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  1. So now that I have the room done. I need to start buying equipment. Including front speakers ( already have the surrounds). Was going to go for the RP280's but figured I would go for the RF7II's instead ( already have the RS62II's). But not sure If I should go with black ( which would blend better with the front) or cherry. I like the look of the cherry but ascetically not sure if black would be better. any thoughts? I know when the lights go down they sound the same anyways.....
  2. thats sucks about ceiling speakers falling down. scary really. I just installed six of the CDT-5800's. which are pretty beefy. Above them is an attic space which of course gets cold & hot. I do have attic insulation covering them towards the space. I did end up cracking the plastic around the speaker in one of the them. nothing major but hopefully it won't lead to anything more. Honestly never thought of ceiling speakers falling. Hope Klipsch takes care of you.
  3. Kman

    RF7IIs HT question

    asked the question from a klipsch vendor and was told latest for replacement would be june next year. so most likely I will go for it. Ordered a second pair of RS62II's. So hopefully after the new year I can get the rest of the set up of towers and mains. hoping room build will be done by then. thanks for the replies. I'm sure like all of you I am very curious as to what /or if they will replace them with.
  4. Looking in the near future to purchase a setup for home theater and music. I currently only have a pair of RS-62II's and was wonder if I should pick up another pair to have when I buy the mains & surrounds, seems stock is going quick on them, so not sure If I should pull the trigger, Because I was wondering if anyone heard any news if these are in the works of being replaced by another speaker line. thanks
  5. Dragon attack- great choice. nice setup
  6. I've bought from ASD multiple times like others here, Mike seems like a nice guy and his prices are good. but he has tried this same tactic with me several times, telling me what I wanted wasn't necessary and recommended a lesser product. Just have to be firm on what you want and not be swayed.
  7. sorry, should have mentioned. It is not.
  8. funny I sold my RF7/RC7 setup earlier this year, you are correct it is a great speaker too bad then, even though the room will be mainly movies, music is still an important part for me. I look forward to hearing a lot of multi-channel music in the room once completed. well your probably right, I know I'll have to do something, thats for sure
  9. yes your right, I was just trying to think of a way to utilize the left-right corners to maximize floor space if possible.
  10. Here is a picture of the back of the room/riser. Another possible location for sub which would sit behind rear seating. custom cabinets will be built on the rear wall where back surrounds are for storing blur-rays etc.
  11. good to know Willand. I might be able to run a line in the rear for a subwoofer but as of now it will most likely be on sides. After the cabinets started to be framed in, I started getting all kinds of ideas as to what to do with the corners. My brain began racing. Thats why I was thinking maybe a two sided false fabric wall which would frame out the screen area nicely. Or maybe place the subwoofers in the corners in the false wall and get something smaller or maybe built-ins for the side speakers, which would sit above the subs.
  12. here are a few pics. placed in a RF7 for scale. the white board on the left is the same width of the tower. subwoofers will most likely sit out almost mid point of room- one on either side wall. not sure how this will work but I think if I place in corner the towers will stick out too much. most likely go with dual SVS SB13 ultras.
  13. good to know. most likely going with original plan. the only other alternative if I am looking to save some space/improve Aesthetics would be in-walls of some sort. but don;t think I want to cut any more holes, unless I build a false wall of some sort for them and install. Again impact wise- most likely not the same as the RF7's.
