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  1. rf-62iis sound really good. grats man I had the rf-82 set up before and loved it. Wow now that I think about it. This is my 4th reference set up For sure Ref Head, I love the set up. By far the best speakers I've had. And the 7's just give me something to look forward to down the road. Your set up looks sweet in that narrow room, just a wall of sound! Do you like one of those subs better than the others? Wall of sound I like that maybe that should be the slogan []. All the subs sound great the front 2 (svs and epik) are better than the super cube. But it’s kinda a tossup the svs goes lower a little bit louder but the epik is the bigger sound, with more mid bass and probably is the better value (500 cheaper). A lot of people will tell you to stay with the same model with multi subs though. I’ve had good luck they sound great together[]
  2. I agree with above posts. Definitely go with the rc-62 over the 52 I’ve had both and the 62 is a big step up. The rf-52 to rf-62 to me I’m going to guess it’s the same step up. But I’d really look at a new receiver though 30 watts would scare me. I even looked it up because I didn’t believe it was 30 watts didn’t know they made them that small anymore. (They use to make small tube amps probably still do) I would think that would be better for a smaller set up.
  3. If them are the only two spots then I’d go with spot 2 for same reasons, you can change distance and level on your avr id run a auto set up first then manually turn it up tell it matches . grats on your new set up I had the older models but the same set up. it sounds amazing
  4. rf-62iis sound really good. grats man I had the rf-82 set up before and loved it. Wow now that I think about it. This is my 4th reference set up
  5. cool thanks both you for alot of good info. i saw what you ment on the video. i love the look of the the 2:35 screen do they have pull down ones of those
  6. 3 subs ,I have 2 and my whole house shakes , for real .I dont need any tactical tranducers my subs do a good enough job of that.(Butt Kicker) Thats cool though. i hear you 1 of the front subs would be plenty. all personally preference. i don't have any of them cranked
  7. iknow its full size and bars but if i go 2:35 will there be bars?
  8. thanks i want to paint and go projector soon but its the 1 thing i don't know anything about []
  9. and can you get a good projector for 2-2500 if so you have any that you would recommend?
  10. yea i still watch a lot of tv was thinking of mounting the tv the back wall then getting a motor screen to go up and down when watching movies.how big a screen you think i could get in this space? above center speaker is over 5ft to ceiling and between the 7s is over 8ft
  11. a great blu ray alot of people dont talk about is king kong terminator salvation,new start trek,sherlock holmes(one of best overall sound)district9,all the pirates,despicable me, spidermans,hulk,robin hood,casino royale,i robot,man on fire,cloverfield,both hellboy movies,kung fu panda,2012,new rambo,310 yuma,beowulf,war of the worlds, those are the ones i have that i would give top sound good place to look is blu ray.com befor you buy a blu ray they review all of them on pic and sound. the aboce moveis all get perfect 5s (rate 1-5 5 best) for sound i think
  12. Youthman my next upgrade will be a projector is there any difference with a pull down screen vs the kind you have?
  13. Thanks man yes they sound great! Got one more sub behind the couch
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