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  1. Ok I'm back to answer all of this. HEY GUYS! I asked for GOOD arguments! Try to look a little further next time. Ok so : For you snapgt : I agree that a lot of people (Myself included that owns a ViewSonic EF70 with lines) dont really care about those lines, but as a salesman, I saw some customer exchanging their Viewsonic flat for non-flat because of those lines. But since I cant prove this, I'll just stick with the point for ViewSonic for the lines... Why? Could you give me a valuable explanation of why giving Sony a point for something they never did?! That would be stupid and ilogic! ViewSonic is the one that found that no-lines technology, and what I could do is simply removing the point. I would then make Viewsonic 1 Sony 1... BUT... If I remove the point from ViewSonic for having discovered something, I should do the same for the .22 dot pitch from Sony... Am I wrong? So either it's Viewsonic 2 Sony 1 or Viewsonic 1 Sony 0.. I dont really care, it makes the same results anyway. But since we are looking for a lot of points here to compare... I stick with ViewSonic 2 Sony 1 (And please dont tell me the .22 dotpitch is more useful than removing the lines from the screen, those are both new technologies which we have to consider.) For you Paragon : For sure the warranties with Sony are 3 years for a lot of models, but the cheapest is the CPD-G200 at 605$ Canadian! I bought my EF70 at 400$ Canadian and the specs are almost the same (Oh yeah except for the resolution), and I got a 3 years warranty. So no points modification here, ViewSonic is better than Sony for the warranties, plus the fact that you have the possibility of getting a 48 hours exchange ON SITE warranty with ViewSonic... I admit you have to pay something for it, but still, you can have it. And by the way quote: I just "disproved your theory" What are you talking about? Disproved my theory that ViewSonic is way to go better than Sony? Errr...Nice try but no bananas...Better luck next time, that's all I can say. For Shiplemw1 : I would like to ask you this... Why The CPD-E200 of sony that got exactly the same specs (OK OK...except for the 1600 X 1200 resolution) as the ViewSonic EF70 is found a hundred dollars more in almost every store in Canada... Do you know why? Because you pay a lot of money cause it's written SONY on it... Who said Sony had a great reputation? Well yeah, of course that's totaly true, but dont you think you more often pay some money for the reputation? And it's ok for you 19", I just wanted to check out, cause I was really surprised of that. Well, if you still like it after 10 years, good for you. Everybody knows that companies made better product before.... Ah, but this was a long time ago.. When you could buy a TV and not having it repaired for 15 years... And talking of TVs, I'm not pro in those, but I doubt that a company can match sony XBR tvs... Oh well, possible, but this aint my department... And finally for you Gluegun...... WHAT!?s> Highest quality tubes?????? Gezz.... Go on http://www.lacie.com those babies are what I would dream of having, ok these are 19" and 22", not 24"... But I saw one of them, and beleive me... It's worth it! (A little too expensive for me though...) I say Lacie's electron blues and protons beat ViewSonic and Sony easily, but the fact is that those screen are hard to find in North America, and that they are for professional graphic companies that use a lot of Apple computers... Well people, the score didnt move at all, Viewsonic 2 Sony 1 Viewsonic : No-Lines in PerfectFlat screens technology 3 Years warranty on EVERY monitors, no exception. Sony : The amazing .22 dotpich on the GDM F400. That's if for now, I hope having lot of replies. And by the way, you can check www.pcworld.com This site is well known in the technology industry and does really good reviews of products. Check their editors choice of monitors... They approve me all the way. ------------------ I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!
  2. I dont have time right now to answer to all of your posts, but I'll come back in 2 hours or so... And my vengeance will be terriblec> MOUAHAHAHAHA!!!
