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  1. I have read a lot on this forum about the use of power amps to add detail to the sound of music. Where does equalization come in compared to the use of power amps. I know it take a lot of hours of listening to music and a good equalizer to know what frequencies to adjust. It would seem that amps can only take you so far. I wondered what other forum member do to further customize their system's to their listening preferencies. I am not concerened with loudness, just clarity. I have seen the vast amount of knowledge on this forum, so I feel that many other members may have more experience with this issue on sound clarity. Thank for your comment and opinions.

  2. In general it is better to have two identical subs with the same frequency response. If your bass is boomy this may be due to reverb/standing waves. The sub you have goes pretty low and is a great sub. Any way to check? Are you speakers let to large, small or a combination of the two? This will influence bass management. I have a 15 in. sub and it is great for music and HT. I ran MCACC on my system using 3 listening position to get the best correction for standing waves in the room. This was in addition to moving the sub to different locations in the room. Before doing this the bass was somewhat boomy. Now it is tight and dynamic. Two subs are better for spreading around the bass in the room than using some speakers set to large; it is a simpler way for bass management in a system.

  3. Explain more on what you are trying to accomplis. Why is the speaker wire run so long? Additional information will get others to join the post and help you. The pros and cons of bi-wiring are uncertain do to so many different opinions. If it was a more sure thing, you would see more people raving about it's benefits. This long wire run may make a difference, but others will have more knowledge and can give an opinion.

  4. Thor, Captain America, Shoot em up, 3:10 to youma, Pirates of the Caribbean(latest one) and Tranformers Darkside of the Moon are 7.1 blue-rays that I own. I have others, but these just came to mind.

  5. Hello, I have a Pioneer elite SC 35 and wanted to see 7 speakers working when I was trying everything out. I rented some dvd's from the video store that were suppose to be 7.1 movies. Popped them in and only 5 speakers lit up. I brought a blue-ray of the same movie I rented and 7 speaker lit up. Blue-rays carry the 7.1 channels but most dvd's do not; they will only have the disc in a 5.1 format. Your system can matrix the dvd to 7 channels but it is not the same experience. I use to say why spend the extra money on blue-rays when my player upconverts anyway. Now I just place my avr in auto surround and a enjoy watching it detect DTS-master, Dolby true hd and the other formats and automatically select the best playback mode.I run a 9.1 system and was watched Green Lantern the other day, and it was cool in one of the sences with a helicopter going from low to high and seeing my front height speakers handle the special effect.

  6. Congrats on some nice speakers, They look like they will be a collectors items one day. I wonder since they are rated 200-800 watts, do they behave like RF 7's and have impedance dips below 4 ohms. Maybe some of the more knowledgeable forum members can address this question.Happy Holidays season to your and all of the Klipch forum family.

  7. I had my 15in sub corner loaded and decided to cut the music up shortly after I got it, when I was moving it around for placement. A Waterford vase on a wall shelf vibrated off and broke. I used some Super glu but, to no avil. So now the sub is on a gel matt and more centrally located on the front wall. I have solid oak floors that really transmit vibrations; I also made the legs 3/4 of an inch longer since it is a down firing sub on this soft matt. The wife was not to upset, I think, lol.

  8. I have the HD 500 also and the satellite are X-over at 120 so that everything below that is going to the sub. He is only abe to connect two speakers to the sub, so will this be a problem for music since 3 speaker will not be connected to the sub? Will he just get a little less bass? For HT he should be fine because the LFE will go to the sub. I run my HD 500 with a Sony STR DH 510 which is a good match for this system. Some new Sony avr can be purchased in the low $ 200 range with elecellent features to go along with the avr. The HD 500 has a powerful little sub!

  9. I am a newbie and have read how RF7's like power. How are tube amps able to power a speaker rated 250-1000 watt when many people on this forum recommend power amp with significantly more watt? Does this have something to do with impedance since the RF 7's can dip down to 2.8 ohms at certain frequencies?

  10. The RF 7II are rated 8 ohm compatible as is my V series speakers. Since I do not own RF 7's , I wonder if the rated 250 RMS/1000 peak wattage implies that 250 watts of power is needed for normal listen. Under powering the speakers and clipping may be an issue. My comments are based on my experience with the SC 35. Many forum members use power amps on their RF 7II and RF 83's that can chim in on their experience running these speakers with an avr.

