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  1. it was a glob of very fine dust collected at the bottom (what gravity would describe as the "bottom") of the inside of the coil. Looked like humidity may have started the collection? very very fine particles, just enough to grab / pull on the magnet that was audible at a certain frequency.
  2. Hi fellow Klipsch fans! Long time since I have visited. I have been enjoying my KHorns without even feeling the need to tweak or change anything! I know, hard to believe Until today, when I heard this faint buzz / distortion. I couldn't tell if it was mechanical or signal. So I started basic signal flow t-shooting, and found my right K-55 to blame. So now what... Well I start to take apart the k-55 using the instructions found here . All looked normal at first. Reassembled hoping that whatever it was had been resolved . Still there. So I take it apart again. This time I look close at the voice coil, and I see that it is a bit of fuzz on it. Distilled water and a cue tip clean it up no problem. Reassembled, and the buzz is gone. Some pretty simple maintenance took care of it. Just wanted to through this on the forum in case anyone comes looking for a k-55- buzz like I had. While I was in there, I also trimmed the red gasket so the excess did not impede the throat of the horn. Well, back to enjoying my Klipschorns!!! TG
  3. Well I got my hands on a MCD-7000. I currently used the Denon 1720 as a cd player due to the Burr Brown D/A converter. I thought that the Denon would probably beat out the MCD for sound quality (being that the McIntosh is from the way back machine . WOW was I wrong. I currently have the MCD on input 1 on my couterpoint preamp and the Denon on input 2. Same cd in each at the same time. Not even close!!!! the denon sounds as if I have a pillow in front of the khorns, the McIntosh.... not so much. It has a permanent place in my 2ch system. Now I also own a piece of history. 1st cd player McIntosh ever made. L8r TG
  4. For those of us in the Milwaukee area, check out the laScala ii and the Heresy iii at Flanner's. We have them on display hooked to the new McIntosh tube line. Tell Em' Todd sent ya I work there, but not at our store location. I coordinate all of our installs from our warehouse location. Later
  5. Well I have yet to write my full review on my khorns I recently purchased, but I wanted to at least post a few pic while I have some time. Updated all x-overs to AudioQuest Type8 wiring. I have lots more pics (about 100) i need to post in a album so I can link to it. Enjoy!
  6. tiger, have you looked at adding the Behringer UltraDrive PRO to the system?
  7. Thanks for the info on the issue being in the time domain. That does make sense. If you would eq it, you would basically be running yourself in a circle. Have you had any experience with deqx products? http://www.deqx.com It seems like this is what we would be talking about.
  8. I do not have any eq equipment yet. So basically the TDS could measure the time-domain issues, but you couldn't correct the issues without causing damage or losing some of the original signal?
  9. Anyone use these items on their two ch systems? I am considering putting in a Parametric EQ in my system. Generate pink noise, take readings at source and at listening position (or speaker terminal if youjust want system eq'd). Take the difference of the two readings and set up your parametric accordingly. Thoughts?
  10. Audio Research D-76A with heresy II's and with K-horns. Sounds great. My D-76A has GE6550A's for power tubes. I absolutely love em'.
  11. I currently have heresyII's for fronts and rears and am using a KLF-C7 for center. It really does blend well. I would like to do a heresy center, but have yet to find a single that I like. KLF-C7 or Heresy would be the way to go. Heresy would be ideal
  12. not done yet. I still have to do the lower cabinets. Peace of mind is really why I did it. The rest of my system is AudioQuest, might as well keep it the same all the way through Did you notice a difference when you did it? I don't mean to start the "snake oil" thread but........
  13. Here is a Type 8 wired AK-2 next to one wired with Monster braid.
  14. I have compete in IASCA and USAC in the past. Had a few different cars enter. 87 Camaro that won SQ+ a few years in a row. Punch amps(when they were still made in the USA) and MTX black gold 10's (10 of em). Punch fronts. Eclipse processing. Astro van with 16 JL 12W0's and PPI amps. SPL And then daily drivers. I still have all of the drivers and boxes sitting in my basement. just in case! Always did all of my own installs, and took great pride in that.
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