  3. Mmmm... I see, well since it's 11 pm right now and that I dont have anything more to do, I think I'm gonna answer to all of these the best I can. OK ok ok... LOL! Gezz, If I knew that I would touch so much people by saying sony monitors are crap, I would have done it an other way. Ok, "crap" should actually be replaced by nice quality, but price is God damn too high! Okedoke... Lets start by the beginning would ya? For ya Paragon : This aint a trash thread at all, I'm doing this cuz I have nothing else to do and that I'm not killing anyone, if you dont want to take part in that, just dont read! For the warranty... Here it is, black on white : http://www.ita.sel.sony.com/products/displays/soho/cpde200.html Find anything about a 3 years warranty? Dont think so... I actually know Sony makes 3 years warranty monitors, but woooooooo....I'm not stupid enough to buy a 1000$ monitor because of the 3 years warranty! That's a good point for viewsonic, even their optiquest Q51 model (the smallest at 225$) has a 3 years... Viewsonic 1 Sony 0 Your story? Well, excuse me but : quote: given you aren't an unlucky soul that gets a bad piece - hell.. I got a bad Sony monitor.. brand new. happens to everyone I dont really care about what the truth is, actually, I dont care at all about the story, but it seems like you still got a bad one.... The lines? Well, ok I have to say it dosnt bother so much, but ask to a design guy that work on white sheets with really thin line, he's gonna be pissed off quick. And between you and me, do you prefer a screen with or without those funky lines? Viewsonic 2 Sony 0 (Getting hot in here...) Ok for you GxCad : You like Hitachi? Ok cool, I aint got anything about Hitachi since I cant have something against them, I didnt see a single Hitachi monitor in Quebec in my life. You would like to get a sony screen because the quality seems amazing? Well, you made a point there (Ya see I'm generous when I see you are right). a .22 dotpitch is actually really amazing. Just too bad it isnt flatscreen... That would be really great. Just a thing, I would rather buy myself a new computer than a single screen, cuz 1000$ US is a little expensive. Viewsonic 2 Sony 1 (getting interesting...) For ya ssjDoh... Errr..what can I say... Did you say KDS? You...really...said...KDS? Cmon... Even I think Sony's screen are good quality compared to KDS... And who cares if there is a Trinitron tube in it... You think all trinitron tubes are the same? KDS isnt in the market at all! I would prefer to buy an HP! Price may be good, but like always... You have what you paid for...right? No points here And you ShipPlemw1 : Viewsonic does actually make lcdprojectors, and yeah actually it is true that Sony makes a lot more products... But let makes this clear, each company has departments, and Sony is one of the company that got the biggest amount of money in the industry. So I really think they can get that technology getting further. And if you had read a little before and making some research about the F400 (which I'm quite impressed I have to admit) you would have found that Sony made a .22 before Viewsonic... So nobody cares about if the company makes baby radio and plasma screen at the same time. Each department has to be at their best. It's like saying that Yamaha makes really great motorcicles... And is it a secret that they are one of the best company for cd burners? They found a 16X 10X 40X before even Plextor which almost make only pc drives! Now try to find a link between Motorcycles and CD Burners....Good luck. And for mitsubichi screens, I had a TV from them once witch broke after 3 years (which is not a good thing) but I really dont know for their monitors, they may be great value, may be not. And are you sure you had a 19" for 10 years!? Cuz the DiamondTron tubes were not created 10 years ago, plus the fact that a 19" would have cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. well people, still no points there, so it makes 2 for ViewSonic and 1 for Sony... Since these are really poor results, I'll wait for other replies (and good arguments please) which could be discussed. Thx a lot for your attention and have a nice day! ------------------ I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!
  4. For the picture, I disagree, you'll get only better picture with Sony in their professional graphics series... But hey, those are worth a thousand dollars canadian only for a 19"... And you could get the same quality with ViewSonic for a lot less. Look at this : Viewsonic EF70 : 425$ Can. Sony CPDE-200 : 535$ Can. Both screens are Perfect flat are has the same specs except that the sony can make 1600 X 1200... But hey, who's crazy enough to run in 1600 X 1200 on a 17"? Plus the fact that the sony screen has a 1 year warranty!!!!!!!!!! Viewsonic has 3 ! Tell me again that sony screens are good quality... Also, have you ever seen a viewsonic screen broken? Possible... But how many...I work in a store where we sell both and beleive me, if I look at the number of Sony screens that come back, it is awefull (From a well known company as you say). And little thing... Trinitron was introduced by Sony first, right... But look who is the leader in technology right now. You surely know the problem about the 2 lines that appear in the screen with perfectflat screens. Well, ViewSonic is the only company so far (Unless Sony has a model that I never heard of) that removed those lines. (Model E70F if you want to know). If you ask me, I would say to many people think SONY is always the best. Well, I got some news for these people..YOU ARE WRONG ALL THE WAY! Ok, ok, Sony's XBR televions are cool and possibly the best televions. (you pay for them though...) But it's a big mistake to think their products are all top of the line... So I'll say it again.... Sony's monitors are crap (except for the high-end models at 1000$ and more) and you would NEVER be able to sell one to me... ViewSonic on Top.. Here you go..
