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  1. Everyone,

    I have been in contact with my favorite crystal ball. Gil has hit it on the head. Klipsch IS waiting to see which way the snowball rolls and it IS up to us to start it. There will be many things to see in Indy and as always, due to safety concerns, the factory tour makes them nervous. The Klipsch Fans Tour went after hours, by the graces of several employees that stayed late on a Friday evening. It has been said that thee are some goodies almost ready to be shown, so "A Visit To The Klipsch Kingdom" this spring could be rewarding indeed.

    I have cast my vote, everyone else needs to cast their's as well. We need to be enthusiastic enough to get the attention of upper management, as well.


  2. Justin,

    College was a long time ago. I knew a guy that had a pair of Heresies and all tube McIntosh gear, in the dorm. I had a Kenwood integrated amp and a pair of Marantz speakers larger than Heresies. I did not have time to use mine except on weekends. I always had the best luck with them on tall stands and covered with a towel. Ratty cabinets would be another good idea.


  3. You can succesfully build a home theater with La Scalas. I use 4. My center is a Klipsch KLF-C7. A somewhat similar center now is the RC-7. I use 2 VMPS Larger Subs driven with about 400 watts each. http://www.vmpsaudio.com/sub1.htm The newest Larger Sub is pictured on the right.

    You will need all of the subwoofer you can afford to keep pace with La Scalas and maintain low distortion. The Klipsch RSW-15 can do it, others can, too. Look at SVS subs on the web.

    C$700 is a GREAT price.


  4. We need more information to tell if briging is safe for the amp. The final word on that is the manufacturer.

    The way it's done is to make/use a Y-adapter and reverse the polarity of one channel (+ to - and - to + on one channel). Plug your adapter into the normal inputs of the amp and connect the speaker leads to the + terminals only for each channel. There has to be some internal design features to allow this without damage. I *think* a common ground for the speaker terminals and chassis is one requirement. Large heat sinks are another one. The briged amp behaves like it is driving 1/2 the impedance it actually sees, so your power increases accordingly.

    Caution: experiment at your own risk.


  5. There's something wrong with the serial numbers you listed. They don't seem to match the normal patterns. Look at the third character and see if it is not really a letter. The letter indicates build year. The LSBB means La Scala, Birch, Black. They should be black lacquer and not flat black. Thare is one meaningful parts change that would be an upgrade. You can change the crossover network to the Type AL-3, or substitute Al Klappenberger's high quality networks. The drivers have had a few changes over the years and while some of us prefer one driver or an other over the rest, there are no startling improvements between them.


    Other changes should address audible defects you can hear. For instance I could hear (and feel) a ringing in the throat of the aluminum sqiawker horn and damped it out with Dynamat. Several of us have tweaked our La Scalas various ways, if you need specific advice.

  6. The PWK horn is obviously a Klipsch. The other one, is not. It COULD be a Speaker Lab knock-off. BTW, Real K-400s are welded, but alomg the "horizontal" seam. It would appear you have a pair of KC-BR bass horns with other manufacturers' top end. Since they came from a disco, the other parts are probably replacements for failed components.


  7. Gil is right. Klipsch DOES have some things to blow it's horn about and is interested in including the "Fan Club" (watch for more about that later).

    We need to decide where we want to convene. Only Pro Audio R&D is done in Hope, now. The Home stuff is all in Indy. The Hope listening rooms are no longer in use. Sadly, a lot of the museum stuff has been sent to NMSU, so it is not as good as it was. However, Hope is the heart of the company's history and is it's manufacturing center.

    I'll Kick it off now by placing my vote for INDY.

    Coincidently, we had an article in the Chattanooga paper Sunday describing all of the things to do in Indy. It would be an interesting place to visit. I understand there is a pretty good live music scene, too.


  8. How about an exclusive tour of all the facilities with an extended stop at their R&D lab?

    Topped off with complimentary, individually engraved, custom wall plaques for each of us to take home.


    That would be awesome.

    But alas, a dream."

    Too Late; That occurred 1 1/2 years ago! It was great! The R&D is now in Indy, too. I don't think the Museum will stay in Hope much longer, either.


  9. Well Sarge, you should be at least concerned about blown drivers. All of the Heritage drivers can be overhauled for about $75 each, so a blown driver is no problem. Most of the other Klipsch drivers can be overhauled as well. To test them take a 1.5 volt battery and rub the leads to each driver across the battery terminals. A scratching sound indicates continuity through the voicecoil and a high probability of a good driver. Only a listening test will confirm the drivers are good.


  10. Yes! I have. I was in Audio Systems in Nashville around 1976 and was in the low-end room looking at what I could afford when a thunderstorm rolled up. I had to go upstairs and out to see if it was really raining. It wasn't! Back inside in the room next to the one I was in was the storm on a pair of K-horns powered by an SAE preamp and 100 watt power amp, all solid state! The storm was on the back side of "Tales of Mystery and Imagination" and it was completely real sounding, even in the next room. Later, they played Santa Esmerelda and my bell-bottom jeans moved to the beat of the bass drum; awesome! That's the only disco record I own.

    That was the first day I had ever heard Klipsch. It is the reason I have configured my La Scalas to mid-70s spec.


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