very bussy with selling our house and looking for another , so there's not much time to fiddle around with the audio-stuff right now. If I make progress in either of these situations " I'll be back"....
  11. You guys are way more technical than I am so forgive me if this makes no sense; the slot through which the woofer fires in the Classic is much bigger than in the La Scala or Khorn. Does this make them suitable to play lower when you boost the lower frequencies like I do with the miniDSP ? It acts like a closed sub that way, I know , and such has very low output. But the bass I'm getting using a bit EQ from 50Hz downwards is defenately better [as in lower], than I experienced with the Khorns using the same EQ. Defenately lower than around the 50Hz cutoff that the Classic is supposed to have. Again, don't know if this makes any sense but it's all I can think of when comparing the bass ouput of the Classic versus the Khorns. It's a shame I am not familiar yet with using measuring equipment like you guys are; I could swap the K33-e woofers from my Khorns for the C15-W 's in the Classic to measure if it would be a good match.
  12. Thanks grindstone for you comment, I know it's not everybody's cup of tea to talk about more personal things on forums. For me it made all the difference while building these speakers and I'm happy others have experiences with "the old man" as well, with audio or other things in life.
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