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  1. hey matt, nice to know you got some stuff. i will be purchasing some seperate equipment in the not so distant future. i don't know if klipsch speakers will be included i will keep the current setup though.
  2. well avman, have you tried "the box" yet? well, until you do, the ps2 will still reign. i'm real picky with my video games and to play games that have dolby digital full 5.1 sound, accompanied with graphics that would make you sh*t, well if that doesn't sum it up. i waited in line at my local wal-mart last year for the ps2 release. until now, i thought it couldn't be touched. if you're a first person shooter fan like me, or a simulation or race car fan, then the rest should just be up to you. i don't think anything will come close for a llloooonnnnggg time. by the way, i'm 29 years old and thought i was losing my youthful nack for video games until the magic "box" made me reborn. if you want to play a really good game for your ps2 and you're into first person shooters, then "gungriffon blaze" would be a game i highly recommend. once again 5.1 dolby-digital, extremely real, almost lifelike graphics, and a.i. that makes you think you're playing against another human("halo"). for racing, i love formula1/cart. "f1 2001" is THE best yet for formula 1 racing sim. extremely real and lifelike. don't let the haters bring you down. judge for yourself.
  3. well thanks guys. i am planning on purchasing the poa5200 two channel amp from denon for the surround backs. just to relieve some confusion, the 4800 is only 5.1. a seperate amp(poa5200) must be added to it for the 6/7.1 channel es/ex. the guys who have the setup for center/surround/surround backs on the receiver are doing the right thing. i will be using that same setup. mike lindsey, since you have the three channel setup for front soundstage, and the ex set to "on", the receiver will automatically go to "ex" and the surround back speakers will go on. although you don't have the dvd's with that format, the surround backs will still kick in. the receiver will take some of the sound from the rears and "matrix" it to the surround backs and give it a fuller sound. when you get a rare dvd with ex/es encoded sound, you will really hear the surround backs kick in. check out www.dtsonline.com and you will find any dts-es movie available. they are also having a clearance sale on dvd's and dts encoded cd's that are dirt cheap. anyway, thanks again for all the helpful input. by the way, you could see my setup under the "odds and mods" section. just look for samuel r's denon/klipsch setup. there have been some mods since then. the power strip has been replaced with an hts1000 line conditioner that just makes a world of difference...especially for video. the speaker wires are all now monster cable mcx-is bi-wire, and the playstation2 has been replaced by the awesome(and i mean awesome) xbox. well, thanks again.
  4. i understand now, but my question is somewhat like tblasing's as well. i don't think they would clip though since i'm using small wall speakers...if that matters. i think a larger speaker setup would probably make it clip before a smaller, less power handling one would. i have them set to "small" already. okay, i'm really gonna make it even clearer. i want to buy a pair of rs-3's. my existing cambridge soundworks speakers will remain in the speaker "A" input with the selector on "A" only. when i buy the rs-3's, i will hook them into the "B" input. i will then select both rear speaker pairs to run at once by choosing "A+B" on the selector. i guess that means the two pair of 8 ohm rear speakers will become two pair of 4 ohm speakers. so then i guess i should be okay since the rears won't be as loud as the mains and center and the receiver is supposed to be "torture tested" at high volume-low impedances. well, i'm gonna just do it. thanks all.
  5. well thanks to both of you, lynnm and boa12. i kinda figured it had to be some mis-wording. when i was younger(early teens), i always experimented with my electronics. from taking apart, to litterally blowing up...not big explosions, but electrical blue light pops that made me realize i needed to unplug the receiver before operating under the cover. well, i also experimented with multiple speakers on stereo only receivers. those with a+b speaker settings. nothing ever happened. the reason i ask the question now is because those receivers never costed me $2000 and weren't digital. i'm older and wiser now and only repair what i know...simple circuitry trial and error 101.(just a joke) anyway, i did try the speakers all at once(a+ before i looked into the fine print on the denon4800 manual. i removed rear speaker "B" and never used them in conjunction again. just didn't want to ruin anything and i know i can't just go inside and start tinkering. but anyway, i will use them both again. i looked at the manual over and over and it states you can use them both. it just doesn't say anything about impedance. i would assume that denon is refering to 8 ohm speakers since that is the more common impedance on most home speakers. well thanks for your time guys.
  6. ok, kinda understand. but i have two sets of inputs for the rears. input for rear speakers "a" and input for rear speakers "b". i am not running TWO pair of speakers off one input. ok, right now i have only one pair of surounds hooked into speaker input "a". i want to use the extra pair of rears i have and put them into the "b" input. after doing this, i will be able to select which set of rears i want to use. i can use either set "a" or i can use set "b". OR i can use both sets "a+b". will the use of both sets "a+b" bring the impedance down to 4 ohms since both pairs are 8 ohm speakers, or will they stay at 8 ohms and just overwork. is it safe to use both at the same time in the long run?