  5. I know I'm out of subject, but if you got a problem with your Sony screen...Consider this as "normal"... Sony's screen are total crap!!! Quality is just...fine.... but the price is extremely high.. Ever heard of Viewsonic? These guys know what a good screen is. That's what I have, and if you can sell your sony to get a Viewsonic... well DO IT! check http://www.pcworld.com if you dont beleive me.
  6. LOL!!!! I said myself :" Gezz, the guy so deseperate he even posts on Klipsh Board..."
  7. Sure, the prices are absolutely too high, but hey, it's worth it! I bought my Guillemot TNT 2 Ultra a year and a half from now at 400$. It was brand new, and now it still works really fine with every games on the market. Now, since I'm mad about havin the top of the line, I'm surely gonna buy one of those babies a little after they come out... I could also put a 200$ on a ATI Radeon DDR or NVidia Geforce II MX, but I doubt it will last very long in my hands... So that's why even if the price is high, I (and a lof of people) will get one.... Take for example the Playstaion II! CMON! This thing is worth 700$ with 2 games and a saving card... In a year from now, they will sell the same thing at 400$ cuz of the X-Box and Game Cube. and 300$ the year after. But still, Sony sold around 8 millions of those. I think it's the same thing for video cards, yeah you could wait for a new one coming into the market and the one you want to get a better selling price. But now, it will last less longer, becuz the game are asking more and more. So for big gamers like me , I say I dont really have choice to buy one of those even if the price is really high. Oh well, gaming's getting expensive these days..
  8. quote: He also said the GeForce3 will run Quake 3 in anti-aliased mode at 1024x768 resolution, at about 70 frames per second. The chip, he said, pushes 800 million anti-aliased pixels per second. If you had any idea of what is the anti-aliased mode, you wouldnt have said that. And for the golf ball, that was what we usually call in this business...an EXAMPLE... which means that this dosnt apply only for golf balls. And for the price...well.. I'm gonna ask this to everyone... HEY ALL!!! IS THERE ANYONE HERE THAT KNOWS A NEW TEHCNOLOGY THAT WASNT EXPENSIVE WHEN IT CAME OUT!????
  9. Check www.tomshardware.com Ok, it's only out in Japan yet...hehehehhe But it will come out in the end of march... So that leaves a good month for ATI to prepare their closure...
  10. To return to the video card subject........... GEFORCE 3 IS OUT!!!!s> Oh well...not that I dont have any respect for nice companies...but my hearth says "EAT THIS ATI!"
  11. And by the way... If you meet someone that says that the ATP system (either 3 or 5) sounds really great and it's best of best... You can say there is a guy you knew on the Klipsch board that would like to tell him how much he's pathetic.
  12. If you ask me I would say that Altec is made for average people, that aint got a lot of money and wanna good set of speakers..Altec is made for that. Ok well... No secret what is the best if you have some 400$ extra in your pay... And I suppose that...Koss and Labtec would win the price for the "nice quality" (and here we must define "nice" as...OK) under 50$.
  13. Cool, I'm the store reprensatative!! LOL!! Well, yeah, we actually sell the V2-400 for 429$ but forget about it! My collegue just bought the last one of the company or almost today. I ordered by my Buyers some boxes of 4.1, I guess we'll get them in 2 weeks or so. Price is 449$, and if you guys want those puppies less expensive like those lucky guys in Ottawa, well I wont get the price lower than 449$ UNLESS!!! Of course, that you come in Lasalle (Montreal) and buy them from me...hehehe..special deal for 400$ what do you think about that? Just ask for me... Here is the number : (514) 368-3937 then I can say "EAT THIS" to the Ontarians stores.....
