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  1. Just ran across this. Seems interesting? Not sure if repeat? http://unexpectedentertainment.net/cleaning-vinyl-record-with-wood-glue/ sorry put up wrong one at first
  2. Utard

    SW-8 II

    Guy is asking $250 so.... nevermind. LOL Should I tell him
  3. Utard

    SW-8 II

    Anyone ever heard an SW-8 II? http://www.klipsch.com/sw-8-ii/details Any Idea what one is worth? Would the Bass reflex via passive radiator be better for midbass than a ported sub?
  4. Utard

    RSW-10d Wanted

    For you a special offer. I buy for $1 and you pay the shipping. OK lol I really hate spammers
  5. So would I assume a $525 DIY kit have the sound of $750 complete amp? I do plan on doing some DIY subs so this might just be up my alley a DIY amp. BUT is an am like this just for 2 speakers? A left and a right? How would you get a sub to work with this. Also I plan on doing a 18's DIY sub. I noticed on the specs for the amp it does not go below 20hz would this be a problem? I have no problem with the DIY part of soldering, nailing, gluing, wiring and what not I just don't get all the oms, push-pull, matched quad, bias stuff. Give me a pile of crap and tell me to put it together I am good. You want to know how it works well.....you are on your own
  6. Yes I will be doing the DIY 18's. But for now I did set two of my RW 12d's up with the Heresys. I put them at the depth setting and 40 hz. They seem to be ok for now. But that has been for radio listening only so far. The move is going slow. But yeah I will do one DIY 18 and if I like it we I might have to sell the RW's But I guess that means I would have to build what like 5 of the 18's?
  7. Utard

    RSW-10d Wanted

    Interesting I just had a message from someone with 0 posts and now they are deleted. Here is what they messaged me: "I have this product for sale in a great condition ... please contact me on mibul@outlook.com for more details, thanks" I really wish ALL scammers would be neutered
  8. Utard

    RSW-10d Wanted

    Seems weird to still be new in box. .
  9. So other than the box and speaker you got from amazon what were the other parts you need to build the subs?
  10. Thanks This is really the route I should go. I will have the room and time for a project like this now in the new place. I will get more bang for the buck? .
  11. Utard

    RSW-10d Wanted

    Thanks Bill I will have to look into that one.
  12. What would be a good entry level/starter tube amp. Under $500? It would be needed for Heresys and a sub (2.1 sound). Would like to be able to run a HD through USB with WAV music. Anyone in the SLC, Utah area that would be willing to let me listen to their tube amps?
  13. BIG I was thinking RSW-10d or RT-10D if I could find them. I always hear here about how they are musical subs. .
  14. Utard

    RSW-10d Wanted

    Not selling........Wanting
  15. My budget could be flexible. I have plenty of room. The center of the new house is a room that is a little over 30x30 feet about 1000 square feet? Its like a kit-din-liv-den type of room. I will already have 4 RW 12d's for the HT. So what would be a good mid bass sub that could do a little deep when called upon? I will have a separate seating position from the HT.
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