  7. on my denon 4800 receiver, i have two sets of REAR speaker inputs (a+. i just want to know if using both sets at once will overwork the receiver or will it just lessen the power to each speaker? i currently have one set of rears hooked up in the "a" side. i have an extra pair of rears i would like to utilize for more effect and added spaciousness. the manual states that using both sets as A+B may lead to damage. could that be? it also states later in the manual that either a, b, or a+b can be used. should i use a higher gauge wire(thinner) if i'm to use both sets? or does wire matter in this situation? or should i not do it at all?
  8. sorry jim g, i must have looked at the finishes for the rb3II's. oh well, all apologies. black rules!!!
  9. well jim g, apparently you haven't looked into the finish choices you have for those rf-3II's. they come in maple and cherry as well as black. also, this wasn't intended to piss people off, just pissed me off. i never said your black objects were inferior, just said they look better with a natural color that adds to "home decor". especially if you have wood floors and trim. overall, i'm very satisfied with the sound of these wonders. still haven't heard nothing come close, including more expensive pairs. you got to understand people. i stated i originally wanted wood veneer finish for these speaks, but had to settle with black ash. not a problem. i got'em now. i guess i just had to vent a little.
  10. i'm not concerned with black components, just speakers. especially the ones that look like wood. but i guess it matches everything. would just look soooo much nicer with real wood finish. would also match the wood trim and hardwood floors in my apartment. for now they just match my components. by the way, what does "lol" and "nt" mean? hope i don't get laughed at.
  11. why not throw in the playstation? it is part of your audio/video entertainment/equipment. the ps2 can be a dvd player as well as game system. i will include it in my add-up. i think paying $300 dollars for something i'm going to put a $50 optical cable into and run through my stereo for full sound should be an addition to price. a computer on the other hand, well that's usually in the computer room or designated area, not on the entertainment shelf. i'm not going to add up since i already know my stuff totals just over $5000. i still have to get my rs-3's and denon poa5200 amp. that alone will be just over another grand. however, you could see my pic in the "odds and mods" section which speaks for itself.:biggrin
  12. yeah, i kinda understand. the thing that just burns me up is that before i purchased my rf-3's, i asked my sales rep if they come in other finishes because black wood simply does not exist. why would they not originally make them with different colors? it just makes me mad because now i have to spend more money. maybe i'll put them in e-bay and wait for the "RF3II's". how corny is that? it's like saying pro logic II. a useless "new" format to make more money and make people mad. what is the use for it? i don't even own a vcr anymore and i'm not even kidding. just ploys to make money. i'm sure the klipsch guys sat around their round table and said, "lets see how we can make some money and piss people off who originally opted for wood finish but could only get black". it's like the ford model "t". henry ford stated "the people can have any color they want, as long as it's black". i'm really pissed. i'm gonna go whine to my girlfriend now. damn!
  13. nice! your all set. you don't have to go to far to wash up either. thats one thing my room lacks.
  14. you know, when i purchased my klipsch rf3 speaks, i HAD to get them in black ash because there were no other wood colors for them. four months later, what comes out? rf-5's and now rf3II's? both can be had with a nice cherry finish. that's what i wanted in the first place. i turned down the same price, lesser desired, yet cherry optional wood finish that paradigm monitor 9 had to offer. but now this. i never really dug black for speaks, but i know klipsch are vastly superior so i took the black. i contacted the place of my purchase(tweeter etc.) to find out if i could switch the blacks for the cherries when they come out. but guess what? i have to upgrade 50% total cost of my rf3's. so now i have to spend another 700 bucks to get the rf5's. that sucks. why couldn't klipsch make the rf-3's in cherry in the first place? why come out with some NEW model that's actually the same thing with different "name brand" wiring? and then not be able to exchange them unless i get the more expensive rf-5's. this sucks big time and i am going to vent! i just hope klipsch takes into account on future models that if they plan on making a new speak, please make it in different varieties of colors so people won't be cheated into having to buy the color they originally wanted, but settle with what they have to buy. i know these rf-3's been out a couple of years now, but i still feel klipsch knew back then that they would eventually come out with the same product, but in different colors. anyway, i still like my speaks, but why didn't i wait 'til now to get the color i wanted, instead of the color i had to get. perhaps next time i will wait.
  15. just want to know the REAL wattage the rf-3's can handle. the manual says 225 watts continuous, but the online specs. say 150 watts continuous. which is it?
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