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  1. Gary RC: One of the best Lps I have is a mono Westminster Classical Sampler from the late '50s. Starting in the mid '60s, I used Thorens turntables, SME arms, and a succession of Ortofon cartridges. Hi Gary, Those Westminsters were truly great> That mono setup you had is likewise unimpeachable, which is a good thing these days! The old Nonesuch LPs were tops in my book as well.
  2. Hi Bruce, Thanks -- I don't know anything about non-classical music, don't listen carefully enough to it to judge digital vs analogue. I just believe that every clearly digital classical LP I've ever listened to has had the same negative characteristics that I tried to spell out here. I've run across a few classical LPs that were made in the 1970s and 80s that had the same symptoms and tend to believe they were digital masquerading as analog vinyl. I had to get rid of those too. I'm not the only fan who thinks that, BTW. I absolutely do NOT have the same reaction to well-recorded CDs and DVDs, so there must be something evil that specifically.creeps into digital LPs. I don't recall any openly digital classical LPs that I thought sounded great. For some reason.
  3. The Paragon was a wild swing and a miss back in Klipsch's day -- it appears to have been intended as a continuous wall of sound, with the convex front spreading the sound across the stereo width from left to right, but of course unable to do imaging in any original sense of the word. The riser legs precluded any deep 33 Hz bass like the K-horn could easily do, and the reflective surfaces weren't conducive to an even frequency response. JBL loaded it up with their super-expensive top-line drivers which were wasted in unsuitable cabinetry. There was no uniform theory of sound propagation such as horns or direct drivers -- just a mish-mosh of slick-looking ideas that was supposed to look impressive if you didn't care how it sounded -- which was NOT good! Heavier than hell, though. The Metrogon was smaller, lighter, and sounded worse.
  4. Both, depending on what's available for me to hear and afford, as well as where it makes the most sense. It turns out that my analog equipment (preamp, amps, final stage of my analog M-D tuner) are mostly or predominently tube, while the digital stuff (CDP, TV) is all solid state. Gets complicated -- the turntable power supply is SS. The fundamentally analog Revox RTR is all SS.
  5. LarryC

    RIP President George H.W. Bush

    Rightly described as one of the most consequential presidents of the 20th century. Only FDR exceeded him in that historical stature IMO. Halted at least one nation's aggression in the Middle East. Led the U.S. and the world through the breakup of the Soviet Union to a peaceful, stable outcome and a more stable East-West relationship. Led the country out of financial decline, if only temporarily, by pointing the way toward a better-balanced budget. MHO's of course.
  6. I have little to add to what sounds like a range of very good opinions. I have an all-tube Joule Electra preamp with tube power supply, which works and sounds great as long as it doesn't need fixing but am glad I have a specialized repair person available. Amps are Joule Electra OTL mono blocs, an esoteric design that right now sounds absolutely great, probably can't be beat for me by any other amp I know of. Repair is expensive and they don't come back home anytime soon. The sound is so good that the heat and slight hum and noise are absolutely worth it to me. Each of my other components sounds just fine for me as well -- an all-SS 2-box CD player and DAC, SS Nak cassette player and Revox RTR, a mostly SS Magnum Dynalab tuner (tube output stage, which sounds better to me than the all-SS original), and SS turntable power supply. All these SS units have run endlessly for many years with no repair needs.).
  7. LarryC

    External Drive Needed (CD/DVD/BR)

    I didn't't think Apple's was that much, but had to have Apple replace it, all free of charge as usual. Works perfectly well now and I'd much rather have Apple's high quality USB Super Drive. Doesn't seem slow to me and I don't have disc compatibility issue of some other brands I tried. Larry
  8. LarryC

    Name the pre-amp, amp and speaker

    Looks more like an EICO than Heath. Dunno, really, but is the RTR a Wollensack (sp?). The speaker (mono setup no doubt) looks like an acoustic suspension type like a KLH or AR, but doesn't seem to be a model that I recognize.
  9. LarryC

    LSII Tweeter Relacement

    I very much agree with the part of this statement excerpted above. I tried the Crites VERY briefly several years ago, and thought the lack of spatial and frequency response blend was disqualifying. I believe it's best to leave the Klipsch engineering in place!! I would just get a factory replacement and not screw around with non-engineered substitutes. The LS II is utterly outstanding IMO, so I wouldn't change a thing. How do you know whether you'll agree with any of those other opinions? I usually don't, FWIW. Just be sure it's truly a blown tweeter! Find another speaker or tweeter, no matter how bad it is, and try it out. If it doesn't play, either, then you're on the wrong track. Get advice from Klipsch about how to trouble-shoot and what to do about it.
  10. LarryC

    Designing a room for Klipschorns

    Fini, How the Hell are you!!!??? It's been way too long a time! Any news to report to all your great friends?
  11. And here I thought it was "Gil". - Larry
  12. LarryC

    Help choosing phono cartridge

    The Ortofon Black is a classic MM cart, well regarded and fine-soundiing. You CANNOT tell how a cart sounds or performs just from the stylus shape or frequency response -- way too many factors that won't tell you a dam thing. I have no information on the Ortofon Blue, but would expect a Black to sound outstanding. I also have no familarity with your other equipment, so can't predict what any particular cart will sound like in someone's system, However, my prediction is that the Black is so good in a neutral way that it will sound good in almost any combination. This leads me to the point that I believe -- MY OPINION ONLY -- that quality in the earlier part of the sound chain will make a bigger difference than improvements later on the chain, i.e., a cart will make a bigger difference for less money than a commensurate change in an amplifier or speaker. Like I say, that's just my impression and my opinion. Bottom line is that something as good as the Black will likely override issues with other components. IMO, you can't equate having a shibata or more extended freq response with sound quality or price.
  13. LarryC

    Political Advertising ... sick of it?

    "I don't know what your generation is, but .... " Maybe about the same as yours (or mine), within a generation or two standard deviation.
  14. LarryC

    Political Advertising ... sick of it?

    Marvel, do you live in Georgia, and do the voting shenanigans there have anything to do with the limited # of machines?
  15. LarryC

    Anyone into Classical Piano.

    Aside from that, the sheer number of notes and pen strokes a composer had to make has always been amazing to me, requiring boundless energy and persistence, That's back when they didn't have computers and music notation software, too. That it took months and years is no surprise, but it also indicates how much the composer had to carry in (almost always) his head and how much the composer had to HEAR in his head to then know what notes to put down, make the harmony make sense, keep orchestral balances, etc. etc. Schumann as much as anyone. Larry