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  1. My second attendance to the Strathmore was just as entertaining, but much more educational. Watching the variety of instruments and how they were integrated into the entire compilation(s). Loved that Bassoon/Clarinet/Flute/Oboe arrangements, and the strings were just phenomenal! That was a QUICK 2 hour show, and time went by so quickly. Nice to see everyone again. Great job Larry! You sure know how to pick 'em[]
  2. What a month! Boney James 4/14 and 4/15, and you folks the following weekend. Looking forward to having a great time everyone
  3. Larry, I'll probably meet you folks @ the eating place, and then follow over to Strathmore. Not much social interaction, but we'll have time @ dinner. Mark
  4. Much anxiety and determination.........start the bike(exercise program tomorrow). NOT EASY
  5. Hey folks, I'm back.........52 today and quit smoking cigarettes! FINALLY and PERMANENTLY. So, what did I miss? Mark
  6. That makes (2) of us.....3/9/57 Made it another year! +Robin Trower! After a 3 mos absence, I'M BACK
  7. Yeah, I've been to that Tastee Diner.....good food, if it's the same one I am thinking of right behind the hotel where we stayed.!
  8. I still have the USPostal Money Order receipt, so if you DO NOT receive it by week's end, please let me know. $32.00 Everyone is so busy sending congratulations letters to Obama, so maybe the service is a little slow[]
  9. Larry, I mailed mine out last Friday (been on vacation). You should have received it by now. Mark
  10. Market up big today.......O, that's right, BANKS ARE CLOSED[]
  11. I'll gamble and take a STAB at the Market turning Tuesday, if possible small gains. Personally, I definitely don't see the HUGE RALLY they forecast, but do see some stabilization once the financials get straightned out. CNBC! Uncle Sam, we need that 700B ASAP
  12. I heard about this 2 days before the downfall of Lehman(mid-end of September).......something told me to bail out of the market and slap those funds into the Retirement Money Market account. Luckily, I saved a 2000 pt loss. We just shifted from Fidelity to Wells Fargo, so we had a shutdown period for 2 weeks. Feel sorry for those unable to change, but I HAD A FEELING. Money Market for now, but will soon be plowing back into this mess in another week or (2), VERY SLOWLY.
  13. Maybe I can take a day off Friday and come see you guys on Saturday.....would love to hear those '83 cornwalls as a contrast to my own. Wonder where Dinner will be this year?
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