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  1. thanks to all who have replied- the cornwalls are going to a very close friend, and the Belles are taking their place. I am going to use an unfinished oak 2001 Heresy as a center channel, and a pair of raw birch '84 Heresys as rear surrounds. while the '82 raw birch corns would be a better aesthetic match, the wife likes the way the belles look, and we will re-finish them in a lighter color, and as far as I'm concerned, they sound great and-well-they're Belles!. as far as the bottom-end goes, a SVS sub should fit nicely in the right rear corner, w/the heresys (center and surrounds) in the ceiling per what another Klipsch-er did. thanks again, and as time allows, I will stay in touch. avman.
  2. thanks guys, complete disassembly isn't likely, unless I have to do that for some other reason. the grille cloth is in great shape, and I'm not so sure that the grilles need to come off for internal cleaning, unless someone makes a strong case for doing so. I know-they were flooded, but they really aren't that bad, and they play flawlessly. howzabout the cornwall vs. belle comparison? avman[]
  3. I just bought a pair of Katrina-flooded 1984 WL Belles. they were flooded 11" deep, but the water receded in about 24 hrs, and other than the water line showing on the veneer, they seem fine! no warping/seperation/buckling of the cabinets or veneer, and they sound GREAT! my 'problem' is that I will have to replace my '82 cornwalls with them, and 'on paper' the cornwalls show 38Hz capability whereas the belles show 54Hz as their low-end. the cornwalls also have much higher peak power-handling capability, although I can't imagine ever over-powering the belles (and I do like to listen loud) can anyone tell me their impression of the 'Belles vs. Cornwalls' ? I will be using a 2001 Heresy as a center-channel and a pair of '84 Heresys as rear surrounds also anyone know how to remove the bass grilles so I can access that area of the speaker to clean them out? they have AB x-overs, anyone swap-in new x-overs, and what difference did it make? last, what is the best way to remove the walnut laquer so I can 'clean up' the veneer and re-finish with a light-color (honey-oak?) finish. thanks, avman
  4. Fortunately, I was able to buy a 'kit' from an electronics wholesaler, and you may have a friend in the 'biz' who could hook you up-w/a system What you may want to do is see if you know anyone locally that will install your system 'off the clock'. Some are easy to install, others require alot of experience as they need resistors of various values to complete the circuits depending on the number of sensors, contacts, etc. you have. Also, hard wired contacts are the best, but most difficult to install-otoh, wireless contacts have come a long way. Consider if several motion-detectors at key locations will do the job (if they break a window, or force a door, the motion detector will pick 'em up once they are in, potentially negating the need for window/door contacts). In Louisiana, you 'have' to be licenced to install a burglar alarm system, or even buy one. Many systems also allow for heat, smoke, and water detectors to be incorporated into the system. You must decide if you want your system to be monitored by local police,send a page to a pager, or just a 'noisemaker'. My system actually 'speaks' the name of the entry point opened-"front door open" "master bedroom window open"...etc. Personally, I beleive that a good CCTV camera system is an excellent deterrent as no criminal wants to be on camera 'caught in the act'.
  5. hey clu !! good luck- I called a roofing co. and they said they'd be out between 4:30 and 5 so I rushed home and they were a 'no call- no show' howzabout the FEMA 'blue roof' tarp program-FREE! stay in touch! steve
  6. DD, I've got a flat panel TV mounted over my fireplace (with RVX speakers, of course)... I wasn't sure I would like it either, but I have to say, I'm spoiled now. Best investment ever, and makes the room look twice as big. Plus I can enjoy the fireplace at the same time without having to look at one or the other. I had a customer that wanted a flat-panel tv over the fireplace, and I set him up w/ a projector and screen-bigger picture at 1/2 the price, and the floorstanding Klipsches sound great !!
  7. Lynn, thank you for sharing that info w/ the bb 'family'. I will pray for you and yours. Many times music has been a 'spiritual' experience for me, and the music I listen to now truly is a spiritual experience, so keep listening and enJOYing! avman
  8. if you go to his website, you can see what it is like being here. he really captured alot of the feeling of what happened. it especially hits home for me, because i recognize so many of the places he captured on video. also, there are some cool videos of a local band ZEBRA, that i have followed since i was in high school-first saw them in 1975 go to: www.ou812videos.com and click on katrina video avman
  9. Shelty Dave doesn't live down here, but his '53 shorthorn does...unfortunately it was in storage on Canal street, which lived up to its name thanks rick for checkin' on me another picture-trees and water everwhere
  10. thanks mark- that was really rough, especially w/reports of armed gangs robbing hospitals at gunpoint for drugs. I knew my parents were o.k., but didn't know about hers-they were in New Orleans in a 2-story office building they had evacuated to and had to be evacuated from there to the convention center because the whole first floor flooded-people at the convention center were literally dieing after a few days from lack of food and water, and there was 'un-lawful' behavior by some of the people who were there. I can tell you from my personal experience that the VAST majority of the people I encountered were only interested in coming together to help one another-not to see what they could 'get away with'. One of the stranger experiences was looking up at the night sky and seeing stars and the milky way IN THE CITY just like I was in some remote country location- without any power being on for lights, the city was COMPLETELY dark at night. here is a picture of boats launching from the main street going into New Orleans close to where I live.
  11. thanks-I appreciate that the 17th street canal breach
  12. here's some pix-not sure about the new forum way to do them-but here goes
  13. and I am O.K. sorry for the L-O-N-G absence anyone hear from Shelty Dave? if so, please have him contact me I stayed at my house for Katrina, 1 1/2 miles on the DRY(er) side of the 17th street canal levee breach that had a large part to play in N.O. flooding. wow, what a ride-my wife was on hurricane duty at University Hospital, and she was finally evacuated by boat from the hospital the Friday after the storm. Before that, the last time I talked w/her was 5:30 a.m. tuesday morning-then no contact until that friday night when I found out she was o.k. During the storm, I stayed put, as i always do, and took video and still pix before, during, and after. the first week after the storm passed was surreal-kinda like one of those sci-fi movies of some devastating event, but this was real. no communications for the most part available-cell phones are useless for an event like this, and most all land lines were down. Very few people anywhere. part of my house flooded w/about 3-10" of water (the theater room got water, but I had dragged the red-leather Natuzzi couch out along w/the RSW-15 and rope lighting before the water got all the way in, and my 'stage' where the electronics and KLF-30's are stayed about 1/8th of an inch above the water,the movie theater-themed carpet is history. the cabana in the back got 7-10" of water, and the garage got about 7" of water. the pool looks like some creature is due to emerge from it at any moment.the bedroom carpet got wet from seepage thru the brick walls and is gone too, but the rest of the house is dry) overall, not bad, especially considering so many others' losses. all of my Klipsch speakers made it. in fact, I used my Heresys, a karaoke machine, a stereo receiver, and 2 stands to hire myself out to the clean-up operations for a P.A. address the other day for a nice price. the devastation is impossible to fathom w/out being here and seeing it first hand. areas that had 7-12 feet of water for DAYS are all monochromatic brown. the water lines on many houses go up to the roof. flooded vehicles and downed trees,etc. are everywhere. I did what I could to help others the first several days after the storm,then started cleaning up the house once I recovered my wife. I have been getting some service calls for LiveWire-my A / V biz, and I am writing tree removal and sheetrock/carpet removal estimates for a commission. there are many jobs available in this recovery effort to do, and many financial and personal opportunities to help others. Thanks to all of my Klipsch family, especially mOOn who e-mailed me to see how I was doing, and I pray that all of the bb'ers in the affected area are O.K.-please check in w/us. sincerely, avman
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