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  1. 16 minutes ago, Bosco-d-gama said:

    What has been found is vascular damage at the capillary level, microbleeds. These have been found in most organ systems 

    These changes have also been found in the retinal microvasculature.  It is important to have a comprehensive eye exam post recovery, especially if there are known retinal vascular issues.






  2. 8 hours ago, baron167 said:

    Fauci is a self proclaimed expert? You should advise him with your knowledge. I’m sure he’d welcome your input, as would the world.

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    I would enjoy chatting with the man!  Sadly, Fauci has ignored doctors and scientists who are far more knowledgeable going back to his involvement with HIV treatments.  PM and I will send you dozens of links which support my personal belief that there are people far more qualified to hold his position. 




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  3. 12 hours ago, seti said:




    I might do a SS DIY some day but tubes are just more fun and the asthetic is cool as hell. Terrible reasons but gotta be honest I love the glow of tubes.



    If you try the SS build, talk to Henry (henry4841) as he has lots of experience with Nelson Pass’ tube mimicking designs.



  4. 9 hours ago, Last Lemming said:

    I have some new Forte iii’s


    i tried my Decware integrated (6w per channel), and they seemed like they wanted more juice. My Parasound A21 amp is far more authoritative.  But at over 200w per channel it better be. 

    As I mentioned before, going from 6 watts to 20 may not do that much for you.  I would go with one of Bob Latino’s more powerful amps for a first kit build experience.  


  5. 7 minutes ago, RandyH000 said:

    OK -so   , let's now  focus  , why are Front line workers refusing the vaccine at a rate  which is said to be as high as  50% , and these workers can see the ravages of Covid 19 every day since 2020  -  you would think that they are at the highest risk level , but still 50%  are refusing the vaccine ------are we , missing something here ?

    I know many medical professionals.  Those who will not take the vaccine cite an industry which has been known to be corrupt over the years.  They also cite the total liability shield under which the companies are covered as removing any incentive to take necessary precautions.  Accepting self conducted studies and trials as being the gospel also turns them away.  

    My wife is on a social media forum which is populated by many pharma employees and spouses of employees, many of whom are researchers.  Even there she is seeing a greater than 50% rejection of the vaccine on the basis of totally inadequate testing and lack of faith in the efficacy in view of the very rapid mutations which are occurring.  Scientists worldwide are raising concerns about the latter.


    Acceptance of the vaccine is going to take a very long time.




  6. 1 hour ago, Pezcore67 said:

    The current listening room is a small living room. My house is small so I use my system to listen to music in the whole downstairs of my house. One concern of mine is I would like to make sure I buy an amp powerful enough when I move to a larger place I do not need to upgrade. Using the record jack on the Marantz, is it still controlled by the volume knob and tone settings? 

    All the front panel selections other than the source selector are usually bypassed at the record jacks.  

    Going for higher power seems like the best choice given the concern about future needs.  In my experience using a receiver as a true preamp usually detracts from the real glory of tube sound.  However that would be for you to decide.  Another option to investigate is a professionally restored vintage tube receiver.  They are out there if you look around a bit.  Should you go that route, post what you found before buying it.  Lastly, if the tuner section of the Marantz is only used for background purposes, an integrated amp with a cheap separate tuner may be ideal.


    Lots for you to consider!




  7. Details about your listening situation may yield other recommendations such as using an integrated amp (no preamp functions needed) and pulling your source signal from the record jacks of the Marantz.  The latter could then be used only for tuner and phono service while high level sources could go directly into the amp.  Depending on the room size and listening levels, less powerful amps may be suitable.  SETs would do a great job of providing the “warmth” you are looking for.



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  8. It is very difficult to make a selection based on what someone else likes as there is no way to correlate what you hear with what the other person hears.  Build quality and reliability are a different matter.  Try to make your purchase from a dealer who offers a return policy so you don’t risk getting stuck with something you are dissatisfied with.  Companies like Decware are worth investigating.



  9. 18 hours ago, Jefe said:

    The best sounding low powered tube integrated amp you've ever heard with Heritage speakers? 

    What is your goal in going to such an amp?  Without lots more information you will get opinions which may not help you make a decision!




  10. 7 hours ago, Last Lemming said:

    To answer some questions:

    my room is 16x21, speakers on the long wall. 
    20 watts should be plenty since my 6 watt does pretty goo but a bit more headroom is needed. 

    also the Fezz it more than I’m willing to spend. Unless one used should pop up. 

    If headroom is your goal, going to 20 watts will only give you a bit over 5db.  Since you’re going to incur an expense, I would look at amps in the 40 watt or higher range.  Check out the Yaqin amps on Amazon.  They offer a lot of value for the money and are popular with users of Klipsch speakers.



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  11. On 12/30/2020 at 2:59 PM, Last Lemming said:

    I need tube amp recommendations for my new Forte iii’s, at least 20 wats per channel, new or used. 
    budget is $2000 or less. 

    I’m using a BAT tube Vk-3ix preamp (with six pack upgrade) with a Parasound A21 amp now. 


    How did you determine the required wattage?  If you provide details about your room, listening level, where you sit in relation to the speakers, type of music, etc. it will be easier to provide some guidance.  You may need lots more or possibly less power.  There is an easy way to make a measurement if you are interested.



  12. 3 hours ago, Jefe said:

    The best sounding low powered integrated tube amp you've ever heard with Heritage speakers? 

    Lots to talk about here.  Will comment after mods move this to the tubes section!


    Happy new year (I hope).




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