  14. Mmm...nice idea to put your "How I got my Klipsch" story. Mine was a very long... I work in a store (Dumoulin..for the ones that live in Quebec) and I first met those babies 8 months ago... I loved them immediately, but hey... It's 400 box! I said Ok.... Too bad.. Gonna buy them in a year or two. So finally, after 3 months, I wanted new speakers, cuz I had 2 really cheap ones...(and I say "CHEAP"). Then I bought the Altec ASC56 at 200$, those were very nice quality speakers, powerful enough for my 1½ appartment.. =D ...Then.... like 6 months after that, one of my friend made a party but told me "HEY MIKE! I have a problem... everything is prepared, it's gonna be very cool..and blah blah blah.. BUT!!! I DONT HAVE GOOOOOOODDD SPEAKERS!!!" I said Ok, I'll try to fix this. So I just borrowed a pair of Klipsch from the store (hehehe..we can do that!) and had the party.. Everyone were amazed (or almost). So finally, when came the second party with the same guy with no speakers... I borrowed the same pair.. and before leaving the store with them... I made.. "AH pis ****! (In english that means... "AH and why not") Then I bought them... That's it.... And I didnt regret it at all! ------------------ I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!
  15. In case that you dont find your C4 and detonators, I could do the job for ya... Just email me to get my address and ship the speakers to me... I'll take care of that for ya cuz I'm friend with everyone here and that I love helping people... You can trust me I'll blow them away!
  16. Let's check this out once and for all! www.tomshardware.com Prices : (All taken from Microbytes and canadian) ASUS V7100 GeFORCE-2 MX 32M PURE (Geforce II MX) = 166$ ASUS V7700 GeFORCE-2 64M PURE = 502$ ATI RADEON SDRAM 32M = 164$ ATI RADEON DDR 32M = 237$ ATI RADEON DDR 64M = 297$ Well I have to admit that for a non-video based card, ATI quite leads right now. BUT, if you need a TV OUT, forget about ATI you'll only get a Radeon ALL IN WONDER for 400$ minimum. So if you want a TV OUT, go with an MX with the TwinView chip. And as far as I'm concerned, I trust a lot more NVidia than ATI for 3D games. Especially because of NVidia's drivers... Look at the last benchmark to have an idea of what I'm talking about. And if you want the best kickin *** card, NVidia gets it, not ATI this time.... Final Decision : Little budget and dont care about TV OUT : ATI Little budget and wanna TV OUT : NVidia Good videocard without paying thousands of dollars : ATI Want the best image quality possible for 2D only : ATI Want the best image quality possible for 3D : NVidia Able to laugh at anyone's video cards : NVidia I think that's quite it ------------------ I'm the real Mike, and proud of it!
  17. Yup, that's right, I forgot about that one. I actually dont have any digital port, but anyways. Since the difference between analog and digital is pretty thin, I prefer my tray model.
  18. Cool! Hey the sound is clearer for me now! I didnt know that one, the fact that the promedia's amp can do a better job then the software thing. (Well, I think it has to be something like this right?)
  19. Thx for that one guys, I didnt know that. It's a pretty groovy card, and not expensive... Wow, gonna get one I think. (maybe I should buy a TV before though...)
  20. I've never heard about such a product. ATI is the only company can could make something like this, but it dont think it's out yet. You can get a ATI TV WONDER to get the TV In... But the TV Out can only be on the video card. And cheap? Well, I dont think that a prototype TV OUT PCI would be cheap... Buy a good video device with TV Out, gonna be cheaper.
  21. I'm feeling almost stupid not having post on this hugggeeee topic. I didnt know its existence though... And by the way, nice duct tape system... How many times did you change the tape since you first post the topic by the way? Only to know if I'm better buying the wall stand or your super non-expensive system.
  22. ???????????? Well SURE this is the driver (or something on your card) cuz how could that be possible that speakers arent compatible with an operating system? It would be one of the weirdest thing I've ever seen... So just check this out for your sound card, might be a solution on your manufacturer website.
  23. Jesus christ...what can I say.... WOW! very impressive system... Ever cranked it up really high? Just to know how many kilometers we can hear that from..
  24. Well, if from what I understand the V2-400 is actually the 4.1, then you can get it in Quebec at some stores...Same for the 2.1... But we didnt receive the 4.2 yet.
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