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  1. I have a Sansui 7070 stereo for sale. It works and sounds great. All of the bulbs work. There is no "hiss", or any scratching when turning the volume knob. The plastic veneer is peeling off in a couple places. A couple years ago a local audio shop, Just Audio in Baltimore, went through it and fixed any issues. Really the only thing they had to do was change a couple bulbs. I have the receipt and can give it to the buyer. I am in Bel Air, MD which is north of baltimore. I don't particularly want to ship but I will if required and the buyer pays for it. I have posted this on Craigslist: http://baltimore.craigslist.org/ele/5853824834.html $300obo I will be traveling for work the week of Nov. 14 and the for a week and a half starting Nov. 26, so I won't be able to demo the unit, etc. during that time, but I will monitor the posts and answer as needed. Thanks. Chris
  2. christ1

    RC-62 cherry

    I am selling a RC-62 (not II) in cherry. It is essentially cosmetically flawless but if you look closely you might find some imperfection. Works without issue. I upgraded so I no longer need it. I would much rather sell locally but I will ship if no one local is interested. I am in Bel Air, MD, between Baltimore and PA/DE. Buyer pays shipping. I am not sure what the going rate is for this speaker is so I will negotiate. $250obo
  3. christ1


    Thanks Chris! Will pack with EXTREME care!! I received the speaker from Daryl without any issues. It was very well packed. Shipping was expensive but we live on opposite coasts and I had to take what I could get. I immediately noticed the better clarity of the RC-7 versus my RC-62. The cherry finish is different between it and my RF-83s but it is only noticeable when the speakers are right next to each other.
  4. christ1


    I just paid darylomer12 for it so barring any overnight changes it should be mine.
  5. Shipping wouldn't be too bad on the center. Like I said I'd take that off your hands.
  6. I would be interested in the RC-7 only if (or when) you are willing to split up.
  7. Is the cherry veneer of the RC-7 the same color as the cherry veneer of the RF-83s? Anybody have the two speakers in cherry who can confirm if they are the same or "close enough"? Thanks.
  8. I swapped fuses and generally poked around inside. It was not the fuses but when I tested it all the channels magically worked. I am guessing there is a loose wire or other connection somewhere which I "fixed" when I was poking and prodding the wires. Hopefully it stays working. Thanks.
  9. Good idea. Is there directionality to the fuses, i.e. current should flow in one direct but not the other? They have a purple band on one side and the wire in the fuse is asymmetric--one side is coiled like a spring.
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