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  1. Thx for the advise. I am a bit dissapointed that a Klipsch heritage dealer gives the advise to upgrade old lascala's with this new x-over. He is the one who should know better.... It seems not
  2. Hello, I just red on my locall klipschdealer site that i can upgrade my lascala with a AL-4 x-over. Now i have the AL-3 x-over. Is it really worth the money to upgrade to this al-4? What will be the differends between these 2 x-overs? Thx for the help. M.H
  3. Thx again for all the reply's I just recieved a email from 1 of the heresy's owners and he told me that his type (the first type) has the originall alnico magnets. And he has also rewired the speaker and modified the filter (thats why his speakers are a bit expensiver then the other). This makes it a bit harder to choose.
  4. Thx for the reply. Well,another lascala would be nice but unfortunally it wont fit in my room Secondairy it is to expensive for this moment. But i saw 2 pair of heresy's for sale for around the 650 . I think it is a fair price. The only thing whas i didnt knew what whas better..the first ore the second heresy type. But now i know that it wont make any difference. Thx again..and i will let u all know when i have bought them. Greetings
  5. Hello, First of all..sorry for the type errors i will make. Ok..I own a pair of Lascala's and for my 5.1 set up i use a RC3 for center and the RF3 for my rear. Nice,but not the perfect match ofcourse. Here is my first question: -Will be the Heresy for center and rear the best(payable) match for my lascala's? -And second..i have seen 2 pair of heresy's for sale. The heresy type 1 and the heresy type 2. Which 1 will be better? The old type? (heresy1) ore the newer type (heresy2). I hope someone really knows the answer. Thx and greetings M.H (sorry..i now see i have asked it in the wrong topic)
  6. Hello, Hi guy's,i own for some time the lascala's. Realy like the sound of it only the bass is a bit pore. Yesterday i whas reading some opinions about the lascala on the http://www.audioreview.com/ site . 1 of the guys whas telling about a tweak for the lascala to reach the 35hz. This is what he said. ---------- I have an engineer friend who has designed a reasonable modification to the Belles and La Scallas that extend their low end to 35hz. And I mean a real 35 hz. ---------- Does anyboddy know if this is posible? And how this could be done? Greetings. M.H (this is the compleet url to read JWG's post http://www.audioreview.com/Main,Speaker/Klipsch,La,Scala/PRD_119959_1594crx.aspx)
  7. Thx chuckears, What u tell me sounds verry familiar. But when u use that rule i have to move the couch 0.5M at least back wards. I have the feeling i get to far away from the speakers. That i will miss the little details. Unfortunally i cant place the speakers closer together. But know i am wondering,how do u measure the distance between the speakers? Is it from 1 side to the other side? Ore from the heart of the speaker to the other heart of the speaker. Greetings M.H
  8. Thx Zandern, But i would like to know what the best distance is to have between youre speakers. Now i have 2.90m (from heart to heart of the speakers). It looks quit huge in my opinion. The hotspot is 3.20m fom the speakers. So maybe those distances are to big for a perfect soundstage? Maybe someboddy knows the perfect distances to place the speakers? Greetings M.H
  9. Hello, After founding out that i had a serious acoustic problem i removed all the furniture and speakers (Lascala's). But unfortunally i had to place the speakers with a bigger space between them. I can hear that the sound is differend but it is hard to tell what has changed and what is better. Now i am wondering if there is a best distance u can have between the speakers? And what is the maximal space u can have between the speakers without losing sound quality? And what is the best distance between the speakers and hotspot? I hope someone can help me. Greetings M.H
  10. Hello, Well..i started with a pair of RF-3's and i took the grill off when i listened. I had the feeling that i could hear i bit more detail in the high. Now i own the Lascala's and i also remove the gril on those. On the lascala i am certain that the sound is a bit more clear then with the grill on. So to answer youre question,yes..i always listen with the grill off. And i'm quit sure that u can hear some difference. But there is only 1 way to make that sure and that is listen for youre self
  11. M.H

    Lascala vs Belle

    Thx for the reply's Ok..so if i get it right there aint that much differend between both. Thats what my Klipsch dealer told me also some while ago. But i became curious when i heard another story from that guy who owned both of them for some time. He found the Lascala more musical then the Belle. He owns now a pair khorn's. Maybe we meet each other some day. I'm really curious how the Khorn will sound =). Anyway..thx again for making it a bit more clear for me. Greetings M.H
  12. Hello, I had a little discussion with a friend lately about the differends between the Lascala and Belle. So far i always thought that there are no differends at all in the sound. But that friend of my told me that the Belle doesnt sound so good as the Lascala. And that whas because of the shorter midhorn. When hearing that i whas thinking about how few things i read about the Belle on this forum. Is the Belle not so popular? And what are the differends in the sound between the Lascala and the Belle??? I hope someone know exactly how both of them sound and can give me the answer. Greatings M. (p.s. i own a pair of Lascala's)
  13. Glad to hear i dont have to screw ore glue. So it al depends on right measure. I have looked at the site u gave to me. This product is new to me,it looks intresting. Pitty the picture didnt succeed,but u explained it well the last time so i dont think it will be a problem anymore. Thx again for helping and i really hope it will work. Greetings M.H
  14. quote: Originally posted by jnorv: The Trapezoidal wedges fix the side panel resonance. See attached picture. Cool Thx for the picture.. This is a good helping hand. Are there no bad points about this trick? And can u show me alo a pic of the trick with the midhorn? (i do understand the story u told better now). Thx for the help p.s. How did u atached those wedges?..is glueing enough? ore do i have to screw it..i hope not because of the damage M.H This message has been edited by M.H on 01-01-2002 at 05:59 PM
  15. Thank u for explaining it again jnorv. The trick u told me for the midhorn is worth a try. But how about that test for the base cabinet? What if i do the "sandbag" test and suddenly the vibrations disappear? So i know that the base cabinet causes the problem? I can't let the speaker lay down permanent on his side ofcourse. Are there also tricks to fix the vibrations in the base cabinet? M.H
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