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  1. i picked it up after work today, but i wont get a chance to play it until the weekend. let me know what you think.
  2. the first Tomb Raider ranks in my top 10 games for sure. everything else that came after progressively got worse(IMHO)
  3. if you havent bought your speakers yet, i highly recommend checking out 6ave.com. they have a name your price promo going right now, and you can get a pretty sweet deal w/ free shipping. as for cables, the sites the other guys mentioned are great. Bill
  4. thanks for the great advice Wuzzer. i finally decided to go with the RC-62. the TV will be setting on top of it(with a few inches to spare). i had to take advantage of the sweet deal i got on 6ave. i also decided to go with a new receiver as well. i ended up picking up the yamaha 665. i wanted to get something with enough HDMI inputs & something that had preouts. i'll be using my old sub from my sony HTIB. thanks again, Bill
  5. is back at 6ave. figured some people would like to take advantage. Bill
  6. well, i cant find my camera at the moment, so this is something pretty similar i found. http://www.tvstands.com/Home-Styles-5531-12-HO1444.html i have a 46 Sharp LCD on top & a window right above where the tv is sitting. the middle shelve is just wide enough to fit the RC-52(18-20in wide if i remember correctly), and it doesnt have adjustable heights. Nice Cal[] , i guess i should have seen that one coming.
  7. well i guess i can either buy a different tv stand with room to put it, or i can build some kind of box to put the RF-62 in, and place my tv on top of that. i measured & my stand has just enough room to fit the 52 below my TV. that's why i'm trying to decide on which option to roll with. you guys know your stuff, that's why i value your opinions [] thanks, Bill
  8. i just bought a pair of RF-62's about 2-3 weeks ago, and i have to say that they are great. i bought them mostly for HT, but find myself listening to more music while i'm hanging out at the house (i forgot how music was supposed to sound at home [] ) my question is, which center should i go with, the RC-52 or 62 ? i know i'd be better served by going with the 62, but i really dont know where i'd put it. the room is fairly open with 3 windows, so i dont really have a place to mount anything. i know it's not the monster the rc-64 is, but it's still pretty huge. would the 52 be a terrible choice? would i be doing myself a disservice by going this route ? any input would be great! thanks, Bill
  9. they were in Detroit at the beginning of July. i thought they sounded great. they did a bunch of covers of other singer/songwriters that they enjoyed. definitely worth the price of admission.
  10. sorry, i should have been more specific. this is a fix for the problem with the PS3 only putting out 480i.
  11. i had this problem going from component to HDMI. when the PS3 is hooked up, hold in the power button for a few seconds, until you hear 2 or 3 beeps. this automatically configures the PS3's video to whatever output you are using (component or HDMI). hopefully this will work for you.
  12. thanks for the advise Bill. i was leaning toward the RF-62's as well. about an hour ago i pulled the trigger & bought them. i can't wait for them to show up. i'm pretty excited, i have the feeling of a kid on christmas eve []
  13. As you all probably know, 6ave is having their "name your price" sale going on. right now I'm able to get a pair of RF-62's at $540 , or a RC-62 for $306. I can only afford to buy one or the other right now. i'm just starting to build my HT, and not sure which i should start with. I'll be running them from an older sony 5.1 receiver that is 65 or 70wpc. I'll be upgrading that in the future, but want to take advantage of this deal now. i want the RF-62's, but i know the center is the most important part of a HT set up. this is why i'm torn. any suggstions on which i should roll with? also, would the RC-52 be an ok choice to go along with the RF-62's? Thanks, Bill
  14. Hey wuzzer, I'm glad to see that your new receiver is working out. I wanted to say thanks for offering me your 805. I did some measuring, and it turns out that i wouldn't have had enough room for ventilation. I've heard they run a little warm, so I figured I'd wait until I found something a bit smaller. I will tell you that I gave it plenty of thought. Probably too much. Enjoy the new toy[]
  15. Ok, so I've taken some of your advise, and started to look at some of the Yamaha receivers. I visited the OneCall website. I saw the 665, and it appears to have everything I'm looking for. The retail was $500, but with the MyPrice i got them down to was $400 with free shipping. Anybody have this model? Opinions? I've heard some Yamaha's in the past, and thought they were pretty decent. Also, is OneCall a reputable company? I've never purchased from them before, but heard people in forums mention them before. As always, thanks for the advise, and helping out[] Bill
  16. Thanks for all of the great advise guys! This search is starting to turn into a borderline obsession i think[] My wife just brought something to mind. She gets some kind of discount from Harman Kardon through her work. Is this an option i should be exploring? I'll also be looking at the Yamaha's more closely. Thanks for the heads u. As Carbon brought up, whatever I decide to go with, it will have the pre amp outs. Islander also brought up the fact that I'm looking at the Heritage line. I know that as of right now, buying these new is out of the question. I havent quite set a budget, but the wife would never agree to such costly investment.That being said, I've been searching the local craigslist, trying to find that elusive "great deal". I don't know why, but these things dont pop up in Michigan like they do everywhere else, or at least it seems that way. last week i had a pair of Forte II's lined up, then the dude sold them the day before I could make it to pick them up. Wuzzer, keep me posted. I know that the 805 is a very solid receiver. So that could very well be an option. Thanks everyone, Bill
  17. thanks for the welcome guys! As i mentioned before, i was looking at the 82. i was planning on getting it from 6ave, BUT it is retail only, no online sale! I'm kind of bummed, since they are all toward the east coast. I'm still interested in Pioneer's receivers. I used to have some of their car audio stuff, and had pretty good luck with it in the past. This being said, it's not the only brand I'm interested in. It's just the only brand other than Sony I have bought in the past regarding audio. I'm trying not to go over $500, so I want to get more "bang for my buck", so to speak. Do you guys recommend buying this type of thing on that huge auction site? It seems like you can find some great deals, and save a ton. I have also looked into factory refurbs. Does anyone have experience with this? Should I consider this a viable option? Any advise, or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Bill
  18. Thanks Bill! Right now, I'm using my PS3 for BD. I know it has 1.3. I know the PS3 will do the decoding before it's sent to the receiver. So it looks like I'll be ok if i decide to go with the 82. I appreciate the explanation. Bill
  19. Hi guys, I already have an older Sony HTIB, it's about 7 or 8 years old. The wife & I just bought a house last year, and I want to build a decent HT system. My question is, is there i huge difference between the sound quality between 1.2 & 1.3? I know the 1.2 won't decode some of the newer HD surround formats, but I found a Pioneer Elite receiver (Pioneer Elite VSX-82TXS 7.1) that is 1.2, & it is brand new for around $500. Is it worth going with a new Onkyo 607, or a 706 (examples), and give up watts, and other options? 90% of it's use will be for movies & TV. I've been looking at Forte II's, Hersey's, and the KG series. I listened to some F3's a while back, and knew that whatever I bought, it had to be Klipsch. I'm just starting out, and this will be the step. I don't want to start off regretting my decision in a few months. I know this is my first post, but I've been visiting this forum for the last couple months. I'd value some of your opinions. [] Thanks, Bill
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