  11. No, I am not a DJ. I purchased the SC 35 form BB for around $700. I demo 2 denon's and a Sony over 3 months( not there entry level avr's) and just felt that something was missing. Seeing that the SC 35 is a 20011 model on closeout I gave it a try.. Many people said the amp was over valued to my setup, an Icon V 9.1 system. I had concerns of possible blowing a speaker also. The SC 35 is rated 140 watt all channel driven at the same time. I called Pioneer and was told that peak wattage could be around 280 depending on the source being used and omh dips below 8 ohms. They said I would not get the power drop, like a lot of avr's due to the ice amps while running multiple speakers. The MCACC is excellent for room correction seeing that I used this system in my family room and do not want to use sound treatments. My VF 36's rated 150-600, VF 35 rated 100-400, VC 25 rated 75-300 and 4 VS 14's rated 50-200 watts may be in danger of blowing a speaker at high volume. I have run this setup to +5 on the avr, which is above reference level. I have not ran it for long times at that level because it is just way to loud. The speakers, which are much lower rated than RF 7's responded above average to the power load. No distortion or his from the system. At one point I thought about upgrading my speakers, but since I purchased this system in the later half of 2011 and really am impressed with it, I changed my mind. I have been in custom HT shops and compared my setup to B&W towers, Paradgim towers, Klischp RF series and Golden Ear. I felt that my setup was holding with the best, dollar spent wise. I personally think the Icon V series is under valued by a lot of people. But to conclude, I feel this avr made a middle of the road system into a great system for music and HT. There is a post on this site where a forum member that owns the Klipsch Palldium Series, he also feels that the I con V series is a good speaker(s). The SC 35 gives me the internet radio without the use of an FM atennea, Pandora and other online content through my PC and BD player. The features in the SC 35 are great. The ability to deliver clean power to my system is the key feature of the SC 35. You may not need separate amps depending on you personal taste. The SC 35 and SC 37 can be purchased for under $700 now brand new with Pioneer's wanrranty. After reading this forum and others, Pioneer avr's are not the ones that people are having a lot of trouble with. Since Klipsch speakers are very efficient, the SC 35 should be able to run your system without a problem. My family roon/ Kitchen area is around 20 wide and 40 deep with 9-10 ft ceiling. So this setup is covering a large area. The Rference Series is a bit more refine for music but the EQ on this system is so good I do not feel I am missing anything. Without this avr I am sure that I would want to upgrade to the Reference Series. The RF 7II's rated 250-1000 may require and amp for higher power demands at high volume. Either way this avr can be a good preamp if the quest for more power becomes an issue. I am sure other knowledgeable forum members will chime in on this post and shed additional helpful information.

  12. I had Klipsch satellites as a center, surrounds, and front heigt speakers with my VF 35's, they just were not a good match. You may have to eventually do the famous Klipsch upgrade thing. The match of your speakers may be the real problem. Audyessy measures frequency respone of the speakers and not how large or small the speakers are. Setting all speakers to one X-overs setting eliminates a lot of problems. For example, standing waves, phase issues, just to name a few. This is even more so with one sub. Audyessy does a good job with the bass management due to all the filters for the lower frequencies. I still have my Klipsch HD 500 set and use it as a second HT setup and really like it's performance. In my family room HT, I have all speakers set to small, even my VF 35 and VF 36 towers and use a X-over of 100. My sub is not directional with this setup.

  13. Mustang guy, could he set the LFE to 120 and X-over all speakers at 120 and turn the sub all the way up to 140-180? Then the sub would do all the bass. Also, set all speakers to small. This is a simpler way and usually sounds pretty good. What would he be missing? For two channel listening, set the speaker to large if the towers have more dynamic bass or just listen to music with the sub and not have to bother with switching back and forth.

  14. Pioneer avr are are excellent in the mid to elite price range for Klipsch speakers. Read this forum and see how many people are having problems with theYammies compared with Pioneer avr. The Elite Pioneers have enough power in all the channels to drive your speakers with out clipping with music or HT. I have never clipped my speakers with the Pioneer Elite SC 35. Even at reference level, things are clear, crisp and not strained.

    Klipsch- Power, Detail and Emotion

    Pioneer -Sound, Vision and Soul

    Pioneer+Klipsch= Harmony and Great Entertainment

  15. The1000 is no longer available, so the price is lower. It has a stronger amp in the subwoofer. I have the HD 500 and it is a very nice HT. Clean sound with plenty of volume when you want it to get loud. The sub is the key to the system. I replaced my HT so the HD 500 is in the basement for now until I can sell it. The HD 500 filled my HT which is 18X20 without lacking anything for movies or music. It is especially great for music due to the sub. Any of these 3 systems will be nice.

  16. I was considering not commenting on this post. I do not own RF 7's. I have the VF 36's which are not laid back. They are an in your face, forward speaker that can be harsh at higher volumes. They are great for HT and are considered not as musical as the Reference Series. I tried adjusting the X-over, trebble, using pure direct, running the EQ Pro on my avr for a flatter respone, but this did not solve the harshness completely. They sound great with music at low and moderate volume. After reading up on equalizer frequencies, I lowered the high frequencies in the manual equalizer in my Pioneer SC 35, and raised the midrange frequencies. This gave a very good tonal balance to the music and no more harshness at higher volumes. My system now is very good for music and HT. I don't know how much time you have spent with working with the equalizer in your setup, but if you have a little more energy and a variety of cd's, this is worth a shot. Playing with the equalizer took a little time, but was well worth it for me.Good luck!

  17. Hello, welcome to the forum: those are nice speakers, but they are not made to handle a lot of bass. Getting a sub is a must for a good bookshelf system if you want a decent bass response. Sub's that go down to 22 Hz are a little more expensive and you may not need one that goes that low. A good 10 or 12 in. sub will most likely get the job done. What size room are you in and do you plan to upgrade in the near future? What is your budget? These are things to consider before your purchase. Good luck and happy holidays.

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