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  1. I am so sorry to see this! Gil is one of those permanent presences who is always there for everyone with the greatest of care and sensitivity for everyone, especially those on the Forum. He even came to the great Planets concert I organized clear up in Bethesda, several years ago, as Travis ad Gary will remember. Best wishes, Gi!! Larry
  2. I'm reading Harry Truman's autobiography for the first time. Good study of political and International leadership. -Larry
  3. Hi, Perhaps you should attend the upcoming Capital Area Audiofest in DC in early November. You can hear a wide variety of good equipment For example, They have exhibited OTL amps in the past, which can complement K's very nicely. They certainly do in my case (see my avatar). -Larry
  4. Pictures please, from enough different angles to give a comprehensive picture of what a buyer would be dealing with. Larry
  5. LarryC

    Home generators

    I also prefer whole-house, which dehumidifies vary well. Separate dehumidifiers put out a lot of heat, have limited in-house distribution, not worth it.. I had a Cummins 20 kw, but quiet it was not. I had to have rubber-cork vibration absorbers installed under it near my wood-frame house, which worked wonders. Cost= $20,000 10 years ago. Worth it to me. Definitely worth it for sump pump protection, especially if you have K-horns on the floor in your basement. That happened to a forum member a few years ago, ruined the bottom of it.🥵 - Larry
  6. Overly heroic portrayal, but an excellent description of America's pre-WW II situation and its incredible industrial preparation for WW II. No wonder Biden wants to spend a lot of money on rebuilding, but our country was also in a unique place with enormous room to expand industrially and its armed forces. We made the most of it, really stomped the enemy, and established world leadership for most likely well over a century, thanks to leadership giants like Henry Kaiser, Knudson, etc. -- Larry https://www.amazon.com/Freedoms-Forge-American-Business-Produced/dp/0812982045/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=freedom's+forge&qid=1623495357&sr=8-1
  7. p. 11 of this website should be pretty close, as I don't things changed that much until the AK-5 and 6. Please correct me:www.hifilit.com
  8. Gil is absolutely right about its potential destructiveness on fine finishes. it greatly darkens and increases light-to-dark contrast in veneer grain. I had to have my mahogany lacquer Style B K-horns re-finished in order to dissolve out the discoloration from the lye. I don't think they've ever fully recovered. Who puts lye on a varnish finish? Great for Zebrawood! -- Larry
  9. My 2 cents: Listen to both if you can, or just jump for the AK-6's if you can't compare. I understand that the AK-6's are the first K-horns in decades whose treble system CANNOT be updated, e.g., from an AK-3, 4, or 5, to the AK-6. I believe it may have to do with space and layout in the 6 that prevents just sticking in a new tweeter, and perhaps more. That should deter you if you're an experimenter at heart. Klipsch engineering has made astonishing improvements in the last few decades IMO, and company leadership appears to be permanent and fully dedicated and competent to sustain the quality of the product. Why take an outdated product and then try to mess with supposed improvements that often leave the owner unsatisfied? It seems like you have a bargain opportunity at hand. Why does the seller want to get rid of them? There are plenty of good possible reasons , but it might be useful to know. - Larry
  10. Very nice, Gil. Very nice, more traditional, Christmas in Norway DVDs have been issued in recent years. Larry
  11. Probably not ... I have a habit of not being as careful as I should be about how old a thread is before replying to it I hereby apologize to you and Greg. Has the virus shut-in process affected you? Gary and Marty are now being vaccinated and we may get together one of these days. Seen any good concerts lately? -- Larry
  12. I saw it yesterday in an obscure part of the forum, which I probably couldn’t find that quickly again. I don’t recall it being that directly from him, more like a statement of availability. I’ll let you know if I see something in the future Larry
  13. Should Volti be permitted to use the Forum promote Volti “upgrades” to Khorns and other Heritage products? I’d say no because it implies our endorsement, which I don’t think has happened. Nor do I think they amount to the improvement implied. —Larry
  14. I'm re-entering this thread after having been away a while ... I definitely have Meniere's, tho' only in the left ear. High distortion, especially raspy distorted highs, are murder on my sick inner ear. There's a lot of :"recruitment" of multitudes of random unrelated sounds in tinnitus and hyperacusis, a sort of piling-on of multiple distorted copies of the sound you are listening to. That's why high distortion is such bad news IMO, because it'a piling-on of distortion on music that's already distorted -- a sort of multiplier effect of distortion products. That's what I sense, anyway. Hence a strong preference for very clean tube and tube-like sound. That's my best recommendation for you, and don't make it too loud. I hope you have it mostly in one ear, since deafness usually follows after 20 years or so. Sorry, Larry
  15. Pfizer X 2; Sore arm the first shot & tired feelings first day only. Second shot, sore arm of longer duration, several days of feeling listless, under the weather. Both arms a little muscle tenderness for several days. More reaction than I ever got from a flu shot.
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