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  1. La scalas fronts herseys surrounds and 2 sets of RP-500SA (Atmos)
  2. So if I’m getting all this correctly I need a four channel amp (one channel for each 510/driver, and one each for the La scala bottoms)…I know next to nothing about active xos. What are the requirements?
  3. Well I’ve taken the advice of the forum, and I bought a new AVR with pre outs 😊. So active it is!
  4. I use to..I sold them when I sold my house. Now I have 1978 La Scala that im thinking of adding 510/de75 to . I have a line on buying 510/de75 drivers. I’m wondering what my options are in terms of a crossover that would work with them (passive if possible )…Thanks
  5. I actually have a lot of experience with the 510 (The pic is my old set up). Those had mumps.
  6. Personally I don’t think I will ever stop tinkering no matter how happy I am with the set up…. It’s my favorite part of the hobby.
  7. Billy, that’s hilarious! But to late “ That ship has sailed“ everyone currently posting in this thread (including you old friend ) rooms are already filled with giant speakers 😏😊.
  8. Might just be easier if I post my credit card number. 😂😂😂
  9. As much as I would love to get into the Jubilee level (yes please!). That was never really what my expectation was here. A nice upgrade over what I currently have. If that’s possible (with my budget and space).
  10. Budget all done 1kish…I can get a pair of 510s with DE75s from a member on here for $400. That leaves about 600 for the rest.
  11. If only I had the space, and the money… Some day maybe 🤞
  12. In seriousness you guys have been super helpful, and I know you’ve given me the answer already. I’m not ignoring that. Im trying to find a cheaper alternative (if there even is one).
  13. Lol…. Just looking for suggestions (not a cure for cancer) 😊.
  14. Roy do you have any advice on a passive crossover solution?
  15. You are correct that zone two is technically a pre-out (for like a tape out), but wouldn’t that be a full signal and not just left and right front in a 5.1 (for example)?
  16. I am unfortunately not advanced enough to understand the complexity of all of that if I’m being honest. I understand Ohm and xo pretty good. Does it mean basically that if you don’t have the right driver it will absorb too much power and be too loud if it’s not the right resistance? (Is that what you mean)
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