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  1. LarryC

    Klipsch Shorthorns - Need an amp...

    I think the sound on these is pretty good! I suggest a vintager tube integrated if you can find one, like Scott or Fisher. Have it fixed up by somebody like Craig NOSValves if he's still in the business. I've heard that a vintage Harmon Kardon is pretty good. Which Shorthorns do you have? 12" or 15"? What do the tags say? -- If they're still there, they'll tell you the finish and the drivers. 15" is nice, but either is a very nice sound, with limited bass, I assume better with the 15 (I've only heard the 12").
  2. LarryC

    Fairchild 260

    Lucky you! I've only heard my solitary 255A, long, long ago, thought the musical sound was better than the Marantz 8B, the prominent competitor at the time. My gosh, whoever has a 245? I had only a mono Fairchild pre, of course. Nice, nice sound. What are the input sensitivities of the 260, 255 and 8B? I thought at least 1.0 v numerically.
  3. LarryC

    What is (was) the Cornwall CP 1?

    Fascinating history of the Cornwall! Wasn't it evolved from the Shorthorn, changing the back from back-loaded horn to rectangular box but keeping the slot in the back for the time being? That's what it looks like, with the Shorthorn front panel design (a typically beautiful PWK design). It kept the same driver complement, too, at least until E-V discontinued the superior alnico 15WK -- a move that hurt the sound quality of K-horns and Cornwalls for a time, as I recall. Who are the two men in the front of Bldg. 122? Larry
  4. LarryC

    Keep a Weather Eye, Gulf Coast

    For the uninitiated: https://www.history.com/news/how-the-galveston-hurricane-of-1900-became-the-deadliest-u-s-natural-disaster
  5. LarryC

    No Politics, Eh?

    No big deal, but at first I liked Julian Assange because I thought he was blowing whistles on gov't secrecy, but belatedly now see him as a Russian stooge.
  6. LarryC

    No Politics, Eh?

    Hi Jeff, That's pretty much the approach I take. There are any number of articles of which I'm skeptical, and I feel I analyze pretty well the articles from which I draw conclusions. Many would take too much time to pursue in that kind of depth. The "conditioning" idea is a good one to think about. One man's "conditioning" may simply be another's "verification" of what he/she may have been thinking along the lines of. For the most part, I tend to assemble bits and pieces of information or viewpoints, and draw conclusions. That's not conditioning in my view, but may represent assessing conclusions along particular lines that others may not agree with. I tend to think that disagreeing individuals are not seeing the same facts that I do. If I'm doubtful or think I'm on the wrong track, I change my mind. It's easy to see Russian "collusion' and attempts at subversion, IMO. It's easy to see that Trump must be either deeply in debt or thinking he can get his Trump hotel built in Moscow by overturning Western alliances, or taking down Bruce Ohr, all at Putin's behest. Let's see if I'm ultimately right.
  7. LarryC

    No Politics, Eh?

    I certainly don't agree with that, though I'm amazed how much of Fox News is just propaganda fakery.
  8. LarryC

    Duelund upgrade for Kilpschorn

    Great! - Larry
  9. LarryC

    Cornwall Audition Denver

    Larry, what is your equipment? Looks very nice and well selected.
  10. LarryC


    Talk about stuff I don't know or recognize! Somebody must have had extremely refined tastes and a depth of knowledge and experience with almost esoteric electronics selections. So how did it sound to everyone? The stereo amp at $3195 wasn't a budget-buster as these things sometimes go these days.
  11. LarryC

    The book "Red Notice"

    I'm not sure what you mean, Jeff, but Red Notice wasn't just a premise, but rather a fact-based exposé of legal thuggery in today's Russia that it has expanded beyond its borders, as in the poisoning of presumed enemies of the Russian state extended internationally, e.g., into UK restaurants. It's useful to know that Russia almost literally papers courts around the world with Red Notices which other countries have learned to ignore -- a real degradation of what has been a very useful international law enforcement tool. I'm surprised Bill Browder is still alive.
  12. Good time perhaps to remind folks that some LPs are DIGITAL which, at least in classical music, do not IMO have a natural musical sound. Having found this to be consistently true, I've been tossing DLPs whenever I find them. It's not always possible to identify them from the album cover and liner notes. To Wit: Today, I pulled out and listened to a beautiful German print album LP album of Bach's st Matthew Passion (orchestra, soloists and chorus). Part way thru, I began to recognize an unnatural violin and vocal sound, so I entered the album brand and number into Google -- and, sure enough, the listings came up with "CBS Masterworks Digital" from 1974, without a HINT of the dreaded D-word on the cover or in the liner notes! It's going in the trash, obviously, but it looks like some companies were beginning to realize by then that digital LPs were not a positive seller in their catalogs, This LP was "Columbia [] Masterworks 79403". Note they forgot the "Digital" You can find out a lot about classical recordings thru Google by just entering the record brand and album number + pressing Enter. Larry
  13. LarryC

    Klipschorn AK6 Rollout?

    How do these differ in sound from the AK-4 or AK-5 K-horns of 2004? There seem to have been quite a few changes, some of them sounding very important! -- Larry
  14. Save the old ones from any change you make, until you're absolutely sure. I wouldn't be too surprised if new ones gradually wear on you. The ear and brain always pick up on something different that you didn't hear before, so it sometimes seems like an "improvement," but I'd be cautious about making up your mind too quickly, and selling or tossing the old ones until you go back and forth a time or two as necessary. Try to focus on just what sounds better on new ones. Crites tweets can boost the highest overtones, which can raise the clarity of even the lowest notes. I didn't find that to be a natural or very musical effect, plus they didn't blend as well with the midranges or bass drivers. The phasing between the drivers seemed to be a little problematic, too. Things seemed to hang together better with the Klipsch-engineered drivers and crossovers. Good luck!
  15. LarryC

    New to me Klipshorns

    Vinyl players often will sound better and more musical than CD player -- but it depends on the quality of the CD player. One very helpful guru once told me that equivalent quality costs more in CD than in LP players, and I believe that's true. It took me a lot of juggling of components and accessories to get equal sound quality between my LP and my CD players. Solo strings, especially solo cello sound, were the toughest challenge, so I especially played string quartet and Bach solo cello sonata movements in trying different CDP components. It is NOT a matter of only adjusting treble controls! Just equalizing the amount of irritating graininess between the sources is a job in its own right, and that is not basically a treble issue. However, the job is far from impossible, and I think you have to find the "right stuff." I suggest trying a tube CD player if you have a chance. System synergy counts for a lot. DAC quality is very important. Get a really good DAC if you have a choice.