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  1. LarryC

    Speaker Switch with tube amps?

    I don't know nuttin' about this subject, but intuitively say "don't do it"! Just turn off the amp(s), let cool a bit, do the switching, and only then turn things back on again. I reached up to turn off my tube (Joule Electra) preamp a few weeks ago, lunged at the switch as my balance faltered, apparently sent a rapid on-off current into just the pre, heard a "POP" thru the speakers, and spent the next 2 days looking for the right fuse size, and finding someone to climb up and find and replace the preamp fuse -- after I finally got a pic of where the effing fuse box was so I knew where to find it. And, this was just WITHIN a single tube unit, didn't even involve switching between more than one unit! I'm very leery of sending unexpected current surges into tube equipment. It takes too long to trouble-shoot some of these things. It ain't worth it.
  2. Well, I'm not so sure about that. While many are obvious analog LPs from beginning to end of their manufacturing process, and the way they sound, that's not true of all of them. I'm most of the way through looking over and sample-listening to my hundreds or thousands of LP albums, and have found maybe 50 or 100 clearly labeled DIGITAL LPs. Those uniformly had a flat, grainy, lifeless, non-musical sound to the music. Probably the worst sound of any music medium! "Digital LP" is virtually a contradiction in terms. I threw all of those away. I also was suspicious of many1970's or 1980's LPs that had the same dubious qualities but weren't labeled digital. I threw all those away, too!
  3. Is something happening with this? Isn't VPI in Nj or some place in the NE? Larry
  4. LarryC

    First time Klipschorn owner

    Actually, the pic above from Meagain may have been originally from me (they've been refinished since) -- it looks very familiar! At that time, the remaining lacquer coat was quite thin, definitely not a thick glossy coat. Ive never seen a Klipsch oiled mahogany finish, but oiled walnut can look very dried out over time (remember, these were over 40 years old at the time, and over 50 yrs old now!). Since your pic looks so much like mine used to, I'm still tempted to think they were lacquered. I'd wager there's a difference in feel between oiled and lacquered.
  5. LarryC

    First time Klipschorn owner

    I'm not sure that means it was not lacquered -- a Klipsch historical expert is needed. The "5" looks added on in different writing, so it looks like "M-7" to me, which was one of the Klipsch mahogany finishes around then. I never saw an "M75" designation, so I don't think the "not lacquered" is necessarily correct. It looks lacquered to me in the pic, but I'm pretty sure someone could tell in closeup real life
  6. LarryC

    First time Klipschorn owner

    ""M75" Mahogany finish, NOT lacquered" Interesting! What does the tag say?
  7. You can ask Alexia when will the power come back on.
  8. Gas is still there if the power goes out.
  9. LarryC

    Klipsch Heresy Original

    That figures. There were two levels of mahogany back around that time, dark and lighter (or medium?). One was M-7 and I think the other was M-2. My K-horns were very light (at the time), just called "ML." But, I've seen a VERY dark Model T shorthorn that was definitely a darker variety than my K's.
  10. LarryC

    Klipsch Heresy Original

    Or mahogany lacquer? That's what ML stands for in my '62 K-horns.
  11. LarryC

    15" Shorthorns: bidding begins $999; eBay

    Truly original, right down to the vintage original grill cloth! How do they sound? Should be fabulous! Please don't part them out, but some may be interested in them just for the outstanding 15" woofer. I suggest you find out which it has - shine a flashlight through the slot in the back and see if it's an E-V 15WK, a totally outstanding driver all the way up to at least 1000 kHz. You'll easily be able to see the "15W", but may have to squint to see the "K" which in at least one case was only faintly stamped in following the fully-printed "15W".
  12. LarryC

    Best female vocals, looking for suggestions

    Nice choices, Sputnik
  13. LarryC

    Leaving Amp On.....

    I have left some SS amps and other electronics on for years, with no problems. Some electronics (not amplifiers) like DACS are supposed to be left on, and it seems to me that few manufacturers warn against it. However, amplifiers that are heavy current users, like the SS Class A Mark Levinson ML-2, probably should not be left on all the time, and would suffer some wear or decline among some of their innards. That suggests to me that significant heat-producers should not be left on.
  14. LarryC

    "Shorthorns" on Craiglist ... nice pair!

    Definitely a version with the 15" woofer. It seems to me this should sound really nice, although I have only heard the 15" EV woofer, and have never heard the 4400. Don't expect 40-Hz bass from the short Model S back-loaded horn (the rare Model T easily went down to below 40 Hz).
  15. LarryC

    "Shorthorns" on Craiglist ... nice pair!

    I believe they could come with either the K-Ortho-12 (T-35 EV tweeter, University SAHF mid driver and EV SP 12B woof) or K-Ortho-15 (T-35, SAHF. and probably the EV 15W-K bass). The tags would say, though you can also shine a flashlight through the slot in the back to see which they are. The "K" is stamped in, hard to see after the "15W." Beautiful speakers though, deepest bass is lacking because the bass horn is so short. The 15 bass driver would probably have very impressive low tones regardless. Great midrange and highs IMO.