  14. selling for $400. Brand new Carada Criterion 2.35 120 Inch Screen in Brillant white never used still in box. This screen retails for around $750. a savings of around $350. I'm in massachusetts. also on craigslist: http://southcoast.craigslist.org/ele/5300747140.html
  15. might work for some. wouldnt work for me. i require a bit more from a main than what that bookshelf has to offer. if music is a big deal to you i would just forget about thx line right now. trust me everyone says the same thing about them. are you just trying everything possible to talk yourself out of using the rf-7ii? cause that is what it seems like. i mean you could get away with 81's but i wouldnt personally do it. do we have any pics of your room? id like to see what yoyu are working with Ha, no, I didn't mean to sound like I am talking myself out of the RF7's just being indecisive, which I hate. It was my original goal all along. I already have a pair of RS62II's and 61's for surrounds. Its just that when the cabinet frame started to take shape it seemed things were filling up quickly up front space-wise. So I was thinking of maybe finding another avenue to utilize more wall space and not floor space I guess. House reno/addition is pretty extensive, so unfortunately I can't focus all my attention on the home theater so sometimes things get overlooked. And also working with contractors who have no experience with this type of room leaves all the brain work to me ( dangerous). Another factor is this room was never supposed to be full-fledged Home theater- but slowly started turning into one. I'm at work now, but I can get a pic tonight and post if you like. you said no biggie. i would go with your original plan. its going to yield the best results. scrappy you may be right. It seems they are still making the RF7II's for now, So I have time still to purchase. unless those are going to be replaced this upcoming year with another Premier product.
  16. Also not to throw a wrench into this- but what are your thought about just using RB81II's for the mains? would they up to the task in a 14x23 room? They are a lot less wide than the THX setup and would allow me more options maybe someday if I wanted a larger screen.
  17. thanks everyone for the info,the more the better. Yes these are for home theater- but I also enjoy a lot of music, two channel and multichannel and have an extensive collection. So that factor come into play. I am in massachusetts did not know this. would have to look into this to see if it would be doable in my space then.
  18. Initially I was going to go with RF7II-RC64 up front along with RS62II's for side and RB61II's for rear. But room up front near screen seems to be dwindling down with the built in cabinet starting to take shape. It seems the towers would be a bit closer to the side walls than I wanted. not sure if this would be a huge issue. I was thinking of maybe building some type of columns on the side of the screen with two sides being fabric panels and placing RB81's in themfor the mains instead. But again acoustically not sure how this will sound. So I started looking into the THX line -the 525's or maybe 650's. It seems these could possibly work inside the column idea ( again I have no false wall). I have never heard these though and not sure how they compare with the RF7's or 81's. But size wise they seem they would fit nicely and be concealed giving a nice clean look. Anyone have any experience with these? Opinions or concerns?
  19. looking forward to your findings on the CDT-5800's. Have room wired up for 3-pair in the ceiling but won't get to hooking them up for a while.
  20. seems like the amount of work to do this with little payoff ( besides aesthetics) won't be worth it then. only other option is build columns upfront and incorporate in-walls speakers. I think that would require even more work though- would have to build a box around them and surround box with column-since I cannot place them into screen (already boarded and plastered). Looks like I may stick to original plan-which isn't so bad I guess, just takes up a lot more room upfront.
  21. yeah- figured the sound would suffer-even with the surrounding foam and the fact they are from ported. only way like you said would be to encase all three sides with some sort of fabric-like a lot of people do on their side columns in home theaters.
  22. My first plan was to purchase RF7-RC64 for my front three once my room is done. I don't have a false wall, so speakers will be exposed. no biggie. But was wondering if I could save some room up front and maybe have a cleaner appearance. So was wondering If I have some enclosures built along the side of screen instead that would house some RB81ii's instead. having the front portion enclosed with some black speaker cloth to hide the speakers. I saw these pics online and was wondering if would be a good idea or not. will it affect the sound quality of the speaker a lot you think. Or maybe just stick to my original plan? side note-not sure its relevant. room is 14.5 x 23, surrounds will be RS62II. rear surrounds will be same or maybe RB61iis (haven't decided yet). main part of ceiling is 10ft. with 8ft. Tre ceiling encompassing room. I don't have subwoofers or receiver/amp picked out as of yet.
  23. I'll bet if you have the Atmos installed and working properly, you won't regret ti. I hope so. I'm coming from an older 5.1 system. never even had 7.1. now I am set up for 9.16.
  24. I don't have atmos (yet). but my room is all wired up for it. so I for one am looking forward to it. If it doesn't work out in the future- well I have some nice in-ceiling speakers then. no biggie.
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