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  1. Maybe I just answered my own question I don’t know. I guess my main question is if I just run one position would I be handicapping the program (taking away from what makes it so popular)?
  2. Appreciate the feedback. The instruction (and what I’ve read ) say you basically have the one (first) position for the main listening position, and then an eight point square box around that position. So if I’m understanding it correctly all the main stuff (like distance, levels, and phasing) is all done from the very first calibration. All the other 8 measurements are NOT considered listening positions… these are considered room measurement data.
  3. So I ended up getting a receiver that sports this new technology (new to me). I have literally one sweet spot in the room . Are there any cons that any of you are aware of of using only one mic position for all nine testing of this program?
  4. What did you guys think of the Obi-Wan Disney+ Show? I loved it!
  5. I love Waters bass sound on this album. With so much popular Pink Floyd out there this album kind of gets forgotten I think ….. it’s one of my top five favorite albums easily.
  6. Hi Derek how’s it going old friend? Where do you have your Atmos located?
  7. When running 4 Atmos speakers (one set angled up to reflect, and one set from the ceiling pointing down) but the receiver only has one option for Atmos distance from the ceiling that apparently is for all 4 of the Atmos speakers.. i’m confused on what to adjust the distance to when one set is pointing down, and one set is pointing up…but only one option for a distance to ceiling…. any suggestions?
  8. That will fall into that annoying category of what sounds best to you in your room, and your set up… I know that’s not very helpful. But In my experience a lot of these little things like this always just come down to your room, and your ears.
  9. Billy! Good to hear from you….Yeah I want pre outs… I have a denon Atmos receiver right now that is pretty nice.. but I’m in the market.
  10. I don’t think you’re going to find to many people that would argue against 80 Hz. Is there’s better?… of course that’s certainly debatable.
  11. Yeah I have seen that. If I remember correctly it’s more of a positioning thing?…. If the speakers are firing up at the ceiling it’s one crossover, and if they’re firing down from the ceiling it’s another crossover (or if they’re up high angling down as well).
  12. I’m not the best one to ask for Atmos. I have it, but Im still learning. I mentioned this in another thread about this topic, but really you kind of want to pick one frequency for as many of the speakers as you can for phase issues. When you have that many speakers in your room (like you do) you want all of them to be as in sync with each other as possible. Phasing becomes really important.
  13. From what I understand you get a more proper in room phase response with a single crossover frequency for all the speakers. For this reason it’s best to have as many of the speakers set to the same crossover frequency as possible.
  14. I would also personally put those subs behind the couch sideways along the back wall so the drivers are facing opposite directions…. In my humble opinion near field subs are way more efficient, and better performing.
  15. The 7lls to me we’re a bit of an outlier, and sounded better full range strangely (everything else in the system xo 80hz)…. All the other speakers I have had before them, and after for the most part I liked at 80hz throughout the system. Running 7s full range will suck a lot of juice, and might not be worth it overall. With that being said I have read Atmos recommends different crossover points depending on the locations of the speakers (other than the standard 80 Hz.). What does the auto set up test set everything at?
  16. WTB Pioneer elite AVR receiver with Dolby Atmos and pre-outs
  17. That entire soundtrack on Spotify is incredible!
  18. I’m actually pretty late to the party with these guys…. Trying to digest all of their stuff on Spotify is a lot (pretty fun though).
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