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  1. I've finally received my RB61 ii's which completes my 7.1 setup... for now anyway I have RS42's that I have on the sides, and won't be able to upgrade them for quite some time (until I can save up). the new RB61ii's can keep up with the RF-7 ii's a lot better than the RS-42's can. So does it make more sense to have the 42's at the back since the amount of work they would potentially receive at the back would be less than compared to the Sides? I feel like the RB61 ii's would be more impactful being at the side position. Room size is 30ft and the back's would 10 ft behind the sitting position (technically in the Dining room). The Sides are close to the sitting position within 3ft. I know there's been conversations on putting Sides as backs before on the forum and many agree that Surrounds are meant for the Sides. But the topics that I've found are more centered around them being Surrounds vs Bookshelves. In this case the Bookshelves out-power the surrounds by a decent amount and I'm curious to hear what everyone's opinion on that would be
  2. Finally got my RB61's (I'm in Canada so it took awhile) and they came damaged! I hope this isn't what they meant by Open Box. Fry's hasn't responded yet to my email, but the back corner is pushed in on the MDF. Was pretty excited opening the box, but my heart dropped after pulling the second one out. Anyone else suffered from this?
  3. Thank you RX8 - I was still able to apply the code and pick up a pair at $199!
  4. Thanks for the Responses... Jim the room dimensions we're dealing with is very similar to yours actually 27' x13' x8'. With that in mind, I'm pretty sure that I'll go with the placement of the side surrounds at a simliar height as you've mentioned, maybe a little lower as the speakers are right beside the seating position, rather than a ft back of them. Thanks for the help everyone - saved me once again!
  5. Sorry for the delay - I was having some password issues, but all good now. The Speaker types have not been chosen yet, I'm biased with Klipsch obviously, but I'm going to be bringing him to our local Future Shop so that he can listen for himself to see what speakers sounds good to him. All the equipment is still up in the air, but we know that there will be in-walls on the sides and only the sides. Towers in front, with a change to the configuration. Originally we were going to do a 7.1 setup, but he added the wires for the fronts at the edge of the room. Speaking with him we'll have towers at the front and we're going to turn this into a 9.1 and use those for Front Highs Here's a picture (hope the image comes into the Post here) of the room looking at the back wall where the TV will be. My dilemma is the placement of the side (surround)speakers. Considering there's a bulkhead only on the Right side, are they ok to tuck right under the bulkhead or should they be ear height?
  6. Thanks Sancho, I did check out the Dolby site - but not the DTS site yet so I'll check that out. The problem with the Dolby site is that they show you all the 'perfect' setups, but I didn't see anywhere that shows some 'imperfect' situations ie: a bulkhead in the way, but just one side - haha
  7. Been awhile since I've posted, but wanted to check in and see if I could pull off this forum's great knowledge. I have a friend who is setting up his room with a 7.1 setup and I'm helping him with purchasing/setup etc. When he first wired up the room, he placed the fronts and the backs about 18" from the 8ft higih ceiling so they are at the same height - all good! the Surrounds are wired perfectly to the left and right of the seating arrangement. My original thought is to put the inwall surrounds at the same height as the Fronts and Backs. But the dilema I'm fighting is that on one side he has a 12" bulkhead - which would leave one side only 6" from the bulkhead. The other side has the normal 8ft ceiling so it would be 18" away So I'm fighting with putting the surround speakers at ear level.. or at the same height as the rest of the setup...Any thoughts? Will the bulkhead effect the sound on the one side? Room is 27ft long by 13 ft wide. Let me know if there's any other info that would be helpful Thanks in advance!
  8. Wow - where did you find the great deal? Just ebay type of thing? I really did like the Pioneer sound on my previous receiver and I didn't even have an Elite.
  9. I've actually read some post of people who prefer the SC35 over the newer SC55/57 line. Have you had a Denon before? I'd be interested in how you think the sound compares to the Pioneer.
  10. I've appreciated many of your posts actually Jason since our setups have been so close. I'm suprised to hear that you have pulled out the XPA-5 to find an improvement! I've had trouble with my HT RC-180 talking to my XPA-5 and spent an hour on the phone with Emotiva support. Turns out that the Pre-outs on the Onkyo are not producing any sound (for more than 10 seconds anyway) - very disappointing. This is my first Onkyo and I've had troubles with this avr for the 2 years I've owned it and am anxious to try something else. I've had Pioneer avrs and truly enjoyed the sound. My first thought was to go back to Pioneer, but I'm thinking that I might try the Denon sound out to round out my experience a little bit. Plus I'm not overly impressed by the Elites this round from the research that I've been doing on them. Unfortunately there are not a lot of options for auditioning in Vancouver Canada - makes it a little tougher to make a decision since I can`t listen to them. Going to the local future shop just doesn`t cut haha
  11. Excellent - Thanks Rhetor! I'll check it out. Other than the wpc, what features are you enjoying over the 3312ci?
  12. I'm shopping for a new reciever for a 18 x 15 room powered by an Emotiva XPA-5. I use my system for 40% tv (sports mostly) and 60% movies and games. I've mostly been looking between the pioneer SC55 and the Denon 3312 but I'm open to anything. Has anyone had experiences with either powering the Rf7iis or have any recommendations?
  13. Thanks gsxr - I ordered my XPA-5 yesterday - Can't wait to get it hooked up!
  14. Sorry for being a novice, but I haven't heard about the RF-7iis impedence dip - how do you combat that?
  15. Thanks for the replies! The Speakers still sound great so I think I can rule out the tweeters having an issue. The Onkyo does have pre-outs so hopefully a new receiver isn't in order. I checked out the 3490, which is a great buget solution, but I'm using a 5.1 setup right now and will be going back to 7.1 in a couple of months when I move. I was considering looking at a Pioneer Elite Receiver, but if I'm able to add to my existing setup - I'd rather take that route
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