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  1. No pic showed up. Can you take another run at it?
  2. Take a look at the Flexy Rack This is a DIY solution that can be built very inexpensively. http://www.tnt-audio.com/clinica/flexye.html I built a 5 shelf 4 legged version for less than $100.00 Canadian.
  3. Hi Bob I'll do some sniffing around locally and if I can't find them I'll likely take you up on your offer to send them to me. Do you have a PayPal account? I have decided to use this unexpected time off to play around with some of the little projects that my job schedule hasn't allowed for for the past few years. I had thought of buying a pair of completed units from you but ultimately decided that I would rather do the work myself,( less time to sit/lay around obsessing about my situation )[] Thanks again Lynn
  4. Bob Those look like motor start capacitors. Are they General Electric brand ? Are they Paper in Oil? Could you post a pic of the labels? Thanks Lynn
  5. The most important thing is that your mom is al right. I know that you were worried sick when you weren't able contact her. PS...Thanks for the good wishes Barney is still a little ticked but has been behaving himself.
  6. Not exactly free in all parts of Canada but certainly at a manageable cost. Most provinces have eliminated Health Care premiums but Alberta collects a premium of about 90.00/mo. per adult. Seniors get a reduced rate and low income families are subsidised. Medications are not covered under Medicare but many companies have prescription benefits as part of their overall employee benefit plans. In my case there is a $2.00 per prescription co-payment which my pharmacist always waives. I nearly quit my job about 3 months ago because of a run-in with my boss but in retrospect it is a damned good thing that things got patched up as the benefit package is pretty decent . My employer has started me on Short term disability which gives me 100% salary for the first month and 70% until I have been off for 26 weeks. At the 26 week point I can be put on Long Term Disability which guarantees me about 67% of my salary until age 65. In addition I have Term Life rider that will pay my estate 65,000.00 on my death. That along with Canada Pension ,Old Age Security and other Private coverages and insurances pretty much guarantees that I will have no serious financial problems during my illness and further that my wife will be well provided for in the event that I do not recover. Taken all around things could be a lot worse.
  7. Good point Thumpelstiltskin! Irregularity of bowel function...frequent constipation....usually followed by persistent diarrhea Weight Loss Fatigue Excessive Bowel gas Later I also developed: Loss of apetite Chronic low level pain in the bowel Sudden unexplained "Sugar Crashes" ( I also have Type II diabetes ). My thanks to all who have responded directly to my post and to those who have contacted me by emil and PM. Your expressions of goodwill have helped ease my burden.
  8. What are the best type of caps to use when recapping Type A Xovers? I can't afford the bucks to go to really exotic units. Recommendations re: brands are welcome but I am more interested in knowing what types are best. TIA Lynn
  9. Thanks Moving those mommas could easily given me another hernia!
  10. They may offer to have it repaired.Don't accept that option. That speaker is beyond repair!
  11. I have lost track of my hard copy of this schematic ( Probably buried in the debris field in my hobby room ). I can't find it using the search function on the forum. I am thinking of recapping my Xovers and while I could wrestle my Khorns out of their corners,I would greatly appreciate one of you folks posting the diagram. Thanks in advance.
  12. Don't shotgun when troubleshooting! Remove all input cables and lightly tap each of the 6DJ8 tubes. If you get microphonics then the problem is either a tube ( quite likely BTW ) or some component associated with the tube rather than a cable.If no microphonic behaviour then connect one cable to the phono stage and try to replicate problem.If no microphonics then remove that cable and try its mate in that connection and so on. What you need to do in this type of situation is to reduce the variables to an absolute minimum and test new variables singly. If you attempt to rule out several variables at once you wind up spinning in a circle and get progressively more confused.
  13. Thanks for the kind words folks! In any event I have no intention of simply lying down and dying any time soon. With luck I'll be around to raise a little hell for some time to come. I think that the very anonymity of this forum makes it easier to disclose problems like this . Earlier today I told my best friend and he left here looking worse than I felt at that point.
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